Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NEW YORK DISCOVERY ( radiant destiny )

                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
           >my work in Louisiana and California<
                  >is discovered in New York<
              >to sdsu environ design alumnus<
                  >friend and former student<
                            +TOM DAVIS+
             >for sending me his fine paper on<
                  >is my immediate reaction<
                        >more on this later<)
                >to lsu architecture alumnus<
                 >friend and former student<
                        +JOHN MESSINA+ 
           >who photographed my New Orleans<
                          +VIEUX CARRE+
              >apartment for "American Home"<

        >Radiant Architecture / my early work in<
                        +NEW ORLEANS+
                 >is discovered in New York<                      
                     +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >New Orleans Apocalypse becomes<
               >New York publisher's interest< 

  #1).          +TRAYLOR APARTMENT+
        >Vieux Carre New Orleans as published<
             >in "American Home" in New York<
               >(second of three V.C. projects)<

  #2).           +TULANE UNIVERSITY+
           >my master's thesis exhibition was<
              >a multiple media exhibition of<
                   >cosmic focus radiance<

  #3).                +MARDI GRAS+
            >(painting by William Woodward)<
                >the night parades were an<
              >to my work in radiant design<

              >(leading professional journal)<
              >editor Forest Wilson's letter<
                 >to me as I have written<
                  >was very encouraging<

  #5).                +SDSU 1975+
        >my environ design studio/class room<
               >became the center of much<
             >radiant synergetic architecture<
               >prototypes & constructions<

                 >Eugene Ray / DeGruy< 
                 >Vieux Carre Apartment<
                  >Eugene Ray Architect<
                   >Radiant Architecture<
              +PLUS SYNERGETICS AND+
               +BIOTRONICS FOR MORE+
                Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                 Professor Emeritus, sdsu

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