Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fwd: NEW & OLD READER LOGISTICS> professional oeuvre vs research> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ +VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE+ "lost secrets of maya" new book ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TWO >URBAN SITE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ URBAN SITE DESIGNS w/ curves> differs w/ free form biomorphics ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=URBAN LANGUAGE ! controlled curves like silver ship

kind letter from tom davis about<
his ongoing esoteric research<
                    +VISIONARY SEERS+
tom has already compiled a very<
                       +VITAL REVIEW+
of important esoteric persona<
            (>i show one of my projects<
tonight tom likes best<)

many kind international architects<
are contacting me on facebook<
                 (+PLEASE WRITE C/O+
                     +EMAIL or BLOG+)
but i cannot do facebook and<
research for this blog too<

                     +SUBJECT FOCUS+
reviewing this life oeuvre plus a<
variety of ongoing research<
manifold dimensional<

                 (>"the lost secrets of<
maya technology"<)  

                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
for many new readers, two urban<
                       (+SILVER SHIP+
sited projects review my use of<
controlled curve urban design<

     #1)#2)   +CHARLES SANFORD+          
        #3)        +RESIDENCE 1981+
lamella vault roof structure design<
on narrow urban site provides<
                   +URBAN LANGUAGE+
ability for concept to meld<
into the urban fabric<
            +DOMES & FREE FORMS ARE+
best in country locus<
frank lloyd wright used to say<
in regard to site location<
              +DRIVE INTO THE COUNTRY+
                    +AND KEEP DRIVING+

   #4)#5)       +RESTAURANT 1973+
conversion of a gas station into a<
urban corner lot restaurant with<
                +NEGATIVE ION RADIANT+
                   +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
watrfall feature... during the<
seventies gas limitation<
            +COLOR & WATER FALL OVER+
radiant passivity<
                +OFFER SOUND & LIGHT+
           (>i later used this effect in a<
yogurt shop built for<
larry uruttia<)
dave fobes and chris jung were<
exellent craftsmen on that<
                       +R A D I A N T+
yogurt shop which i shall<
feature sometime soon<

i dedicate the gas station design<
to gerald hoshi who assisted<
me on that project and<
died much too young<
one must wonder if<
            +HE KNEW WUN CHOK BONG+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

eugene ray, mfa, architect<
professor emeritus. sdsu<

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