Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, July 21, 2013


                  +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
            >have been with us on this earth<
                +FOR A VERY LONG TIME+
           >did you see "Ancient Aliens" on the<
                 >History Channel last night< ?
                >was it's synchronistic theme<
           >to the family of the great historian<
                    +ZECHARIA SITCHIN+
             >for sending me their newsletter<
                   >every word is precious<
           >to mr Robert Ray of SDSU archives<
            >for placing another of my videos on< 
               >google : Eugene Ray Architect<
                 >to find Diane Reed's poetic<
              (>Diane who was from the SDSU<
                 >Religious Studies dept took<
                   >many grad classes w/ me<)

                     +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >Radiant Concepts have graced<
                    >us at many crucial points<

  #1).                +TRANSCENDENT+
            >technology is found in many forms<
               >as one studies Ancient Aliens at<
                  >the Open Minds conference<
             >their magazine and the excellent<         
                  +SITCHEN NEWSLETTER+

  #2).              +ADAMSKI PHOTO+
         >of the UFO craft I saw over our home<
           >as a boy in Baton Rouge has been<
            > by Kodak and other lab experts<
             (>see the Internet for his official<
                      +WEBSITE DATA+
               >forgive the pitiful detractors<
                  >plus their sad agendas<)

  #3).                 +EGYPTIAN+
         >advanced Radiant Technology was<
               >like the earlier Sumerian as<
                   +ZECHARIA SITCHEN+
           >has so carefully researched has<
               >been far ahead of it's time<

  #4).              +"SYNERGETIC"+    
            >as constructed radiantly by my<
            >students over a quarter century<
              >of creative experimental work<

  #5).                +SILVER SHIP+              
         >mise-en-scene of a large amount<
            >of research and design effort<
                  >over this same period<

           >the currently available issue of<
                 +ANCIENT AMERICAN+
            (>archaeology of the Americas<
                     >before Columbus<)
                    >a new one featured<            
       B).          +POVERTY POINT+
                    >by dr. Robert n. List<
          >the great Native American city with<
                     +WILLIAM DUNBAR+
           >w/ Nubian, Hyksos and Shang links<
             >would fascinate Zecharia Sitchin<
         >Rayville founded by our grandfather<
                 +IS BUT 15 MILES AWAY+
              >we shall see it in late October<
                 +DID HE KNOW DUNBAR+ ?
                 Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                   Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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