Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NOTE FOR SIR PETER COOK 2013 art architecture and metaphysics Inbox x

                  +ART / ARCHITECTURE+
             +NOTE FOR SIR PETER COOK+
      >hello peter....this note is to focus on<
        >my oeuvre in california/louisiana<
            >as presented internationally<
             >(with a metaphysical view)<
                   +REF : MY BLOG 2013+
         >i am not certain j.k. birksted was<
           >in the audience when i lectured
              >for you and at the A.A. but<
                    >his interesting book<
                   >relates to my families<
                     >templar history in<
              >influencing my architecture<
                >(banham was interested)

                  >metaphysical influence<

       #1)      +SDSU/ED STUDIO 1970+
            >much focus on resilient tensile<
                   +SPHERICAL & CONICAL+
            >prototypes bringing geomancy<
              >into the twenty first century<

      #2)       +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
            >my oeuvre in the mid seventies<
            >at the aspen design conference<
                 >prototypes generating<
              (>the history of templar ship<
                >construction relates here<)

         #3)       +RADIANT ENERGY+
          >was a much researched aspect<
             >of my prototype synergetic<
             >as developed in our studio<
            >st bernard clairvaux, architect<
               >and brains of the templars<
                   >would have loved this<

          #4)       +FRENCH CREOLE+
           >plantation roots of my templar<
              >freemason ancestors was a<
             >influence when they built the<
                >only domed sugar mill at<
                        +NEW ORLEANS+
              >google : eugene ray architect>
                               >domed sugar mill<

         #5)        +RADIANT SECRETS+
                           >into the light<
             >was a major exhibition of my<
                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
           >about the time i lectured at the<
                       >and for you at<
                  +BARTLETTS SCHOOL+
             >exactly ten years earlier the<
              >invited my work into their<
              +ARCHITECTURE & ENERGY+
               >international committee<
           >university of nancy france not<
                >far fom the ray castle at<
                      +RAY SUR SAONE+
          >importation mise-en-scene for<
               +THE SHROUD OF TURIN+
           >protected by knights templars<
                +GEOFFREY de CHARNEY+
                   (>burnt at the stake<)
                            +1 3 0 7+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MAGIC ANCIENT OBJECT PHOTO W/ PERSONAL ASSOCIATIONS ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLUNY MUSEUM METAL PLATE> as transcendental manifestation (note in pilgrimage preparation) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HISTORICAL METAL PLAQUE AS> found in the river seine at paris= SHROUD OF TURIN ARTIFACT W/ charney/vergy coats of arms as> found after 1307 stake burning ! Inbox x

             +PARIS PILGRIMS 2013+
      >"a city, as lou kahn said, is where a<
          >small boy finds what he should<
              >do with the rest of his life"<

              +PARIS AND NEW ORLEANS+
                >are for me vast archives<
                    >of genetic memory<
                  +EVERY STREET FILLED+
                     >w/ radiant energy<
                       >lighting my soul<

                    >talented nola friend<
               +WAS BURIED IN THE GREAT+
                         >western paris<
                       (>his final request<)

                    +HISTORY AS MAGIC+
         >normally a historical plaque has<
         >interesting but everyday status<
          >in the case of the metal plaque<
              >in the linked photograph<
                            (+FOR ME+)
              >it has become what i call a<
                ( >magical status found in<
                         +RADIANT ART+)
                       +"P R E C I O U S"+
                 (>every artist's objective<)
         note : article in the current issue of<
                  +"ATLANTIS RISING"+
          >describes magical properties in<
            >some religeous artifacts like<
              +"VIRGIN OF GUADELUPE"+
                   >(google for history)<
                      >mind boggling<
                +MAGICAL PROPERTIES+
          (>that is something beyond the<
              >status of precious because<
                   >of personal feeling<)

                  +THE METAL PLAQUE+
                     (>blazons plus relic<)

                    +STUDY THE PHOTO+
       >conjures for me an amazing event<
                +BURNING AT THE STAKE+
       >in ray/gruy/vergy/charney linked<
                   +FAMILY DNA HISTORY+
             >especially in relation to the<
                        +HOLY SHROUD+
         >which expands into a study of its<
             >astounding historical status<
                 +PLEASE UNDERSTAND+
          >i am not a particularly religous<
           >person but am very impressed<
                   >by scientific/historical<

            >the shroud and the plaque by<
                 >association achieve that<
                    +"F A N T A S T I C"+
              >status so well described by<
                 +TIELHARD de CHARDIN+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Monday, April 22, 2013


                             LOST MESSAGE
              a lengthy & detailed message was lost
                          PARIS CITY OF LIGHT
                  Last night by my MSN-TV system.
                      This is an I-PAD substitute

                 The great French architect was the                              
                       Subject of much of that text   
                ( This loss is frustrating and I plan to
                     Invest in a new system soon ) !

                To dear old friend ROBIN & previously
                    To MARY LYNN & ANNE for kind
                                 BON VOYAGE
                      Messages ref our trip to Europe

                              JOURNEY FRIENDS
                 This blog is a way for me to review life
                  In which you my friend are important.
                              Eugene Ray / Degruy
                             Robin Lobdell Beeman 
                  And as an example several messages
                       Relating to Robin in my life will
                              APPEAR MAGICALLY
                       Many of you will find references
                          To yourself via this method. 

                       +DAVE FOBES+JIM BOURKE+
                  Who have helped me so much this year
                              +DEEP GRATITUDE+ !
                     Shall naturally find many references

                             +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                        +PARIS THE CITY OF LIGHT+
                          >Has been very good to us<
                             >except for our charney 
                                  A N C E S T O R
                     (Five images from my oeuvre while
                          Preparing our journey to Paris
                                Budapest and Prague)

        #1).            LAST SDSU ED EXHIBITION
                                Delmar California 1995

         #2).              CALIFORNIA VILLA 1985
                                  Radiant architecture

         #3).            RADIANT CONCEPTS 1995
                             Comprehensive exhibition

         #4).             RADIANT CONCEPTS 1994
                                  Two London lectures      
         #5).            PARIS CITY OF LIGHT 2009
                              Marianne & I / Ile St Louis
                     It was near here where our ancestor
                                  GEOFF CHARNEY 
                          (Ray / Charney / Vergy / Gruy) 
                     Of knights Templar persecution fame
                         Was burnt at the stake in 1307

                     To SDSU alumnus Tom Davis for his
                        Interest in PARIS as a center for
                               ESOTERIC RESEARCH
                        I have discovered a fine bookshop
                                "THE GRAAL" PARIS
                          Shall make a report upon return

                           Gene Ray, lajolla, California

                            Eugene Ray, mfa, architect
                              Professor emeritus, sdsu 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

              >to my bride marianne who<
                  >keeps me alive so i can<
                    >write about life on<
                       +PLANET EARTH+
                >with an architect's view<

            >facebook greetings continue<
               >and i am amazed/grateful<
             >was always important to me<

                +FIVE PHOTOS TONIGHT+
        >reflect my feelings as we prepare<
             >our search for sacred seeds<

      #1)       +FABULOUS DINNER+
           >fabulous dinner prepared by<
                       +ROCIO FOBES+
            >in the beautiful kitchen by<
                        +DAVE FOBES+
          >silver ship construction alumni+
                          >left to right<
                             >me and<
                         +CHRIS JUNG+

      #2)        +CHRISTMAS DINNER+
          >in our lajolla dining room with<
                          >left to right<
                   (dave/rocio out of town)
                  >such happiness to me<

        #3)         +COSMIC VISION+
             >dave's great painting as the<
                 >keynote entry work for<
                          +APRIL 2013+
                     >sdsu faculty show<
                        +DAVE FOBES+
                         +JIM BOURKE+
           >right/ the two talented alums<
                 >who have helped me so<
              (>radiant library/new blog<
                   >archive gifts to sdsu<
                     >and thnoc in n.o.<)

      #4)             +SCHOLARSHIP+
       >was always high on our agenda at<
                +SDSU ENVIRON DESIGN+
        >tensegrity architectural structure<
                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
          >resisting hurricane/earthquake<
               >was my rewarding focus<
              +ALCHEMY & METAPHYSICS+
                 >was extremy important<
                    >synergetic research<
                         +ST GERMAIN<
         >the brillient metaphysician was<
              >a profound research focus<
                    +PHILIP MATZIGKIET+
            >sdsu environ design alumnus<
                     +SDSU PROFESSOR+
               >generously gifted me this<
                    >valuable aged book<

      #5)           +INTERNATIONAL+
               >sdsu, environ design alum<
                   +KOTARO  NAKAMURA+
        >represents the many international<
              >alums that are close to my<
                     +GRATEFUL HEART+
           (>they were wonderful students<
                >talented & hard working<)
                  +CHIKAKO TERADA HART+
                     +YOSHI MATSUHISA+
                               ( japan )
                  +ARATHY RANGSWAMI+
                      +JIMMY GORIMAR+
                               ( india )
                  +NOZAR RAVENBAKISH+
                      (iran, to name a few)
          >as i reflect on my life in california<
            >all the above generous people<
                 >join the many other kind<
                        +ETERNAL STARS+
                   >you know who you are<
                            +THANKYOU+ !
                 gene ray , lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fwd: KNIGHTS TEMPLARS IN FRANCE > -letter response to degruy cousin garic barranger templar interest- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR revealed >CISTERCIAN LEGACY SECRETS< by alan butler & stephen dafoe > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ST BERNARD & TROYES FAMILIES exellent book for degruy interest ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS on the TEMPLAR TRAIL #1) rennes le chateau castle ruins #2) bar-sur-aube clairvaux poster #3) vendeuvre sur barse chateau #4) charles degaulle village home #5) lirey holy shroud chapel entry

                                               LOGISTICAL NOTES
                                  I am very grateful for the huge amount of
                                              FACEBOOK GREETINGS
                                                (international architects)
                                      My webtv system has collapsed and
                                           I am OVERWHELMED, thanks ! 

                                                 TONIGHT'S MESSAGE
                                     ( Response to KnightsTemplar interest 
                                          Photos from our 2009 French trip )
                                     +ARCHITECTURE OF THE COSMOS+
                               This message is one of the last before our trip
                                   And before we acquire an apple computer
                                                      LAST NIGHT                                            
                              much of this message was lost while I was typing
                                   Text to the last photo which is entry to the
                                               LERAY SHROUD CHAPEL
                                  (Orient forest @Troyes near Degruy chateau)

                                               +TEMPLAR SUMMERY+
                               For Garic Barranger and others interested in the
                                  Architecture of St. Bernard-Knights Templar

                                         ACCORDING TO BUTLER-DAFOE
                                 St Bernard was a MYSTIC, very interested in  
                                             ALCHEMY & METAPHYSICS
                                      Bernard was a scholar of the CABALA
                                           GEOMANCY , his talent led to
                                                 GOTHIC CATHEDRALS

                                       EGYPT WAS A GREAT RESOURCE
                                          ancient french esoteric knowledge

                               +PRIORY de SION and TROYES FRATERNITY+
                                      ( St Bernard & de Gruy Orient families )
                                          +WERE PROBABLY THE SAME !+

                                                 Google : Eugene Ray / Degruy
                                                                    Priory de Sion
                                                                   Also Geomancy
                                        ( for boudousquie friend ROBIN the Bouillon
                                              Bouligny, Boudousquie families were
                                                  The same and priory de Sion

                                                                           Eugene Ray  

                  +TEMPLAR RESEARCH+
this message was prepared as we<
develop research for our return<
                       +SPRING 2013+
to the templar french milieu<

five photos and a book<
for garic barranger<

              +RESPONSE TO A RECENT+
knights templar<
                  +LETTER OF INTEREST+
garic barranger link to beringer<
lord of arques castle languedoc<
the voisin family and the<
first degruy ancestors of the<
                  +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
chateau in the orient forest<
villeneuve loubet dukes<
of ancient provence<

            (secrets of the cistercian legacy)
                    +EXELLENT BOOK BY+
alan butler & stephen dafoe<
                    (>highly researched<)

to the degruy<
                 +TROYES FRATERNITY+
associated templar families<
                    +(ORIENT FOREST)+
and the holy shroud of turin<

                 +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
five photos from our last<
journey to french roots<

    #1)        +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
the castle ruins of the voisin family<
knights templars linked to the<
                    +VERLOIN DEGRUY+
in st. charles parish louisiana<
and orient forest france<
degruy/dagobert marriage<
eugene ray / degruy<
voisin family<
marguerite dagobert<

     #2)        +CLAIRVAUX POSTER+
in this bar-sur-aube tourist office<
window advertises a music link<
to st bernard's old abbey<
in the orient forest only a<
few miles from degruy<
                   +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
was a vital center for<
plus many topics of ancient<
                  +ESOTERIC RESEARCH+
st bernard a dedicated mystic<
according to butler/dafoe<

magny fouchard neighbor<
ancient chateau of the vendeuvre<
mesrigny, chavigny and<
also very importantly the<
               +DUKE OF LUXEMBOURG+
while in exile<
                 +FRENCH FREEMASON+
history linked here<
eugene ray / degruy<

      #4)      +CHARLES DEGAULLE+
country chateau now a museum<
was an interesting visitation<
for us near clairvaux abbey<  
                Degaulle adopted the Templar
                  Rene de Anjou, Joan of Arc
                     CROSS OF LORRAINE

                 ( Message lost at this point
                      Please see summery

Thursday, April 11, 2013

EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT SAFARI radiant architecture educational blog is taking a sabbatical trip> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SEARCH FOR the SACRED SEEDS art, architecture, metaphysics & alchemy/paris/prague/budapest ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TEMPLAR DOME GEOMANCY IN france, new orleans & california ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1000 YEARS OF FAMILY HISTORY degruy=cavaroc=ray in FRANCE &> CREOLE new orleans jungles

               +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<
           >we shall shall take a sabbatical<
               >from our nightly effort of<
                >who are we/where from<
                      >where do we go<
                +WHAT + DID + WE + DO+
                      >what did we learn<

         >to dave fobes whose great talent<
             >has aided me so radiantly in<
               >the nightly effort to send<
                   >this blog out to you<
                 >sdsu downtown gallery<
                   >broadway, san diego<
              +ABOUT HIS COSMIC WORK+
                   +PLEASE SEE & HEAR+
         >i recently devoted a blog to this<
          >showing of dave's magnificent<
                      +P A I N T I N G S+
           >please see his radiant website<

                 _+TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >for mary lynn hyde, john lawrence<
                  +robin lobdell beeman<
         >neal pendleton, garic barranger<
                    +WALKER JOHN RAY+
              >and many other friends of<
                 >old creole new orleans<

                    +FRENCH HERITAGE+
          >in the alchemical matrix of my<
             >knights templar geomancy<
                       +R A D I A N C E+
                   >france/new orleans<

       #1)        +DOME SUGAR MILL+
           (>my collage on latrobe sketch<
              >owned by historic n.o. coll<)
                       +DEGRUY FAMILY+
        >verloin degruy templar/freemason<
                 >dome sugar mill built at<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
           >at the end of the 18th century<
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                     >dome sugar mill<

        #2)        +SILVER SHIP 1980+
               >construction photograph<
                    +USC LECTURE 1996+
       >our home and studio for a quarter<
         >century in lajolla california was a<
                +25 FT DIAMETER DOME+
                     +TOPPED TOWER+
                        >spread in half<
                +40 FT BY A GIANT TRUSS+
            >google : eugene ray architect<
                                    >silver ship<

        #3)       +CAVAROC HOUSE+
       >designed by james dakin architect<
             >for the first louisiana state<
                 >capitol in baton rouge<
               +POWERFUL INFLUENCE+
                         >in my early<
                    +CHILDHOOD LIFE+
             >the artistic heritage of our<
               >grandmother cavaroc's<
            >french creole family history<
                >was vital in our life and<
                      >creative oeuvre<
                  >eugene ray architect<
                       >cavaroc family<

        #4)    + JUNGLE METAPHYSICS+
               >top half of my 11 by 17 inch<
                 +METAPHYSICAL COLLAGE+
           >degruy french templar heritage<
                 >on the barataria jungles<
                    >south of new orleans<

         #5)     +TROPIQUE MAGIQUE+
           >bottom half of my 11 by 17 inch<
                 +METAPHYSICAL COLLAGE+

                     +CREOLE HERITAGE+
            >in new orleans was a radiant<
                 >influence in my life and<
                       >creative oeuvre<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                    >jungle metaphysics<

               +ESSENCE OF OUR VISION+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NATURE IS OUR BEST GUIDE > (prof ray in reviewing volume) DESIGNING SPA PROTOTYPES ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ARCHITECTURE AS ENERGY=the study of environ. FORCE FIELDS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY=is the ELIXER OF GOOD HEALTH ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COLOR=LIGHT=ENERGY FOCUS the invention of people washes

                    +"PEOPLE WASHES"+
               >were the most profound<
               >i could think of to utilise<
                   +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
           >inherint in architectural space<

           >of age and wisdom once said<
                        +THE ESSENCE+
            >of a glass is the space within<

                    +CONES & SPHERES+
                 >are vital enclosures for<
      >kerlian photography & gaus meters<
       >had measured the strength of the<
                       +FORCE FIELDS+
           >increasingly researchers have<
               >developed corroboration<
                   (>wun chok bong etc<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >biotronic energy radiance<
                >in architectural volume<

     #1)            +PEOPLE WASH "A"+
           >a spa prototype using biotronic<
             >energy in conical & spherical<
                     >volume staging plus<
                   >meditation w/ sound<

                        +2013 ADDITION+
             >the djed ancient pillar device<
                    >placed strategically<

       #2)          +PEOPLE WASH "B"+
            >simulation of biotronic energy<
                 >in the staging of the spa<
               >this concept dates from the<
                     >early california years<

        #3)       +PEOPLE WASH 1992+
        >each home could have a backyard<
                >prototype like a japanese<
           >for music, meditation, exercise<
               >and other spa experience<

        #4)             +RESIDENCE+
         >as a people wash spa experience<
                 >especially as a california<
                         +DESERT OASIS+
                    >all with conical roofs<

        #5)         +INTERIOR OASIS+
        >light weight portable kit of parts<
               >biotronic energy radiance<
                            +SPA 1986+
                    >prototype structure<

         >this last design was submitted to<
           >the french architecture/energy<
                      +WITH THE OTHERS+
             >committee at the university<
                 >of nancy france and my<
                 >subsequently published<
                             >led to my<
                        +AUTUMN 1986+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Monday, April 8, 2013

GOOGLE REWARDS OUR EFFORT- my images now in google catalog ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A BOOK IS INCREASINGLY VIABLE patience rewards our nocturnals ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Eugene Ray architect images ->> >( PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINKS ) Inbox x

        >again to dave fobes ,... an exciting<
           >discovery was made last night<
               +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
                           +I M A G E S
              >many of my images leading<
                     >to the appropriate<
                   +NOCTURNAL BLOGS+
          >my hope is that this will hasten<
            >the publication of the BOOK<
             >my images are found on the<
               >first four pages then the<
                >images of other eugene<
                         >rays interface<

             +MY IMAGES ARE GROWING+
               +W/ EACH NIGHT'S BLOG+
           >i am grateful that google has<
              >this image catalog service<
        >perhaps the unique aspect of the<
           >internet work is the addition<
                           +ART & LIFE+
               >of metaphysical graphics<
                  >and historical data<
                +THAT PROGENDER THE+
                    >DESIGN GRAPHICS+
            +WHO ARE WE+WHERE FROM+
                    +WHERE DO WE GO+
                     +WHAT DID WE DO+
                   +WHAT DID WE LEARN+
                  >(amazed into the light)<
                                   eugene ray