Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 DIMENSIONS INTO THE LIGHT 2nd dimension to 4th dimension ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COLOR & LIGHT=GOOD HEALTH >my research w/ john ott m.d.< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ EVOLUTION OF AN ARCHITECT > wood/steel/glass into color/light & finally PURE RADIANT ENERGY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS TO SAN DIEGO > 5 photos=>reveal the alchemy< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #1) silver ship=radiant light >85 #2) pictors cutout signage =>75 #3) tulane color/light/energy 69 #4) roebling california villas= 90 #5) pure energy/4 dimension 80

        >was evolved in new orleans and<
           >earlier in the sansouci forest<

          >for friend dr don laub m.d. who<
                     +STANFORD PROF+
           >daily recieves our nightly blog<

                +CALIFORNIA RADIANCE+
          >teaching environmental design<
             >at sdsu caused my research<
                         +(PHOTO #5)+
                >into color and light for<
                       +GOOD HEALTH+

                   >i was looking for an<
                >of a transcendent state<
                             +P U R E+
                    >biotronic radiance>

                     +TUNNEL OF LIGHT+
            >the study of 150 examples of<
                 >near death experience<
                    >the tunnel of light<

                    +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
        >five images reveal the double role<
         >i lived designing w/ wood/solids<
           >but seeking environments of<
                       +PURE ENERGY+

     #1)          +RADIANT STUDIO+
     >silver ship studio in the mid eighties<
           >was the setting for designing<
                   +CALIFORNIA VILLAS+
       >while seeking synergetic environs<
         >constructed w/ electromagnetic<
                >pure biotronic energy<

      #2)            +PICTORS 1976+
        >raising of radiant "cutout" signage<
         >pictors metamorphisis restaurant<
            >san diego under construction<
       >special lights inside were designed<
           >as a cross between lights and<

       #3)           +TULANE 1969+
      >radiant architecture in new orleans<
          >evolved w/ this exhibition that<
             >used sound/light radiance<
            >slides of all my architecture<
                 >especially color, light<

         #4)        +ROEBLING 1992+
         >several clients sought me out in<
              >the nineteen eighties and<
                          >nineties for<
                   +CALIFORNIA VILLAS+
              >but i had designed a more<
              >prototype 20 years earlier<
                >that required change in<
                    >daily living practice<

         #5)        +UNISPHERE 1972+
           >the upper photos express the<
           >color/light/energy experience<
             >in a inner garden residence<

                     +COLOR VARIATION+
       >expresses the energy range change<
            >within the spheroid over the<
                            +24 HOUR+
                >period of time providing<
                     >radiant conditions<
                      +PEOPLE & PLANTS+

                    +"HEALTH & LIGHT"+
             >the good health reference<
                >by famed john ott m.d.<
         >to ascertain the function of the<
                       +PINEAL GLAND+
          >in the brain center converting<
                       +COLOR & LIGHT+
                   +HEALTHY RADIANCE+

          >this profound book was typical<
             >of the required reading in<
               >my sdsu research class<
                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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