Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


                       >offering innovation<
               +NATURE OUR BEST GUIDE+
                    >( nikola tesla tradition )<
          >responsibility of the professor's role<
            >was taken seriously and projects<
                 >of all types were welcome<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >five completely different projects<
                >most were in the west after<
                   >moving to  Lajolla as a< 

  #1).             +CALIFORNIA VILLA+
            >this on an expansive site in the<
                >hills with magnificent views<
              >came from Tuscan villas with<
                        +PLANTS VITAL+
                >vineyard plantation theme<

   #2).               +CONVERSION+
             >of a railway car to a hair salon<
                >in Salona Beach California<
                   >a block from the ocean<
              >we built this project as I did the<
                   >Pictors restaurant w/ my<
                      >students helping me<

  #3).             +TRI-PART THEME+
           >chapel, library and observatory for<
                      +MADRE GRANDE+
                >monastery in the mountains<
                    >east of San Diego Ca<

  #4).               +AQUACULTURE+
         >was the very innovative theme of this<
           >design for one of my students who<
                          +DOME ROOF+
              >I also designed a solar heated<
                     >rammed earth house<

   #5).              +GREEN HOUSE+
          >living room with an internal garden<
             >providing oxygen and negative<
                   >ions for healthy living<
                +OPEN FOR UNIVERSAL+
                    +SPACE AMBIENCE+
              >this house was published in<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
                 >Times Picayune Sunday<
                     >rotogravure section<
           >my favorite California residential<
             >prototype, grew from this idea<
                 >of internal garden living<
              >energy structures my gift to<
                >society in the tradition of<
                      +NIKOLA TESLA+
                 Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                   professor emeritus, sdsu

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


                   +MARTIAN CHRONICLES+
                        >for Ray Bradbury<
                          +SPRING 1947+
          >I saw an Alien Craft over Baton Rouge<
              >that changed my life forever and<
                            +SILVER SHIP+
                   >galvanized tonight's report<

           >by David Hatcher Childress is a book<
               > that opens the eyes of sleeping<
                         +EARTH PEOPLE+
                    >secure in their ignorance<
                          +HUMAN DYNAMO+
            >David is on of two lead researchers<
                >you have seen Friday nights on<
                           >ANCIENT ALIENS+
                   >radiant History Channel series<
                         >award winning quality<
                      +IT WAS MY PLEASURE+
               >to discuss Wun Chok Bongs book<
                       +THE GODS MACHINES+
                 >w/ David before his lecture at the<
                               +OPEN MINDS+
                    >International UFO Conference<

                         +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
               >found in Davids Must Read book is<
                   >corroboration for all profound<
                       >books on Ancient Alien< 

   #1).                      +THE LUNAR CITY+
                >French astronomer Gaudebert's sketch<
                   >of his early Luner City discovery in<
                   (>astronomer Gruithuisen saw this in<
                      >but NASA's CIA chiefs admit 0<
                         >Vatican astronomer is much<
                                 +MORE OPEN+)

   #2).                      +HYPATIA RILLE+
               >artificial structures found by astronomer<
                                +HOWARD HILL+
                       >of England in September of< 
                  ( >the year after my Biotronic Energy<
                         >research published in France< )

   #3).                    +FACE ON MARS+
               >unprocessed NASA photograph of the<
                        +TWO KILOMETER WIDE+
                >anomolie as Seen by Viking observer<
                     (>this was removed as quickly as<
                           >Roswell Debris findings<)

   #4).                  +PYRAMID 1974+
                     (+3 KILOMETER BASE+) !
              >on MARS photographed from the<
                     +MARINER OBSERVER+
                 >cast triangular and polygonal<
                           >shadow patterns<

   #5).                    +MARS BASE+
               >enlargement of NASA photograph<
                >this very convincing  structure is<
                  >just below the Martian surface<
                     >and is gigantic measuring<
                        +3.6 by 4.2 kilometers+

             >of this report to my devoted friend<
                         +RAY BRADBURY+ 
                         (recently deceased)
                  >who loved our work at sdsu<
                      >Eugene Ray Architect<
                            >Ray Bradbury<
                  +READ HIS LETTER TO ME+
                  >also google an early memoir<
                      >Eugene Ray / Degruy /<
                          +RAY BRADBURY+ 
                    Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                      Professor Emeritus, sdsu

Monday, July 29, 2013


                  +NEW ORLEANS=BATON ROUGE+
                              +PARIS ALCHEMY+
                  ( >who are we / where are we from<
                     >where do we go/what did we do<
                               >what did we learn < )
                          +HOLOGRAPHIC VISION+
                            +METAPHYSICAL ART+
                  >homage to radiant persona of family<
                        >who have fueled my life with<         
                              +LOVING ESSENCE+

                             +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                     >metaphysical graphics were born<
                       >in new orleans and matured in<
                                     +LA JOLLA+

   #1).                         +MARIANNE+                                       
                    >my beloved second wife at the<
                           +HOTEL de L'ABBAYE+
                     >in the St Germain district Paris<
                          >w/ metaphysical collage<
                              +LOVER & MUSE+
                          >essential to creative life<

    #2).                    +ARCHITECTURE+
                                    +AS SOUL+
                     >invitation to the opening of the<
                        >Traylor brothers apartment<                   
                             >in NOLA Vieux Carre<                                   
                      ( >published in American Home<
                            >in New York, photos by<
                                +JOHN MESSINA+ 
                          >friend, and l.s.u. Alumnus< )

    #3).                         +WALKER+                
                 >my beloved brother, just born, held<
                    >by our loving new Orleans aunt<
                       >Lucie (Ray/DeGruy) in old<
                              +BATON ROUGE+
                       (>yes that's me on the left)<
                             >said the teacher<)

   #4).                  +FRENCH BREAD+
                       >(collage xerox graphic)<
                >essential to life and vision always<
                  >tempered by heat/soil/rain and<
                            +RADIANT LIGHT+

   #5).                  +ALCHEMY SEEDS+
                        >(collage xerox graphic)<
                    +BOUTIQUE FANTASTIQUE+ 
               >it is in Paris where ART flourishes<
                 >and life gives one radiance and<
                           +LOVING REWARD+

              >did you see the TV documentary on<
                            +LEWIS & CLARK+
                  >yesterday w/ Thomas Jefferson<
                  >and deGruy Dome related data< ?
                 >William Dunbar / Ouachita River<
                     >to find the earlier expedition<
                         >for President Jefferson<
                   >expedition boat was fabulous<
                              +1804 DESIGN+
                   >find the www retro boat photo<

                      +OCTOBER 2013 SAFARI+
              >to the de Bresse / Ray plantation on<
                     >the Ouachita River and to<
                           +POVERTY POINT+
                    >nearby should be rewarding<
                      Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                        Professor Emeritus, sdsu

Sunday, July 28, 2013


                 +LA JOLLA  WAS OUR JEWEL+
                 >it radiated light, negative ions<
                     >and grew red bungalows<
          >for Marian my first wife of 48 years and<
                >Derek, Bronwen And Lesley our<
                     >wonderful radiant children<

         >lajolla to our small family of immigres was<
            >nothing short of paradisal and we lived<
                            +BONAIR ST. 1970+
               >in rented, crowded apartments just<
                  >to be in the middle of radiance<

                        +SDSU WANTED ME+
            >they waited two years while I earned<
                >a master's degree at Tulane to<
                    >go w/ my architect's license<

                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >metaphysical art was the child of love<
                >of art, place, family, and need to<
                            +PHOTO XEROX+ 
                   >relate this to family & friends<
                        >back in New Orleans<

  #1).                   +RADIANT LIGHT+
            >on weekends we lived on the beaches<
              >and the beach people were different<
                 >they soaked up the the essence<

  #2).                      +SKETCHES+
            >in addition to Leica Photos were vital<
              >records of our radiant cove beach<
                        +HUNDREDS MADE+
                  >place and people ambience<

  #3).                     +EXHIBITION+
           >in 1997 I mounted an exhibition of my<
             >love for lajolla and it's bungalows at<
                          +PAUL MULLINS+
               >I showed several designs for the<
                >that grew from Arcadian milieu<
                    >(that grew the bungalows)<

  #4).                    +SILVER SHIP+
            >our home and studio was the star of<
             >that exhibition and reflects my love<
                         +EXHIBITED TEN+
                  >for the Arcadian Syndrome<

  #5).                      +MARIAN+
           >loved Lajolla and the Arcadian milieu<
               >as she loved children and dogs<
             >became her favorite earthly place<
               >we went there five pilgrimages<

                       +PHI BETA KAPPA+
          >key was Marian's reward for earning<
               >her bachelor's degree at sdsu<
                  >after years of night school<
                +SHE WAS AS BRILLIENT AS+ 
                     +SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL+                        
             >we sold the Silver Ship after her<
              >death...She wouldn't recognize<
                  >our home it's so changed<
                   +ALL WHO KNEW HER+
                          +LOVED HER+
                  Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                    Professor Emeritus, sdsu

Saturday, July 27, 2013


                        +OEUVRE GRAPHICS+
        >of my architecture, metaphysical art and life<
            >coexist in a very large archive put into<
                     +RING BINDER BOOKS+
             >which eventually shall go to archives<
                          +THNOC & SDSU+
                >in New Orleans and San Diego<
                            +DAVE FOBES+
          >has kindly offered to look after my work<
              >after I leave this earth even though<
                   >it shall be retained in these<
                      +OFFICIAL ARCHIVES+
                             +ROBERT RAY+
            >of sdsu archives has been given many<
                  >of my original design drawings<
                        +CALIFORNIA MADE+
                   >for the sdsu library archives<
                         +JOHN LAWRENCE+
                          +DANIEL HAMMER+
           >of thnoc archive have been given many<
                >of my Louisiana drawings already<
                   >for the Historic N.O. Collection<

                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >a look into my archive at the graphics<
                        +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
                 >of an architectural nature in their<               
                      >different types & storage<

  #1).                    +BINDER BOOK+
             >this is a typical book containing the<
                >finished graphics well stored by<
                             +ACID PROOF+
                      >plastic sheet protectors<

   #2).                      +OVERVIEW+
                >of the archive work table with a<
                >variety of architectural graphics<
                       >for our review tonight<

  #3).                       +COLLAGE+
              >using colored paper is a technique<
               >that I invented in this gas station<
                    >conversion to a restaurant< 

   #4).                      +ORIGINAL+
              >graphite on tracing paper drawing<
                       >(see radiant version)<
                >typical of what I gave sdsu and< 
                        >thnoc in gifts already<

  #5).                      +RENDERED+
              >presentation drawing for a condo in<
                            +LOS ANGELES+
               >for van de bovenkamp a set builder<
                   >for the Hollywood film industry<

                           +DEAR FRIENDS+
              >these children of mine I pray shall<
               >be well looked after I have gone<
                  >I am grateful for your interest<
              >has a beautiful archive in Paris and<
                  >Zurich but I was horrified that<
                     >many of his drawings were<
                  +MOVED IN AN OPEN TRUCK+                 
                     +ON A RAINY PARIS DAY+
               >to Jim Bourke and Diane Reed two<
                             +GREAT FRIENDS+
                 >for a beautiful exchange of letters<
                    >about our time in Dornach at<
                        >the Steiner Foundation<
                   +SEE DIANE'S POETIC VIDEO+
                            >www/sdsu archive<
                    +ABOUT MY DESIGN WORK+
                       Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                          Professor Emeritus sds

Friday, July 26, 2013


       >was essential on the plantations<
         >of my grandmother's families<
              >Eugene Ray / DeGruy<
        >to discover the marvelous world of<
            >my mother's mother's family<
               >who progender this blog<
           +taught reading at age four just<
               +LIKE THE PLANTATION+
                    >(cosmos emerged)<  
             +"SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON"+
                   >(second favorite book)<
          >synchronistically linked to father's<
                   +DEGRUY TEMPLARS+
            >and their fantastic swiss castles<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >Odilon Redon's Fantastic World<
             >lighted the Cavaroc Daughters<
               +READ TASCHEN'S "REDON"+
                   +BY MICHAEL GIBSON+
                >he gave them his amazing<
              >Bordeaux sketchbook as they<
                  >were all from Bordeaux<

  #1).               +ODILON REDON+             
          >lived for a while in New Orleans and<
            >fell in love w/ Memere's sister and<
                       +INTERNET DATA+
                >possibly w/ Memere herself<
                 (>she loved romance, read<
                        +DEGRUY BLOG+
                   >about her prayer book<)

  #2).                     +CYCLOPS+                       
          >and his all-seeing comprehensivist eye<
             >symbolized that  Cavaroc World of< 
                     +FANTASTIC ARCADIA+
               (>Memere's French Stories were<
                     >all radiant and fantastic<)

   #3).             +TEMPLAR KNIGHTS+
           >all rode white horses in my favorite<
                        +PRINCE VALIENT+
               >Sunday Childhood Comic Strip<

  #4).                +JESUS CHRIST+
           >and Egyptian/Sumerian kings were<
            >by the radiant Legendary serpent<
            (>my SanSouci coral snake event<
              >as we dined one summer eve<)

  #5).                    +WISDOM+
         >of the aged patriarch was important on<
            >the French Creole Plantations and<
                    +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
                        +ODILON REDON+
                >both fit that later life persona<
            >to my friend and Tulane colleague<
                 >in the school of architecture<
                        +BERNARD LEMANN+
                        >doctor of philosophy<
                     +WHO SAW THE REDON+
             >one scholarly research day with the<
                        +CAVAROC FAMILY+
                 >name written in the first page<
                +SELENA BRES(SE) GREGORY+
                      >John Ray' sister in law<
                  +FITS INTO THIS SCENARIO+
                     Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                       Professor Emeritus, sdsu                        

Thursday, July 25, 2013


     >to our French Creole Cavaroc & DeGruy<
        >for the exotic vision expressed in the<
                  +TROPIC SYNDROME+
         >little known outside of my students<
           >are media inventions I made for<
               >radiant architecture designs< 
         (>I am looking for a publisher of my<
             >radiant architecture concepts<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >architecture , graphics and inventions<
        >became the joy of my oeuvre on this<
                      +PLANET EARTH+
  #1).               +JUNGLE VISION+
               >11 by 17 inch xerox collage<
                     +RADIANT ALCHEMY+
                 >my oeuvre emerged in the<
                    +TROPIC SYNDROME+
         >Dr Robert Reich Landscape Architect<
                       +PLANT PASSION+
           >was my friend, mentor, colleague at<
                      +LOUISIANA STATE+
             >along w/ Robert Heck Scholar of<
                  >the very first quality rank<

   #2).             +RADIANT ENERGY+
               >8 1/2 by 11 inch xerox collage<
           >it was at San Diego State University<
             >in California that I invented ways<
                  >to explore color, light and<
                  >in my class Environ Media<

   #3).           +RADIANT GRAPHICS+
              >11 by 17 inch early color xerox<
                     +ELECTRIC WISDOM+
           >using fluorescent coated color paper<
           >collages photographed w/ ultra violet<
                         +RADIANT LIGHT+
             >I invented a graphic technique to<
                >express my radiant concepts<

  #4).               +CAVAROC VISION+
               >8 1/2 by 11 inch xerox collage<
                    +PSYCHIC PROJECTION+
           >I can thank my Cavaroc ancestors for<
             >their love for fantastic exotic vision<
                          +ODILON REDON+
              >great French Fantastics Artist was<
                  >a friend of the Cavaroc family<

   #5).                    +PiCTORS+
                    +INDIA ST-SAN DIEGO+
             >restaurant which I designed and<
             >constructed in the mid seventies<
                       +TROPIC COSMIC+                           
                >possessed the radiant vision<
                 >of our french creole people< 

                       +ODILON REDON+
          >who gave my Cavaroc Ancestors one<
           >of his magnificent sketchbooks shall<
              >be the focus of tomorrows blog<
                 +AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL+
                          >(de Chardin)<
                  +ONLY THE FANTASTIC+
                         +IS POSSIBLE+
                 Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                   Professor Emeritus, sdsu

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


                +AUGUSTUS le PLONGEON+
      >the audacious and psychic archaeologist<
          >who found the magical, fascinating<
               >under twenty five feet of the<
                >rich jungle soil using extra<
                     >sensory perception<
                +WENT TO NEW ORLEANS+
             >with his young and talented wife<                    
                          +(ALICE DIXON)+
             >for the cotton centennial fair held<
              >on the old Foucher plantation in<
                       >couldn't raise funds<
                 Google : Eugene Ray Architect
                                   LE PLONGEON
        >the le Plongeon's Diffusion Theory would<
             >have received important support at<
                          +POVERTY POINT+
                >near the old louisiana town of<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                      +CONE PYRAMIDS+
              >links Poverty Point to La Venta<
                   +"ANCIENT AMERICAN"+
             >magazine article in current issue<
                          +MUST READ+
               >by dr Robert N. List as source<
                    >of tonight' photographs<

  #1).              +POVERTY POINT+
        >the rare CONE pyramid linking La Venta<
              >to Poverty Point is seen in this<
                  +AERIAL PERSPECTIVE+

  #2).                +MASTER PLAN+
           >the builders of Poverty Point moved<
                >in baskets ? the equivalent of<
                   >dump truck loads of soil<
                          +OR DID THEY+ ?
                    ( see "Ancient Alien" view )

   #3).                   +LA VENTA+
                  >giant stone Olmec heads<
                    >found near Vera Cruz<
              +NUBIAN OR ANCIENT ALIEN+ 
                   +POVERTY POINT LINK+
                (>the Egypto-African features<
                    >but with space helmets<) ! ?

  #4).             +LA VENTA REGION+                                   
             >in the late 1970s I led a field trip<
                 >to La Venta & the Yucatan<
                      (+LOUISIANA LINK+)
            >we took hundreds of photographs<
             >and made a video documentary<
               >available in the sdsu av dept< 

   #5.            +EGYPTIAN SHIPS+
         >carved on this stone reflect the vital<
                     +COPPER TRADE+
          >linking Louisiana with Mexico and<
                     +ANCIENT EGYPT+

                  >(holographic universe)<
  #A).  >Ray, de Bresse, Dunbar, La Plongeon<
              >synergetic at Poverty Point with<
                >Zecharia Sitchin Connection< 
  #B).   >Grand fathers Ray and Staigg with<
                  +COTTON CENTENNIAL+
            >links on the old Foucher Plantation<
                 >w/ it's great DeGruy history<
  #C).    >Louisiana St Tammany Parish link<
               >to Egyptian copper ships in the<
                         +PEARL RIVER+
                 ( >friends and relatives here< 
                       >DeGruy Plantation< )
             >google : Eugene Ray Architect<
                    +SAN SOUCI FOREST+
                  Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                   Professor Emeritus, sdsu