Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SUNSHINE=HEALTH=hollywood masarati driver alchemy=matrix ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SYMPHONY of FRENCH CURVES> a poem for debussy & niemeyer> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOS ANGELES TOWNHOUSE FOR movie set builder/de bovenkamp ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS-HOLLYWOOD CURVES #1) isometric= hollywood veriical #2) pool & mbr=top/garden level #3) alternative=top/garden level #4) alternative=top/garden level #5) living dining kit= second level Inbox x

                +TROPICAL TOWNHOUSE+
                   >hollywood california<

                >drawings made by hand<
           >as a young architect in tropical<
           >america (louisiana) i loved the<
                       +FRENCH CURVE+
               >a drawing template used<
                   >for creating organics<
                      >in line and form<
                     +OSCAR NIEMEYER+
         >the great brazilian architect had<
            >set a powerful example in his<
                      +TROPICAL 1950s+
               >work in rio and pamphula<

                   +HOLLYWOOD STAR+
          >tonight i show my design for an<
               >urban townhouse set on a<
                   >steep hollywood site<
               +A SYMPHONY OF CURVES+
                          >dedicated to<
                      +CLAUDE DEBUSSY+
                      +OSCAR NIEMEYER+
                         >(paris synergy)<
                 (>niemeyer built in paris<
                         +CORBU LINK+
                   >as a young architect<)
                    +YOUR ARCHITECT'S+
       >favorite french composer, debussy<
           >was a brillient esoteric scholar<
                 >and secret head of the<
                      +PRIORY de SION+
        >a friend of charles nodier & victor<
           >hugo (francois verloin degruy<
            >too (both married fouchers)<
              +DEBUSSY WAS A RADIANT+
                            >art & life<
                    +FORCE IN FRANCE+
             (>and to the ears of a young<
                    +MAGNAVOX HI-FI+
               >architect in tropical usa<)

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            (>french curves in hollywood<
                >for debussy=niemeyer<)

        #1)            +ISOMETRIC+
           >hollywood townhouse for mr<
               >ernst van de bovenkamp<
                  +(MASERATI DRIVER)+
             >dutch set designer/builder<
                  +SUNSHINE & HEALTH+
                  >(hollywood alchemy)<

                 +THREE PLAN STUDIES+
                     >for the top floor<             

       #2)          +TOP FLOOR "A"+
           >first plan study of the top level<
               >with enclosed garden-pool<
                     >and two bedrooms<

        #3)          +TOP FLOOR "B"+
           >enlarged plan study of top level<
             >with king size beds and large<
                >bathing & dressing areas<

         #4)         +TOP FLOOR "C"+
           >earlier version of the top level<
               >without gardens for both<
                >bedrooms & less closets<

        #5)            +LIVING LEVEL+
          >just above garage & street level<
             >features decks, terraces and<
                >high living room cielings<

                  +RAISED CIELING HEIGHT
                     _+FOR LIVING AREA+
             >outdoor decks and terraces<
               >provide views & sunshine<
                   >hollywood strengths<
              (+AS I WRITE MUCH OF USA+
                 +IS UNDER ICE & SNOW+)
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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