Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 LINKS to>UNKNOWN STARS< radiant synergetic environment >was my passion in new orleans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COLOR=LIGHT=ENERGY=LOVE/ dedication to my early, devoted friends=john and tania messina ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT ARCHITECTURE review 5 PHOTOS=TRANSCENDENCE !!! #1) architectural energy @ sdsu #2) biotronic radiant prototype #3) electric love garden in 1970 #4) pahlavi national library iran #5) synergetic stage for music !

      >to my friends john & tania messina<
        >who took an interest in my work<
                +EARLY IN ITS GROWTH+
          >i am forever grateful and filled<
            >w/ memories of new orleans<
            +JOHN WAS MY 1ST STUDENT+
               +LSU ARCHITECTURE 1965+
             >he and tania remember my<
                       +YOUNG FAMILY+
               >and sansouci forest home<
            >are the best words to describe<
                  >architect john messina<
                        >(see his website)<
                +POETS FOCUSED VISION+
                 +DESERT=MEXICAN GULF+
          >for several years john and tania<
             >shared their life w/ me and<
                >photographed my work< !

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >are dedicated to my friends<
                >john and tania messina<

      #1)           +ARCHITECTURAL+
                        +R A D I A N C E+
       >photographing biotronic energy<
         >domes at san diego state univ<
           >radiant architecture was my<
                      +DAILY PASSION+

       #2)     +BIOTRONIC VIBRATION+
        >can be seen via a photo technique<
            >i developed in my media class<
              >one of four new classes that<
                >i wrote w/ a goal seeking<

        #3)       +"ELECTRIC WISDOM+
                          +M A C H I N E"+
       >flouerscent surfaces photographed<
           >under ultraviolet light was the<
                >technique i invented at<
              >expanded in san diego into<
                >synergetic environments<
         >note : this work long preceeded<
            >the writing of wun chok bong<
                   +"GOD'S MACHINES"+
              >and christopher dunn but<
                  >friends are symbiotic<

       #4)         +PAHLAVI IRANIAN+
                           +L I B R A R Y+
        >concept was my largest design to<
          >program radiant synergetics w/
                >glass and glazed ceramic<
                       +S U R F A C E S+
       >the beautiful model by mario lara<
         >and yoshi matsuhisa simulates<
                 +NOCTURNAL RADIANCE+

        #5)      +SDSU SYNERGETIC+
        >synergetic environs was the goal<
            >of my sdsu class designed to<
             >design/construct full sized<
                     +S I T U A T I O N S+
                     >as i would explain<
                   >vibrational alchemy<
             +IT IS ENVIRON "SITUATION"+
                        >please note<
                   +DESERT INCIDENTS+
    >marianne and i leave in the morning<
      >for the international ufo congress<
           >held at fountain hills arizona<
             >march the sixth, afternoon<
                 >eugene ray architect<
                     >desert incidents<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                      >aquarius center<

                     >remember chardin<
                +"AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL+
                             >only the<
                 +FANTASTIC IS POSSIBLE"+
           >synchronistically i believe kevin<
                >and jasmin brekke return<
                   >to california tomorrow<
                       +WELCOME HOME+ !

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PUSHING THE ENVELOPE=1969- VIEUX CARRE MAGIC ALCHEMY= color=light=energy/nola events ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS & CAIRO DELTAS synergetic radiance=phil degruy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=NOLA APOCALYPSE> #1) djed pillar=cairo/nola device #2) radiant energy=tulane show #3) jazz workshop apocalypse 69 #4) traylor apt= nola vieux carre #5) tropique/magique= radiance

                (>pushing the envelope<)
        >apocalyptic events in new orleans<
                +RADIANT BIOTRONICS+
         >celebrating cosmic consciousness<

      >to anne fleming ardent scholar of<
                     +VERLOIN deGRUY+
        >history in new orleans, france, &<
            >where they built their castle<
                  (>kind message about<
                   >she and phil degruy<
                      >famed musician<)

              +ANNE MEETS MARY LYNN+
                  >tulane creole scholar<
        >when marianne and i leave for the<
           >california desert enroute to the<
                   >twenty-second annual<
                        +UFO CONGRESS+
             >fort mcdowell, fountain hills<
                >outside phoenix arizona<
                +DO YOU REMEMBER THE+
                 +PHOENIX UFO TRIANGLE+
                >seen/filmed by multitudes< ?

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >new orleans radiant apocalypse<
            >for phil degruy, anne fleming<
                    >and mary lynn hyde<

        #1)           +DJEDI DEVICE+
     >radiant biotronic energy instrument<
       >used by magician-priests of ancient<
          >desert transcendent civilizations<
                    >eugene ray architect<
                           >djed device<

        #2)     +TULANE APOCALYPSE+
     >synchronistically on the old foucher<
          >(degruy/saulet/ etc) plantation<
               >site in new orleans i built<
                          +JUNE 1969+
          >this color/light/energy environ<
               >an ode to biotronic vision<

          #3)      +JAZZ WORKSHOP+
        >earlier that spring i finished this<
               >nightclub for young jazz<
               >musicians in new orleans<

         #4)           +VIEUX CARRE+
        >also completed in that period was<
              >two projects for the traylor<
                     +EXPLORERS SHOP+
              >brothers in the vieux carre<

         #5)          +MEDITATION+
       >knights templar references were<
        >created in that period reflecting<
                    +GENETIC MEMORY_
                    >  (search)
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                     +GENETIC MEMORY+

                         +AFTER WORD+
       >it was good to see daniel day louis<
              >win the academy award for<
            >but what about a great film on<
                    +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
                >with a focus on his many<
            >or on anton mesmer and others<
                    (+COUNT ST. GERMAIN+
                           +BRUCE GOFF+)
                 >who devoted their lives to<
                   >"pushing the envelope"<

              +BE SURE AND VISIT GOFF'S+
                    +GARVEY HOUSE VIA+
                      +VIRTUAL REALITY+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Monday, February 25, 2013

SUNSET ON THE PACIFIC TALES for my old friends john & tania & my former sdsu asst ralph b. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TRANSCENDENTAL RADIANCE=> invention of "synergetic environ" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS TO SAN DIEGO > color=light=energy/=ALCHEMY OF THE GODS= ( VIBRATIONS ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=SYNERGETIC VISION #1) electric love garden/sdsu- 71 #2)#3) sweet dreams designs- 81 #4) project sweet dreams photo #5) traylor apt/new orleans 1969

      >to nelson brackin architect/legend<
        >of the wright/goff tradition who<
               >sent a facebook greeting<
                       +I AM TOUCHED+
        >to be hearing from such honored<
            >people and suspect that old<
                     +ARCHITECT FRIEND+
             >tom hart, alum of goff studios<
                 >& university of oklahoma<
                 >has been www busy again<
           >that was a goff painting in tom<
                >and chikako's living room<
                    >i showed on the blog<
                >tom's paintings are also<
          >hope you saw dave fobes latest<
           >optical sensation on facebook<
                           +VIOLET EYE+
                 >is my admiring opinion<

                     +N O S T A L G I A+
            >thirties hollywood memory<
                >academy award sunset<
                         +FOR RALPH+
                  >(personal moments)<
                      +BAR FLY TALE #1+
        >yesterday marianne & i watched<
           >the sunset on the blue pacific<
                       >from the bar of<
                +LAJOLA SHORES HOTEL+
                       >while enjoying<
                  ! +H A P P Y  + H O U R+ !
           >(great fish tacos & libation w/<
                >academy award viewing<)
                       +SHIRLEY TEMPLE+
       >(the drink) was ordered nearby for<
          >a customer's son that reminded<
              >us of marianne's childhood<
                    >attending a party at<
              +SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S HOUSE+
                 >of her westwood youth<
                  (>bowman my sdsu asst<
                       >in the seventies<)
                  +MAY PREFER HER LIZ+
                     +TAYLOR MEMOIR+)

                      +BAR FLY TALE #2+
        >more architectural a bar tale is at<
             >the inn in rancho santa fe of<
                         +LILLIEN RICE+
          >design w/ scrumptious burgers<
              >washed down w/ whiskey<
            >because this is the very place<
                  +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+
          >it is still a tranquil and beautiful<
             >old california mise-en-scene<
               +FORGIVE THESE HUMAN+
                    +D I G R E S S I O N S+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >the synergetic side of my work<
            >relating to color/light/energy<
                        +I N S P I R E D+
              >by new orleans roots back<
                 >to france/yucatan and a<
                  >childhood ufo sighting<

       #1)     +ELECTRIC LOVE GARDEN+
           >was the first color/light/energy<
                       +SYNERGETIC 1971+
                >i constructed in california<
                   +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
       >was the profound side and friends<
          >from new orleans john & tania<
               >messina visited who had<
               >my synergetic nola efforts<

      #2)     +PROJECT SWEET DREAMS+
      #3)        >san diego yogurt shop<
                       +WATER SOUND+
         >i was honored that the talented<
                    +MUSEUM CURATOR+
         >larry uruttia invited me to design<
               >this space/time synergetic<
              >(doubling as a yogurt shop)<

     #4)        +STANDARD PHOTOS+
               >don't do the experience<
                     >synergetic justice<
                 +SHALL SHOW THE FIBER+
                      +OPTIC FURNITURE+
                              +S O O N+
            >the ultimate experience here<
                  +WAS WORKING FROM+
                       +DARK TO LIGHT+
              >dave fobes & chris jung were<
                   >great craftsmen of this<
                       >synergetic environ<

     #5)      +NEW ORLEANS 1967-69+
            >the two projects built for the<
              >brothers in the vieux carre<
                         +WERE VITAL+
                     +S Y N E R G E T I C+
                 +E N V I R O N M E N T S+
        >my friend and former lsu student<
          >john messina & wife tania gave<
             >much support to my efforts<
                   +"AMERICAN HOME+
              >published john's beautiful<
                    >photos of my work<
                        +THANKS JOHN+ !

                  gene ray. lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Sunday, February 24, 2013

AQUARIUS CENTER HAS A VITAL dynamic role in the years ahead ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NATURE IS OUR BEST GUIDE ! => (motto) "NO BOXES in NATURE" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BIOMORPHIC STRUCTURE design =natural disaster resist concepts ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY PROTOTYPE new aquarius geomancy design= STRUCTURES= new design look ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=ORGANIC CONCEPTS that is>compatible with nature

                   +AQUARIUS CENTER+
          (>my title for new directions in<
           >what frank lloyd wright titled<
               +ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE+)

                     +DESIGN EMPATHY+
       >although i never had the honor to<
           >meet mr wright i did know his<
              >two architect sons, and his<
                     (+"LLOYD" WRIGHT+
                   +JOHN LLOYD WRIGHT+)
             >exellent architect grandson<
                   +ERIC LLOYD WRIGHT+
       >eric the son of frank lloyd wright jr<
          >known as "lloyd," is a wonderful<
              >human as well as architect<
            +WITH A TALENT FOR "GREEN"+
                     >environ concerned<
                  +A R C H I T E C T U R E+
          >google his work and admire his<
              >fireproof house on youtube<
                        +TALIESIN WEST+
          >one of my last domestic lectures<
             >was at taliesin west the senior<
                 >wright school/studios at<
                       >scottsdale arizona<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >shows five examples of my version<
       >of organic architecture taken into<
                  +RADIANT DIRECTIONS+
        >galvenised by the age of aquarius<
          >(ref : the amalgam of this blog)<

      #1)        +FIRST BIOMORPHIC+
        >the floor plan of 1977, redrawn in<
             >2000 for my first biomorphic<
                  >thin shell ferrocement<
                       +R E S I D E N C E+
               >natural disaster resistant<
                    >extra strong tensile<
               +REDUCES WEIGHT=COST<

       #2)             +"THE PEAK"+
     >hotel with spherical openable rooms<
           >for magnificent views from the<
                     +MOUNT VICTORIA<
              >hong kong mise-en-scene<
                   +UNISPHERE CONCEPT+
             >google : eugene ray architect<
                        +E X P A N D E D+
        (>i was assisted in this competition<
             >by chikako terada hart, now<
                >an honored s.d. architect<)

        #3)          +PALADIN VILLA+
        >earth sheltered, ferro-cement villa<
           >one of a series designed for the<
                >brothers for sites east of<
                     >temecula, california<

         #4)       +STUDIO RESIDENCE+
       >decentralised, rammed earth adobe<
            >walled studio and residnce for<
             >a site in the california desert<
                        +CONICAL ROOFS+
                 >provide this concept with<
                     >expanded biotronics<

          #5)     +DESIGN OFFICES 1965+
         >my first biomorphic ferro-cement<
           >office building design was this<
                >concept for west virginia<
                   +LIKE THIS NEED SPACE+
                        +AROUND THEM+
             >the rugged landscape of the<
                 >western desert states is<
                  >perfect for biomorphic<
                 +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                    >(strong & energised)<

                    +AQUARIUS CENTER+
      >a research/development center for<
          >advanced radiant architecture<
                >with cosmic time/space<
         >as seen in UFO technology could<
            >draw thousands of visitors to<
                +THE CALIFORNIA DESERT+
              >wednesday, marianne and i<
                >leave for the world's best<
                      +UFO CONFERENCE+
                   >synchronistically near<
                        +TALIESIN WEST+
               >home of organic concepts<

                     >organics expanded<
                +HAS BEEN MY LIFE GOAL+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Saturday, February 23, 2013

HOMAGE TO THE POET BASHO> & TO DR. ROBERT REICH of LSU> french jungle ruins=>radiance< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TROPIQUE=MAGIQUE>alchemy reflects inner METAPHYSIQUE > french jungle plantation ruins > provides>CREATIVE NUTRIENT< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS FROM ONE COLLAGE #1) original whole photo callage #2) lost french plantation>ruin< #3) my gifts to prof robert reich #4) transcendental chamber 92 #5) gratitude to the poet basho Inbox x

            (>metaphysical photo collage<
                  >as nutrient for my life<
                  >art and architecture<)

             >to the great japanese poet<
                      +MATSUO BASHO+
                >whose radiant visions of<
                          +GENUS LOCI+
           >were such an inspiration to my<
        >we were fortunate at sdsu to have<
          >vintage black and white films of<
                      +RYOANJI & ISSE+
               >gardens that i could show<
                     >beginning students<
                 +WHILE READING BASHO+
        >or show photos of louisiana french<
                   +JUNGLE PLANTATION+
               >ruins while reading basho<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >metaphysical collage as a factor<
                         +GENUS LOCI+
           >in the creation of architecture<

   #1)             +THE SEARCH FOR+
                  >(81/2 inch by 11 inch)<
                            +ONE OF+
           >hundreds, perhaps thousands<
            >of photo collages devoted to<
              >genetic memory/genus loci<
           >of our french jungle plantation<
                 >origins in louisiana and<
                           +F R A N C E+

     #2)              +JUNGLE RUIN+
                   >photo collage detail<
                   +SUGAR PLANTATION+
        >belle helene plantation as i found<
           >it abandoned &  forgotten in<
               >ruinous condition on the<
                          +RIVER ROAD+
                >of our french  ancestors<

      #3)         +JUNGLE EXPLORER+
                    >photo collage detail<
                    +ROBERT REICH Phd+
         >reduced  size homage collage of<
            >my work as gratitude gifts to<
                       +FRIEND, "DOC"+
              >head of the lsu landscape<
                >architecture dpartment<

       #4)         +JUNGLE TEAHOUSE+
                      >photo collage detail<
        >my ultimate homage to basho and<
           >doctor reich is an invention of<
                     +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
                      +P R O T O T Y P E S+
              >modern garden teahouses<
              +"OF THE AUGUST MOON"+
              >where one can listen to the<
                              +K O T O+
                   >while reading basho<

        #5)               +YOUR ARTIST+
                    >photo collage detail<
              >the professor as medium of<
                        +FRENCH CULTURE+
                >in the pedagogical path to<
                     >making architecture<

      >the ancient french cross of lorraine<
         >rene d'anjou/joan of arc/degruy<
           >charles degaulle/malreaux etc<
             >found in the arizona desert< !
          (>google ; eugene ray / degruy<
                             >cross of lorraine<
                               >knights templar<)

                     +TEMPLAR CROSSES+
        >last night marianne and i watched<
           >an amazing history channel tv<
            >on the discovery of a cache of<
                    +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
                     >(cross of lorraine)<
          >artifacts from the ninth century<
                  +BURIED NEAR TUSCON+
                          +A R I Z O N A + !!!
             >to add to the amazement we<
              >are driving there next week<
                   >to the world's largest<
                     +UFO CONFERENCE+
                  >held near taliesin west<
                           +GO FIGURE+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fwd: THE ARCHITECT'S VISION MUST- BRIDGE A VAST BODY OF DATA= above all it must be profound & focus on solutions advancing the POTENTIAL of earth's HUMANITY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS TRACE an EVOLUTION #1) castle structure/ genetic type #2) 1980/vital prototype alchemy #3) 1985/3 continent recognition #4) 1990= cone biotronic energy #5) 1995=biomorphic prototypes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY STRUCTURE WAS THE ULTIMATE PROTOTYPE

           "castle" to energy<
        25 YEAR EVOLUTION+
    architects must realize buildings<
     at their best are radiant entities<
      effecting life and environment<

  to mary lynn hyde for photos of< 
       mardi gras and the jungle<
                 +NEW ORLEANS+
          on the degruy barataria<
when my ancestors came to louisiana<
                        +SPRING 1739+
     the jungle had trees so big eight<
        men couldn't put their arms<
             around the huge girth<
           +OF THE RIVER ROAD NOW+

        to ralph bowman for an article<  
           about a Belgium solar heat<
             system using the outer<
                  skin of buildings<

                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          twenty five year evolution of<
                 +"LIVING" BUILDINGS+
          California radiant concepts<

     #1)            +VILLA CONCEPT+
                 the modern plantation<   
        California radiant architecture<
         de centralized villa concept<
                   +ESCONDIDO CALIF+
              (>vinyard plantation unit<
               struct 1 sheathing for<
                ultimate strength<)
            eugene ray architect<
                   pierucci villa<

       #2)           +1980 REVIEW+
             ten years leading up to the<
                        +SILVER SHIP+
          evolving from "castle" design to<
              biotronic energy prototypes<
               Eugene ray architect<

        #3)        +1985 OVERVIEW+
carol olten's kind newspaper article<
was the appreciated review of<
                      +3 CONTINENTS+
          a truly fabulous year of<
              exhibition/lecture &<
          (>carol is now the key leader of<
         lajolla historic preservation<+
                   +LAJOLLA HISTORIC+
            w/ her writing & exhibits<)

        #4)           +1990 REVIEW+
      twenty years in california revealed<
          the ultimate stages of radiant<
               +ENERGY PROTOTYPES+
       the french govt. architecture and<
       energy comm. at the univ. of<
                      +NANCY, FRANCE+
        published my radiant concepts<

       #5)            +1995 REVIEW+
          twenty-five years in california<
           revealed a series of design<
               organic/dynamic/free form<
                       +RADIANT ENERGY<
                the all powerful essence<

            +"PEOPLE WASH" CONCEPTS+
                   +OF VARIOUS SIZES+
            established a transcendent<   
                  potential for human<
                        +WELL BEING+

               +OTHER DISEASES URGES+
                        our critical<
             +CONCERN OF THE NATURE+
                 +OF BUILDING DESIGN+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

            eugene ray, mfa, architect<
             professor emeritus, sdsu<

Thursday, February 21, 2013

JUNGLE GLORY @ BONAMPAK ! >radiant flower of mayan vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FANTASTIC MAYAN WORLD was artistc treasure=radiant energy- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DEGRUY LINK VIA JEAN LAFITTE> his jungle lair was near degruy= JUNGLE INDIAN MOUND HOUSE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS/"ROUTE of the MAYA" first published in= FRANCE 1995 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #1) becan= yucatan JUNGLE star #2) bonampak/ lecandan jungle #3) bonampak/ large upper wall #4) bonampak/ tropical dancers #5) bonampak/ fertile ceremony

               >inspired my construction<
                  >of our sansouci forest<
                      +JUNGLE HOUSE+
          >on the bogue falaya jungle river<
             >st tammany parish louisiana<
                >upriver from the degruy<
                      +19C PLANTATION+
             +FRANCOIS VERLOIN deGRUY+
              >(marigny related neighbor)<
                  >on lake pontchartrain<

       >to many old and new friends who<
         >wrote me yesterday i will do my<
                   +BEST TO RESPOND+

                    +JUNGLE RADIANCE+
          >as you gather by now the jungle<
            >in our french view is a fantastic<
                  +PLACE FOR CREATIVITY+
           >sadly as mary lynn hyde photos<
           >on old degruy plantation land<
                       +GIGANTIC TREES+
                             +ARE LOST+
              >show our jungles are gone<
                 >(industrial interests etc)<

                 +ORIENT FOREST FRANCE+
      >site of my degruy ancestors chateau<
                   +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
                        >s.e. of troyes<
          >gave them a taste for the jungle<
             >which they transferred to the<
              >jungle south of new orleans<
                   >eugene ray / degruy<
                   >indian mound house<
                    (their first house in the<
                        >barataria jungle<
                        +JEAN LAFITTE+
        >their privateer friend (when that<
        >widespread trade was legal) had<
           >his headquarters deep in the<
                    +BARATARIA JUNGLE+
     >jean baptiste degruy/jungle architect<
                  (+DOME SUGAR MILL+)
         >designed (ala davinci) huge carts<
               >to haul lafitte's goods to<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
                     >bound river boats<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS
       >yucatan jungle artistic apocalypse<
        >at bonampak was my inspiration<
            >in the sansouci forest jungle<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                        >sansouci forest<

        #1)                +BECAN+
        >mayan jungle city 150 miles north<
         >of tulum where i took a bus load<
                       +MAYA SURVEY+
             >of sdsu/ed student camping<
               >and photographing ruins<
                    +CHRISTMAS 1980+
              (>i have written extensivly<
                 >about this expedition<)

          #2)         +BONAMPAK+
       >deep in the lecandan mayan jungle<
           >this most fabulous of all mayan<
                       +MURAL MARVELS+
                   >was first discovered in<
     >note : these wonderful illustrations<
         >are all from the galimard book<
                +"ROUTE OF THE MAYA"+
             >the best maya book i have<
                 >ever seen,  anywhere<

     #3)               +BONAMPAK+
          >section of the upper wall mural<
                     +CELESTIAL GODS+
             (>reference/ research of the<
             >presence by wun chok bong<)

      #4)              +BONAMPAK+
         >detail of the god-king ceremony<
             >which so impressed aldous<
                   >comment regarding<
                >radiant tropic expression<

        #5)            +BONAMPAK+
         >the jungle sound of turtle shells<
            >trumpets, drums and rattles<
            >the synergetic mise-en-scene<
                 >of the god like dancers<

                     +RADIANT ENERGY+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<