Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, November 30, 2012

"DESERT INCIDENTS" expanded program to embrace "NEW AGE" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT DESERT VISIONS=2012 pilgrimage for transcendence to warnth/expanse/native america ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REVEALS CONCEPTS OF THE ULTIMATE POTENTIAL ! #1) desert incidents first sketch #2) synergetic environ structure #3) center of dawn= prototype #4) tulane university= radiance #5) transcendental et manifests Inbox x

      >we arrived home from the mojave<
                  +CALIFORNIA DESERT+
      >just in time to see history channel<
         >program on leonardo da vinci<
             >influence from ET contact<
                      >visionary design<
              +MY LONG HELD INTEREST+

                  > (search)<
                +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                +LEONARDO / FORTRESS+
            >and relates to tonight's blog<
               >which reveals itself below<
               >my special last prototype<

                +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
       >expanded program for a museum<
                    +NEW AGE VISION+
            >research center in the desert<


        >mojave desert effected the work<
          >of frank lloyd wright in a very<
                     +PROFOUND WAY+
         >review his original "ocotillo camp"<
         >google frank lloyd wright arizona<
                >(notice the vital organic)<

             >also my "midnight musings"<
                +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                       +TALIESIN WEST+
        >the california desert effects me in<
             >the same way and i have an<
                  +EXPANDED PROGRAM+
                   +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
           >museum/research center in the<
                    +CALIFORNIA DESERT+
        >where the djed pillar meets other<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            (>radiant architecture meets<
                 >extraterrestrial vision<)

      #1)       +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
   >original sketch for a circular california<
      >desert ufo museum to be expanded<
        >to ancient alien/back engineering<
             >radiant architecture playing<
                   >a profound vital role<

                 +ENVIRONMENT AS LIGHT+
          >my typical experimental work at<
           >sdsu in the mineteen seventies<
           >transcendental manifestations<

      #3)    +"CENTER OF THE DAWN"+
       >my concept for a circular shopping<
            >center is a progenitor to the<
             >desert incidents ufo center<
               +I-MAX THEATRE IN CONE+
                   +MOUNTED SPHERE+

       #4)   +TULANE EXHIBITION 1969+
                   (>radiant architecture<)
         >my mfa thesis exhibition theme<
            >was a preview for california<
           >experimental energy environs<
                    +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
              >research and development<

       #5)        +EXTRATERRESTRIAL+
                        >new age vision<
          >shall play a primary role at the<
            >heart of the research center<

                      +O V E R V I E W+
    >this exciting museum/research center<
     >program is an extension of much of<
        >our work in california & louisiana<
              +PLUS A COMPLEX & VITAL+
               +CALIFORNIA UFO EVENTS+
                         +H I S T O R Y+
               (>please follow the link to<
                  >my desert pilgrimage<
                   >"midnight musing"<)
                          ^^^^^^^^^                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Monday, November 26, 2012

NEW ORLEANS TROPIC DESIGN= built near degruy plantation site ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LIVING ROOM-PATIO RESIDENCE post & beam structure w/tropical central garden >RADIANT HEART ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REVEAL INNOVATION /greenhouse concept for radiant living energy=>PLANT

       >to tom davis for remarkable set of<
          >patent drawings of his talented<
             >hand over many prof. years<
        >marianne and i shall take a short<
          >autumn holiday until thursday<
               >thanks for your patience<
           >tonight's five photos are taken<
            >w/ a hand held camera late at<
                   +PHOTOS of PHOTOS+
              >night and are not as sharp<
                 >as we would like them<
                         +DAVE FOBES+
           >has offered to scan a selection<
               >of these smaller graphics<
                    >in the near future<
                     >(blog/web layout)<
                 +SCHEDULE AT S.D.S.U.+ !

                   +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
             >tropical modern residence<
                 >in new orleans suberb<
              >published times picayune<
                   >sunday rotogravure<

       #1)      +TROPIQUE-MAGIQUE+
          >post and beam structure with<
              >central living room patio<
                    +RAISED FLOORING+
         >former swamp site has entrance<
           >over an extended wood ramp<

       #2)            +LIVING-PATIO+
       >is central and at grade, surrounded<
           >by tropical plants (just planted)<
              >PEA GRAVEL FINISH CONC+
              >most of house floor is raised
                >bowling alley stock wood<
                          +SOLID 3 1/2"+
                   >laminated & on edge<

        #3)          +POST & BEAM+
        >construction allows the roof to be<
          >installed early which is an asset<
                 >in a high rainfall region<

        #4)          +SUN AWNINGS+
       >under plexiglass greenhouse roof<
         >are adjustable on steel tension<
              >cables needed for lateral<
                       +S T R E N G T H+

       #5)          +SLIDING DOORS+
      >allow all lateral bedrooms, studio<
        >kitchen and dining rooms egress<
             >to the central living-patio<
                       +FIRE & WATER+
           >a fireplace hood is just visible<
             >in the central living patio w/<
                  >fire container set in a<
                    >reflection/fish pool<
                      >(bottoms cut out)<
             >white marble steps provided<
                    >between floor levels<

       >philip matzigkeit sent email asking<
         >for source of templar books just<
          >as latest esoteric book catalog<
                 >arrived in todays mail<

              >please (search)<
                +THEY HAVE EVERY TOPIC+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus. sdsu<

Sunday, November 25, 2012

NASA SCIENTIST CHATELAIN has many ancient astronaught facts> that CHANGE ANCIENT HISTORY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FLYING CRAFT ON ABYDOS WALL in ancient egypt=no explanation ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ANCIENT COMPUTER FOUND @ antykythera has no explanation ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS CHANGE ALL HISTORY "not of this world" daily answers

                 +"NOT OF THIS WORLD"+
         >is the increasing explanation for<
           >discoveries made by scientists<
               >working in egypt/sumeria<

                 +THIS HAS NO SURPRISE+
                   +FOR ME AS YOU MAY+
                           +R E A L I S E+
          >or any of my childhood friends in<
              >baton rouge on that amazing<
                     +DAY IN SPRING 1947+
             >when the silver ship appeared<
                  >high in the cloudless sky<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >overwhelming evidence linking<
              >our planet earth with alien<
                       +V I S I T A T IO N+

     #1)               +AKHENATON+
                     >the alien pharaoh<
        >is increasingly associated with the<
                       +SUN DISK UFO+
         >and extraterrestrial intervention<
                   > (search)
           >for much internet association<
              >of akhenaton w/et source<

       #2)      +ANCIENT SPACE CRAFT+
          >clearly embossed on inner walls<
               >of the stargate temple of<
             >provide even diehard skeptics<
                 >with convincing evidence<
                     > (search)

        #3)            +ANTIKYTHERA+
                  >(computer recreation)<
                        +2000 YEAR OLD+ !
       >ancient computer found in the sea<
           >near rhodes has been studied<
              >carefully to reveal amazing<
                 >calculation technology<
                    > (search)

       #4)           +CROP CIRCLES+
                >coded alien messages<
      >"governments are hiding the truth"<
         >is the increasing internet report<
              >found from many sources<
                    > (search)
                 (>andrews is the worlds<
                     >leading crop circle<

                    >by maurice chatelain<
                   +EXELLENT ANALYSIS+
      >former nasa space communications<
         >scientist is the most profound of<
                    +AMAZING INSIGHT+
                         +NASA 1960s+
             >extraterrestrial intervention<
                   >alien visitation books<
                    > (search)
               +OUR COSMIC ANCESTORS+

                >(in the face of skeptics)<
              +SCIENCE FRIEND OF MINE+
                     (>ronald schaefer<)
                         >ron's analysis<
                +OF THE HIGHEST ORDER+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Saturday, November 24, 2012

EUGENE RAY ARTIST=ARCHITECT =PROFESSOR is how my oeuvre title should read as a COMPLETE survey contains LARGE VARIETY ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CATALOG OF WORK IS NEEDED> to list all of my creative output> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OEUVRE ENCOMPASES A LARGE AMOUNT OF METAPHYSIC ART ! architecture & metaphysic work are symbiotic in overall catalog> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS ARE=INTRODUCTION ! Inbox

                          +EUGENE RAY+
          (>is probably how the masthead<
             >should read to be accurate<)

                     +RECENT QUESTION+
            >just how many buildings have<
                 >you constructed anyway< ?
                   +IS A QUESTION THAT+
                         >(i don't know)<
                     +MISSES THE POINT+
     >as an artist-architect (and professor)<
       >my oeuvre (complete work) by its<
                          +N A T U R E+
            >that are extremly important<
                 >to the future of earthly<
                     (>and non-earthly<)
                  >there are signs already<
      >especially biotronic, biomorphic, and<
       >tensegrity experimental prototypes<
                     +STORM RESISTANT+
         >that the architectural profession<
             >has no time ($$$) to pursue<
              +AWAY W/O KNOWLEDGE+
                       >(far off places)<
                  +OF THEIR OUTCOME+
         >pedagogical (university) position<
                         (+IN MY EYES+)
            >encouraged my philanthropy<
                 (>i am not very generous<
                      >in normal activities<)

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >reveals important prototypes that<
           >offer much to the progress of<
       (>dirk sutro in his kind article about<
                   +LOS ANGELES TIMES+
         >my work described the fact i had<
           >a construction history besides<
               >the visionary prototypes<)

      #1)          +OEUVRE CATALOG+
      >should contain all visionary designs<
         >many which are more important<
             >then the constructed oeuvre<
                   +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
            >best work is in this category<
                >study this very carefully<
                     (>in my estimation<)
             +EQUAL TO THE MONA LISA+

       #2)            +DOUBLE DOME+
      >prototype is extremly important as<
         >proof design=aerodynamic and<
                      +RAISED 10 FEET+
          >above the (storm water) grade<
            +& "SANDY" STORM THREATS+
          (>domes have superior strength<
               >plus the biotronic vitality<)

        #3)       +DOCUMENTA 1980+
    >retospective review of my design work<
      >after 10 years in california did show<
           >the essence of creative output<
        >synergetic environ, furniture and<
        >design communication inventions<
                   +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
        >are evident and increasingly vital<
          >the images here were selected<
               >with much detailed care<

       #4)           +RADIANT VILLA+
                >plantation prototype for<
                      +LONGER LIFE 1982+
      >is one of my favorite all-time design<
         >concepts for a modern prototype<
                +FOR 3 GENERATIONS OF+
                     +THE SAME FAMILY+
           (>organic, close to the land, life<
                  >style is badly needed<)

      #5)      +HEALING SYNERGETICS+
      >describes the solar heated and wind<
       >energised prototype designed for<
                     +SELF SUFFICIENT+
          >active, healthy, daily activity to<
            >support a vinyard plantation<

                     +GENETIC MEMORY+
         >of my ancestors plantation life is<
              >no doubt a factor here but<
                       >vision for living<
              +IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT+
            (>shall cover the metaphysical<
                         +C O L L A G E+
                  >graphics in the future<)

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Friday, November 23, 2012

EGYPTIAN RADIANT BIOTRONICS incredible ancient technologies= ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ david hatcher childress research added to chris dunn, w.c.bong, p. flanigan cause POWERFUL CASE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS= RADIANT EVIDENCE #1) gods technologies/ childress #2) pyramid grid photo/flanigan #3) secret egypt magic/ brunton #4) djed pillar waits your patent #5) priestess uses radiant device ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

         >incredible ancient technologies<
                 +POWERFUL EVIDENCE+

     >david hatcher childress of the famed<
                    +"ANCIENT ALIENS"+
       >television series on history channel<
         >is another prolific researcher into<
                 +EGYPTIAN TECHNOLOGY+
            >via biotronic energy radiance<

                  +CHRISTOPHER DUNN+
                      >master machinist<
                     +WUN CHOK BONG+
                      >master researcher<
                 +PATRICK FLANIGAN, PHd+
                    >master energy expert<
        >are now joined by david childress<
         >w/ his compelling research book<
            +"TECHNOLOGY OF THE GODS"+
               >(gods being ancient aliens)<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
      >researched in depth provide strong<
           >evidence for ancient egyptian<
             >incredible energy abilities<

       #1)    +DAVID CHILDRESS BOOK+
                >"technology of the gods"<
        >corroborates the energy research<
           >of chris dunn, wun chok bong<
               >and brillient pat flanigan<
               +1973 PROTOTYPE DESIGNS+

        #2)        +PYRAMID ENERGY+
      >photo from patrick flanigan's book<
         >by that name shows the radiant<
                    +(I OWN THIS GRID)+
           >pyramid apex energy emission<
               +GENIUS FEATURED IN LIFE+
                  +MAGAZINE OF THE 40s+

          #3)     +EGYPTIAN SECRETS+
     >are discussed in paul brunton's early<
          >book on the radiant abilities of<
          >operating in cairo's back streets<
             >(voodou like radiant sorcery)<

           #4)          +DJED PILLAR+
       >egypt radiant energy device awaits<
           >the patent of tom davis before<
             >it is available at home depot<
               +POSSESS THESE DEVICES+
              (>as home heating systems<
                    >are available today<)

          #5)        +EGYPT PRIESTESS+
             >(wearing precious cone hats)<
          >using hand held energy devices<
           >providing radiant good health<
               >and longevity to egyptian<

           >series of radiant energy devices<
               >for which he died in prison<
          >(these devices shall be accepted<
               >by the scientists some day)<
                   +IVAN T. SANDERSON+
                  >famed british scientist<
                  >m. freedman engineer<
                        >a clue for your<
                   +FURTHER RESEARCH+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritis, sdsu<

Thursday, November 22, 2012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING greeting to all my friends & relatives out> IN THE GREAT CYBER WORLD OF space/eternity & dimensions of> PLANET EARTH=SOLAR SYSTEM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS TOUCH VITAL BASES> #1) gratitude for my architecture #2) gratitude for=blog/ research #3) gratitude for metaphysic art #4) gratitude for your help to me #5) gratitude for YOU my friends

                 +HAPPY THANKSGIVING+
        >to all of you my dear friends and<
               >relatives out there in the<
                       +PLANET EARTH+
             >various dimensions of reality<
                         >R A D I A N T+
                >vitally revealed for us all<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >express my deep gratitude in<
             >several profound categories<

         #1)         +ARCHITECTURE+
          >which has provided a wonderful<
            >life and basis to communicate<
                       +ANCIENT TRUTH+
                >to you during each night<

         #2)           +BIOTRONICS+
            >research which has provided a<
               >more profound basis in the<
                  >design of architecture<

        #3)          +METAPHYSICAL+
          >approach to creative expression<
              >which has opened doors to<
                >radiant new dimensions<
         >blog material of transcendence<
            >comes from this perspective<
                 +PROFOUND & UNIQUE+
                 >(expanding discoveries<
                   >shall light our future<)

        #4)            +FRIENDSHIPS+
    >dave fobes/jim bourke/sherry beaton<
          >ralph bowman/tom davis/jimmy<
             >gorimar/mary lynn hyde and<
                 >tom and chikako hart &<
                      >my deep gratitude<

          #5)            +MARIANNE+
        >my dear wife with me in paris the<
           >combination that has provided<
                        +S P I R I T U A L+
              >the greatest of radiant light<

                          +DAVE FOBES+
                   +IS IN A VERY SPECIAL+
        >for the wonderful work of design<
          >daily in assembling my images<
              >and text into the new blog<
               +WORDS ALONE CANNOT+
                     >fabulous empathy<
               +EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE+

                          +JIM BOURKE+
          >like dave has been wonderful in<
           >assembling (with dave) shelves<
               >for my precious old library<
                   +PLUS RESTORING AN+
                        +ANCIENT TABLE+
           >imported by the cavarocs from<
             >bordeaux two hundred years<
               >or more ago in the mists of<
                      +CREOLE ETERNITY+

                       +THNOC ARCHIVE+
          >priscilla, john, alfred and daniel<
              >my gratitude for your kind<
                  >hospitality during our<

                         +SDSU ARCHIVE+
            +robert ray also of sdsu special<
              >collections my deep thanks<
                  >for your kind courtesy<

               +MY HEART IS FILLED WITH+
                      +MUCH GRATITUDE+
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

LECORBUSIER'S RADIANT WORK= MURALS-POLYCHROMING and > fabulous paintings & drawings !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lecorbusier paintings - Google Search ( PLEASE FOLLOW LINK ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LEONARDO OF MODERN DESIGN also had great powers with paint >TRANSCENDENT MANIFESTS

Le Corbusier
       >leonardo, goff and lecorbusier all<
           >possessed the genius to paint<

                   +GREAT ARCHITECTS+
         >in my estimation must also have<
              >for the color/light/energy<
                >(egyptian radiant vision)<

                    +LINK TO THE SOUL+
                   >please follow the link<
                                       eugene ray

SPHEROIDS=HEART of our ALL !> >visionary projects open a future healthier and close to ORGANICS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AERODYNE CURVED STRUCTURE- would resist all natural disasters ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS trace PRIMARY WORK #1) silver ship @ PARIS biennale ! #2) two affordable dome designs #3) environ 2000 museum of man #4) villa palmieri 1993 prototype #5) unisphere=ultimate solution ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT ARCHITECTURE is the> search for a BETTER REALITY but requires an ability for evolution ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

         >to tom davis who like dave fobes<
                         +1970s DECADE+
           >is one of my early sdsu alumni<
                   +PATENT PORTFOLIO+
        >tom sent his beautiful portfolio of<
           >patent drawings which are his<
              >speciality and relate to the<
                  +THEME FOR TONIGHT+

               +"CALIFORNIA AERODYNE"+
              >(need to patent these, tom)<
     >affordable, healthy, disaster resistant<
         >residential prototypes that shall<
                     +GRACE THE EARTH+

                      +S P H E R I C A L+
                >(dome=half a sphere)<
          >were at the heart of our search<
           >for housing that would fit the<
                 >vital needs of mankind<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >trace important efforts we made<
             >in our work at sdsu toward<
                 >(yes, i too had a dream)<
               +WHICH SHALL ULTIMATLY+
                  +BE REALISED ON OUR+
                       +PLANET EARTH+
                 +S Y N C H R O N I C I TY+
               (>katrina-like devastation<
                   >galvenises the need<)

       #1)      +SILVER SHIP IN PARIS+
        >my inclusion in the paris biennale<
           >and publications/lectures and<
             >exhibitions in ten countries<
                 +VISION TO MANY FAR+
                     +AWAY LOCATIONS+

               >(nurtured by sun and sea)<
       >healthy, active, close to nature was<
          >at the heart of two "kit of parts"
                    +DOME RESIDENCES+
         >the light weight inner elements<
           >would be added as the young<
                      +FAMILY EVOLVED+

         #3)         +ENVIRON 2000+
            (>seventies visionary concepts
              >for the twenty 1st century<)
                        +BALBOA PARK+
          >was my design for an exhibition<
              >at the museum of man that<
                   >featured as its major<
                          +T H E S I S+
             >healthier california life style<
                        >plus a series of<
              +"AERODYNE PROTOTYPES"+

      #4)     +"VILLA PALMIERI 1993"+
         >residential prototype inspired by<
             >my travels and love for the<
                         +ITALIAN VILLA+
        >structural ceramic prefab parts are<
                     +STRONG AND LIGHT+
           >plus (and this is very important)<
               >provide the technology for<
           >offers radiance to life again on<
                >(remember the egyptians)<
                        +PLANET EARTH+

         #5)   +CALIFORNIA AERODYNE+
      >prototype universal spheroid design<
         >for affordable disaster resistant<
               >housing offers profound<
            +LESS THEN 1% OF THE PEOPLE+
                  +CAN AFFORD TO BUILD+
                         +THEIR HOUSE+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<