Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FW: OSCAR NIEMEYER ARCHITECT => the ultimate french curve master ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DIED A WEEK BEFORE 105 B-DAY >"inspired by the female body"< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MY LAST LECTURE AT BRAZILIA> provided new biomorphic vision =>biotronic radiant arch

                     +OSCAR NIEMEYER+
                      >master architect<
          >for my generation of architects<
           >oscar niemeyer like frank lloyd<
               >wright and lecorbisier was<
                     +LARGER THEN LIFE+
            >goff, soleri, kahn etc. etc, also<
               >deserved all acolades and<
                 >there are many others<
                      >compound curves<
               +OF THE ORGANIC TROPICS+
          >he used to say it was the bodies<
              >of beautiful women on the<
                      +IPANEMA BEACH+
               >across from his office that<
               >was his design inspiration<
            (+LIVING TO AGE (ALMOST 105)+
               +HIS LOVE FOR THE BEAUTY+
                        >radiant energy<
                 +OF NATURE DESERVES+
                     +GOOD ATTENTION+)
        >my last international lecture and<
          >exhibition in brazilia where so<
             >much of his beauty prevails<
              +GAVE ME AN OPPORTUNITY+
               +TO PRESENT MY DESIGNS<
                      >for a new view of<
                       >my title for this<
              +"RADIANT ARCHITECTURE"+
               >where biotronic energy in<
                   >the eternal volume is<
                  (>good california word<) 
                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >the architecture of tropical<
                  >master oscar niemeyer<
       #1)       +BRAZILIA CATHEDRAL+
           >metropolitan cathedral brazilia<
             >is typical of his puristic vision<
                   >for brazil's capitol city<
            >brazilia/oscar niemeyer for<
                     +RADIANT JUNGLE+
                >realization drama of this<
                 >struggle to build where<
                   +NATURE IS SO VITAL+
                    (>malaria ended my<
                         >(brazilia style)<
                   >sdsu teaching career<)
                             +CPA XX96+
             (>"congresso panamericano<
                 >de architectos" was the<
                   >setting of my lecture<)
       #2)      +PAMPULHA CHURCH+
        >this church was my original vision<
            >of oscar niemeyer's beautiful<
                     +TROPICAL DESIGN+
            >it was so "radical" the church<
                >was not consecrated for<
                         +MANY YEARS+
      #3)           +OSCAR'S HOUSE+
         >in the jungle above rio de janero<
              >this is my favorite of oscar's<
                     +DOMESTIC DESIGN+
       #4)           +CANOAS BRAZIL+
             >the mise-en-scene of oscar's<
                         +JUNGLE HOME+
           >and the setting of this portrait<
            >with his young family. his wife<
                       +ANNITA BALDO+    
             >died at age 93 after 78 years<
              >of their enduring marriage<
                    +HAPPY VALENTINE'S+
                           +DAY TO ALL+ !
       #5)             +MAC-NITERO+            
          >museum of contemporary art at<
            >nitero, brazil was one of oscar<
                   >niemeyer's last great< 
                          +D E S I G N S+
                (>on the table out of photo<
                     >of him & black asst<) 
                           >please note<
                   +ROBERT BURLE MARX+
       >great brazilian landscape architect<
           >and oscar niemeyer were close<
             >friends and collaborators in<
                     +TROPICAL VISION+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california
               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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