Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, July 7, 2013


                +ECONOMY HOUSING+
      >was my focus in the quarter century <
         >designing and teaching at sdsu< 
                    +LESS THEN 1%+
            >of Americans can afford to<
                > build their own home<
          >a communist because I built and<
              >taught economy housing my<
             >was admired by the editor of<
               >architecture magazine who<
                     +HAD ME INVITED+
        >to lecture in Cuernavaca Mexico at<
             >The Centre for International<
        >with several famed economy housing<
             >persona like John Turner from<
              >The Architecture Association<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
      >some of my economy housing before<
           >and after the Lajolla Bungalow<
                      +ISSUE OF 1975+

  #1).               +LAJOLLA LIGHT+
          >newspaper after we won the battle<
           >to save the Red Bungalows from<

  #2).             +WILTY RESIDENCE+             
          >I built this house in the early sixties<
                >near New Orleans for about<
                        +25,000 DOLLARS+
           (>money was saved by my acting as<
               >builder as well as designer for<
                 >all of the Louisiana designs<)

  #3).       +BAJA BEACH BUNGALOW+
       >Pop Top beach vacation bungalow was<
          >one of several economy designs that<
              >I made for developer John Floyd<

                  >(inspired by sports cars)<
         >was my favorite of the economy beach<
             >housing prototypes for beaches to<
                   >the south of San Diego in<
                       +BAJA CALIFORNIA+

   #5).           +ECONOMY DESIGNS+
          >some of my low cost structures built<
              >mostly in Louisiana during the<           
                        +1960's DECADE+
          >post and beam designs using two ft<
             >modules were quick to erect and<
                 >in land w/ much rainfall saw<
                         +RAPID COVER+

                         +SOCIAL NOTE+
                >the irony of economy dining<
                  +AMIDST REPUBLICANS+
           >Marianne and I went for lunch on the<
                          +4TH OF JULY+
          >to the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe where<
                   +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+
               >married his last wife Olgiavana<
             >not communists frequent this oasis<
                  >designed by Lillian Rice the<
                        >architect for famed<
                        >(no deans in sight)<
                    +OUR LUNCH BILL WAS+
                          +LESS THEN $20+

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