Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, February 23, 2013

HOMAGE TO THE POET BASHO> & TO DR. ROBERT REICH of LSU> french jungle ruins=>radiance< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TROPIQUE=MAGIQUE>alchemy reflects inner METAPHYSIQUE > french jungle plantation ruins > provides>CREATIVE NUTRIENT< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS FROM ONE COLLAGE #1) original whole photo callage #2) lost french plantation>ruin< #3) my gifts to prof robert reich #4) transcendental chamber 92 #5) gratitude to the poet basho Inbox x

            (>metaphysical photo collage<
                  >as nutrient for my life<
                  >art and architecture<)

             >to the great japanese poet<
                      +MATSUO BASHO+
                >whose radiant visions of<
                          +GENUS LOCI+
           >were such an inspiration to my<
        >we were fortunate at sdsu to have<
          >vintage black and white films of<
                      +RYOANJI & ISSE+
               >gardens that i could show<
                     >beginning students<
                 +WHILE READING BASHO+
        >or show photos of louisiana french<
                   +JUNGLE PLANTATION+
               >ruins while reading basho<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >metaphysical collage as a factor<
                         +GENUS LOCI+
           >in the creation of architecture<

   #1)             +THE SEARCH FOR+
                  >(81/2 inch by 11 inch)<
                            +ONE OF+
           >hundreds, perhaps thousands<
            >of photo collages devoted to<
              >genetic memory/genus loci<
           >of our french jungle plantation<
                 >origins in louisiana and<
                           +F R A N C E+

     #2)              +JUNGLE RUIN+
                   >photo collage detail<
                   +SUGAR PLANTATION+
        >belle helene plantation as i found<
           >it abandoned &  forgotten in<
               >ruinous condition on the<
                          +RIVER ROAD+
                >of our french  ancestors<

      #3)         +JUNGLE EXPLORER+
                    >photo collage detail<
                    +ROBERT REICH Phd+
         >reduced  size homage collage of<
            >my work as gratitude gifts to<
                       +FRIEND, "DOC"+
              >head of the lsu landscape<
                >architecture dpartment<

       #4)         +JUNGLE TEAHOUSE+
                      >photo collage detail<
        >my ultimate homage to basho and<
           >doctor reich is an invention of<
                     +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
                      +P R O T O T Y P E S+
              >modern garden teahouses<
              +"OF THE AUGUST MOON"+
              >where one can listen to the<
                              +K O T O+
                   >while reading basho<

        #5)               +YOUR ARTIST+
                    >photo collage detail<
              >the professor as medium of<
                        +FRENCH CULTURE+
                >in the pedagogical path to<
                     >making architecture<

      >the ancient french cross of lorraine<
         >rene d'anjou/joan of arc/degruy<
           >charles degaulle/malreaux etc<
             >found in the arizona desert< !
          (>google ; eugene ray / degruy<
                             >cross of lorraine<
                               >knights templar<)

                     +TEMPLAR CROSSES+
        >last night marianne and i watched<
           >an amazing history channel tv<
            >on the discovery of a cache of<
                    +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
                     >(cross of lorraine)<
          >artifacts from the ninth century<
                  +BURIED NEAR TUSCON+
                          +A R I Z O N A + !!!
             >to add to the amazement we<
              >are driving there next week<
                   >to the world's largest<
                     +UFO CONFERENCE+
                  >held near taliesin west<
                           +GO FIGURE+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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