Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, November 16, 2012

DYNAMIC TENSILE STRUCTURE > (resilient structure anti-disaster) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>A WISE CHOICE for hurricane & earthquake threatened property ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REVEAL 2 CONCEPTS> new orleans & california designs/ eugene ray architect/prototypes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GRATITUDE TO 3 SDSU ALUMNI> tom davis/will ackel & earl curtis also neal pendleton/degruy fmly

       >sdsu alumnus tom davis is sending<
         >his porfolio to me that contains<
            >his patent from the eighties<
            +TOM'S LETTER TO ME YEARS+
               +AGO PROGENDERED MY+
                    +EFFORT TO WRITE+
          >sdsu alumnus will ackel sent a<
             >wonderful note describing<
           >annual maya adventures plus<
               >carbon free mobility conf<
                   >he helped organise<
              >please (search)<
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
            >for my early essays especially<
                +AUGUSTE LE PLONGEON+
              >who discovered the famed<
             >twenty-five feet under earth<
            (>this technique has developed<
              >a new archaeology process<)

          >to sdsu alumnus earl curtis and<
                    +GOOD NEIGHBORS+
           >wife jody for lajolla courtisies<
         >to degruy cousin neal pendleton<
               >for photos of our visit to<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
            (>such a wonderful pilgrimage<
                 >visiting w/ many of you<

                    +DYNAMIC TENSILE+
            >tonight's topic features two<
                +TENSILE PROTOTYPES+
                     >from my oeuvre<
                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >natural disaster resistant<
               >tensile cable structures<
         (>of the three little pigs it was the<
          >one living in a tensile biomorph<
            >house that was the wise one<) !

    #1)             +NEW ORLEANS+
              +CITY PARK ARBORETUM+
       >omni directional steel cable designs<
          >may look frail but are stronger<
              >then rigid structures that<
                 >fail at the connections<

         +IN 1995 FIVE OF MY STUDENTS+
                 >at cal poly s.l. obispo<
             +WON 1ST PLACE AFTER A+
                   +STORM DESTROYED+
                        +THEIR RIVALS+
              (>they constructed a tensile<
                >resilient camp structure<)

      #2)#3)  +SAN DIEGO GATEWAY+
      #4)#5            >fiber optic<
      >four views of my design for a tensile<
           >gateway structure for san diego<
                       +NIGHT LIGHTED+
            >inspired by the san francisco<
                >golden gate bridge that<
                    >resists all temblers<

                 +THE BEST CHANCE TO+
           (>see my biomorphic prototype<
                >section for other concepts<)
                           +THERE ARE+
                  +NO BOXES IN NATURE+ !
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray. mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus. sdsu<

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