Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


      >design became one of the new classes<
           >I developed for San Diego State<
            >it encouraged creative concepts<
      >to Architect Robert Faust for kind email<
                 +FACEBOOK GREETING+
        >Bob once apprenticed w/ Bruce Goff<
           >Americas most creative architect<
                     +SEERING VISION+
              >and my first major sdsu guest<
                 >Eugene Ray Architect<
                       +BRUCE GOFF+

      >to Jasmin Brekke for fascinating article<
       >about PROTOTYPES for Hong Kong<
                +VERTICAL STRUCTURES+
           >to act as plantations for their food<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >Nature is always our best guide<
               >Organic Architecture was the<
                 >parent of radiant concepts<

#1)             +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+          
            >was at the heart of our prototype<
              >projects....see the fourth video<
                  >of the sdsu series linked<
                     >in yesterday's email<

  #2)               +EARTH WEEK 1974+
            >many talented people were finding<
              >their way to our sdsu classroom<
                        +SOLAR ENERGY+
              >was vital in our prototype design<

   #3).                  +JOHN RAY+
             >our great grand father founded<
             >Louisiana in the Organic Jungle<
               >near Americas Radiant site of<
                       +POVERTY POINT+
               >w/ links to Olmec/Nubia and<
                   >Sitchin/Plongeon vision<

    #4).            +ORGANIC VISION+
            >a passion for nature was handed<
               >down from John Ray's father<
                         +RAY COUNTY+
               >noted Daniel Boone pioneer<
                 >link to the famed botanist<

   #5).              +TREE OF LIFE+     
        >the great Ceiba Tree of the Yucatan<
           >Jungle is linked w/ Blood DNA<
            >of the Blood from the Cosmos<
                 >Eugene Ray Architect<
                      +TREE OF LIFE+ 
         >when John Ray settled in northern<
          >Louisiana the trees were so large<           
                         +EIGHT MEN+
            >couldn't link their arms around<
                 >the largest of the oaks<

             +JEAN BAPTISTE V. DEGRUY+
                     >(dome mill builder)<
               +FRIEND OF THE JUNGLE+
                       >Barataria Pioneer<
                >couldn't kill the cane break<
                     +ALONG THE RIVER+
                Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                  Professor Emeritus, sdsu      

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