Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, February 9, 2013

RADIANT SYNCHRONICITY was > JOY YESTERDAY email reunion w alums KEVIN & BEATRIX BREKKE ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ as dave fobes, robert gaughen & jim bourke=kevin/beatrix special /like many other old sdsu friends but have been switzerland living ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 SILVER SHIP PHOTOS of JOY ! > 4 DOMUS PUBLICATION PHOTOS celebrating old friends reunion ! #1) domus/milan front elevation #2) silver ship on 1980 lajolla hill #3) silver ship=dawn light/ 1980 #4) family=living dining area/80 #5) early silver ship isometric/79 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

         >one of the greatest pleasures of<
           >writing "midnight musings" is<
                        +R E U N I O N+
         >yesterday i had the pleasure of<
            >a fabulous email reunion w<
              +KEVIN & BEATRIX BREKKE+
                  >(beatrix hochburger)<
                   >both had been star<
                    >sdsu/ed students<
       >officially kevin is an editor that the<
        >internet makes very independent<
           >(he is part of an organization<
              >but can live in switzerland<)
                    +RADIANT CONCEPT+
       +perhaps kevin could help dave and<
        >i get my work published in good<
                      +GRUYERE BLOOD+
             >old switzerland w/ its great<
                       +ALBERT SKIRA+
               >history of art publishing<
           (>skira published lecorbusier's<
              >wonderful series of books<)

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >of the silver ship from the original<
                    +1981 DOMUS 620+
         >domus publication celebrate the<
             >reunion w/ kevin & beatrix<

    #1)           +FRONT ELEVATION+
         >editor marianne lorenz of domus<
           >honored my original design by<
               >placing it in a prominent<
                   +CENTRAL POSITION+
         (>domus, gio ponti's magnificent<
           >architecture journal is still the<
                      (+MANY $$$$$+)
           >best european design journal<)

       #2)        +SILVER SHIP-1980+
        >on its steep lajolla hillside toward<
           >the end of house construction<
            >but before the construction<
                  >of the parking deck<
                (>all photos made w/ my<
                     >leica m-3 camera<)

        #3)       +SILVER SHIP DAWN+
            >in those days i was out taking<
                >photos in the dawn light<
                      +RADIANT LIGHT+
        >this is before the yellow awnings<
            >were installed that created a<
                 >wonderful glow in the<
                    >living/dining area<

       #4)       +LIVING-DINING 1980+
            >we had just moved in and the<
             >yellow awnings which raised<
                        +SUN CONTROL+
                 >and lowered via cables<
                    >on the floor above<
              >had not yet been installed<
               >but notice our miniscule<
                    >television reciever< !
                      >windows hinge up<

        #5)         +1979 ISOMETRIC+
       >prismacolor rendering on blueline<
          >print indicates original concept<
             >of central entrance without<
              >greater first floor glazing<
                  +WAS MUCH BETTER+
        >i made over 100 silvership studies<
             >all have been given to sdsu<
                +SPECIAL COLLECTIONS+
            >my beloved wife marian died<
                  >in 2003 and i sold the<
                     >silvership in 2005<

             +KEVIN & BEATRIX PLEASE DO+
                     (>i have such good<
                        >sdsu memories<)
               +VISIT ME WHEN YOU CAN+
           >the blog carefully studied shall<
             >remind and reveal many old<
               +BUT MANY NEW ASPECTS+
                  +OF MY BEING ON THIS+
                        +PLANET EARTH+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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