Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, May 31, 2013


                          +A BURST OF LIGHT-1994+
                               >before all went black<                      
                              +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
     >Edward Bourke had been a great student assistant<
         >and his younger brother Jim took over helping<
             >me w/ the same talent in that last epoch<
         #1)                 +MARIAN & I =1994+      
          >Jim Bourke took this photo of Marian and I in<
              >Switzerland at the Rudolf Steiner School<
                   >where i had gone for a conference<
            >was a prestigious place to lecture and we<
                >also installed a representative group<
                     >of my Radiant Design graphics<

        #2)           +SDSU=ED=STUDIO 1994+
          >this was the "nerve center" of our last days<
              >and the source of our final exhibition<
                  >for the Bucky Fuller fFoundation<
                ( >many exhibition furniture parts<
                    >i had designed for our large<
                       +ECCENTRIC PLACES+
                  >exhibition of the late eighties<)

        #3)            +TENSILE STRUCTURE+
                 >won our trophy at San Luis Obispo<
                        +RESILIENCE IMPORTANT+
           >bamboo framed tensile fabric panels with<
             >Synergetic lighting in a student design<
                  >was a typical "hands on" solution<

         #4)             +DAILY NOTEBOOK+
        >someday, after i leave this earth, a complete<   
           >review of my daily design thinking can be<  
                >found in the pages of essay books<
                      +ALL STRUCTURES AND+
                       +LECTURES ARE HERE+   

         #5)             +LAST EXHIBITIONS+ 
          >still were energized by the inventions that<
           >i had made a quarter of a century before< 
                     +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
            >is alive well and growing as technology<
               >makes possible all we can imagine<
                            +REMOTE VIEWING+
                           +GENETIC MEMORY+
        >are proven phenomena and have occupied< 
             >my thinking and writing for some time<
                        +SHELL STRUCTURES+
            >and domes are intelligent concepts for<         
                      +DISASTER RESISTANCE+
                +SDSU=ED PREDICTED THIS+
                    +SOCIETY IS BACKWARD+
                    gene ray, lajolla, california

                   >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                    >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Thursday, May 30, 2013


                   + WARP PLANE STRUCTURES+
                     +FIREBALL APOCALYPSE+                                         
          > the final six years at SDSU were a powerful<
                 >conclusion to a quarter century there<
                               +MIXED EMOTIONS+
            the joy of the lectures and exhibitions was
                tempered by the ominous spectre of
                          +CANCER & MALARIA+
                    blessed Marian's final illness and
                        my own illness from Brazil
                     +MARIAN ADORED TAHITI+
                      +& FRENCH POLYNESIA+
            >we went five times to Tahiti, Moorea<
                >and the magnificent Bora Bora
                     (Air France / Los Angeles)

                          +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >warp plane structures & radiant vision<
             >the final six years at san diego state<        
.                 >preparing for natural disasters<

        #1)                +EXHIBITIONS+     
          >in addition to the exhibitions abroad<
              >each year i exhibited four panels<
                 >of my work in a faculty show<

        #2)          +DESIGN GRAPHICS+
           >were dominant but as in these emaiis<
           >were joined by metaphysical images<
                >(who are we is important & vital)<

         #3)                 +S CURVE+
             >I spent much time with students<
                 >focusing on the s curve as a<
                     >powerful form in nature<

         #4)          +WARP PLANES+
           >are the key to strong structure and<
           >here we see one of our best from<
             >the final epoch of student work<
               ( >about the time we won the<
                   >structure competition at<
                   >cal poly san luis obispo< )

         #5)           +APOCALYPSE+
              >synergetic environments was<
                   >my key class at sdsu/ed<
        >the search for Other Dimensions and<
            >London Lectures in those years<
                  +GOOGLE/ MY REPORT+
            >enhanced by a Brazil Lecture<   
               >and  Exhibition in Brazilia<
                   +TROPIC SYNDROME+
                      +D A N G E R O U S+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TRANSCENDENT MANIFESTS=> are the result of RADIANT vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS from babylon to bosnia gives ultimate RADIANT ARCHITECTURE VISION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TONIGHT'S PHOTOS=MARVELS #1) ufo fantastics over california #2) salisbury plain tubes of light #3) cosmic signs in wheat fields #4) sumerian sky ship fantastics #5) biotronic energy for bosnia


         >to sdsu/ed alum and professor<
            >dave fobes hard at work on<
                 >a mingei museum art<
             >stay tuned to mister fobes<

               +RADIANT ENERGY BEAMS+
                  >change life's dynamic<
           >the fifteen year old boy saw<
           >the "impossible" and by age<
                    +PUBLISHED AND+
             >twenty had designed and<
                  >built two churches<

                     >amazing events<
                        +SPRING 1947+
         >the sighting of a ufo silver ship<
            >over baton rouge provided<
              >my expanded awareness<
               +COL ROBERT EMERSON+
          >who was a board member of<
       >national investigation committee<
          >of aerial phenomina w/ offices<
              >in washington became my<
                    >baton rouge friend<
                  +COLONEL EMERSON+
        >lived and lectured in baton rouge<
           >our sighting became part of<
                         +NICAP HEAD+
                 >donald keyhoe's books<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                >sighting the"impossible"<
                   >set the stage for life<

   #1)       +UFOs OVER CALIFORNIA+
      >is a good review of amazing events<
         >in the california desert that give<
         >kevin and jasmin brekke's move<
             >to the palm springs desert<
                  >is very synchronistic<
                  >eugene ray architect<
                 +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
              >(aquarius design center)<

      #2)          +TUBES OF LIGHT+
       >were seen by night observers near<
         >stonehenge in the salisbury area<
             >of england forming amazing<
                        +CROP CIRCLES+

      #3)         +COSMIC SYMBOLS+
         >are seen & photographed in the<
          >wheat fields of many different<
           >countries providing plethora<
               >of radiant ongoing, ufo<

        #4)     +ANCIENT ALIEN UFOs+
     >going back to babylon/sumeria and<
      >egypt coupled w/ impossible stone<
                      (+CHRIS DUNN+)
           >construction techniques offer<
             >us rich ancient perspective<
             +"OUR OCCULTED HISTORY"+
               >by jim marrs a must read<

                   +EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS+
      >being found in grand canyon caves<
            >while fbi agents protect the<
               >archaeological discovery<
                >is worth the book price<

     #5)         +BOSNIA PYRAMID+
       >emitting a beam of radiant energy<
            >is a fabulous reward for wun<
                >chok bong's great book<
                +"THE GOD'S MACHINES"+
                       (another must read
             (>which provided us photos<
                  >two and four tonight<)

            >courtesy tielhard de chardin<
                >ancient jesuit visionary<
               +"AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL+
                  +ONLY THE FANTASTIC+
                         +IS POSSIBLE"+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

                          +RESILIENT STRUCTURES+
                 For a history of my writing about structures.
                      Designed to resist natural disasters...
                                Eugene Ray / Degruy

                      THE TROPICAL CYCLONES OF MY
                           NATIVE LOUISIANA WAS THE
                                  ORIGINAL IMPETUS !

                                                     Eugene Ray architect
                                                       Professor Emeritus

                       FIRST IMAC POSTING
        five photos of my graphics in our home
           as shown to robert ray of SDSU….

Sunday, May 26, 2013

60 YEARS/LICENSED ARCHITECT >50 YEARS AS A PROFESSOR<> lsu/tulane/san diego state univ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GRATITUDE for YOUR INTEREST> have acquired an imac computer ( what is the gauss meter read ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SPREADING THE WORD since 64 work since 53=licensed since 59 MANY LECTURES & EXHIBITIONS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS GIVE FOND MEMORY #1) frank lloyd wright's taliesin #2-4) 1980 retrospective /SDSU #5) radiant energy architecture

                +SPREADING THE WORD+
       >i am celebrating 60 years building<
             >and 50 years as a professor<
              +MY TORNADO RESISTANT+
                       (>may 23, 2013<)
                     >should be spread<
          (>look at the profile of leonardo<
            >da vinci's fortress for famed<
               >cesare borgia for insight<)

                     +BARZE BROTHERS+
      >milton and ted barze were the most<
         >talented of carpenters that i had<
              >working for me in louisiana<
                +MILTON BOUGHT A NEW+
                     +HAMMER ONE DAY+
              >smiling ted told his brother<
                  (>they were sharp rivals<
                 +"ITS NOT THE HAMMER+
                   +ITS THE MAN BEHIND+
                       +IT THAT COUNTS"+
            >yes i bought an imac to help<
               >this nightly operation and<
                    >am grateful for your<
                         +P A T I E N C E+
            >the msn/webtv has problems<
              >but it uses a large tv screen<
              >that i read across the room<
                 >(i want a designed text)<
                          +L A P T O P S+
        >marianne and i shared for several<
            >years were never my favorite<
                >BUT THIS IMAC SHOULD+
                     +SERVE VERY WELL+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >fifty years as a professor with<
               >exhibitions/lectures and<
                    >publications in ten<

       #1)        +TALIESIN LECTURE+
           >my final domestic lecture was<
               >for the frank lloyd wright<
                     >foundation school<
           +IN 1948 MY AUNT LISE GAVE+
                   >"the natural house"<
                +RADIANT VISION BOOK+
        >note : i am grateful for the many<
           >kind messages recieved from<
                       +RECENT WEEKS+
              >architects who were given<
                  >their education there<

     #2,3,4)  +RETROSPECTIVE 1980+
        >in the autumn of nineteen eighty<
                    +MASTERS GALLERY+
                     +S.D.S.U. ART DEPT+
             >i constructed an exhaustive<
               >review of my architecture<
                +LATER THIS EXHIBITION+
                      +OPENED AT L.S.U.+
        >by the mid nineteen nineties this<
              >work had been exhibited in<
                  >many foreign countries<

       #5)       +THERE WAS A NEW+
         >in these lectures, exhibitions and<
              >publications relative to our<
                 >vision for better design<
                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                      >was the title given<
               +NATURE WAS OUR GUIDE+
                   >(no boxes in nature)<
                  +DESIGN OUR VISION+
              >biotronic energy was at the<
                          +FORCE FIELDS+
               >heart of radiant prototypes<

                >resisted natural disaster<
                  (>oklahoma city could<
                    >have been avoided<)
                     >vital to the polemic<
                  +(MUCH OVERLOOKED)+
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Saturday, May 25, 2013

LEONARDO DATA & SECRETS of obscure but INSIGHTFUL nature ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 HISTORICAL INTEREST PHOTOS #1) leonardo's sphere and cross #2) leonardo's scull shaped lyre #3) chateau de la caze-500 years #4) king francois I=bresse blood #5) leonardo's deo-decahedron Inbox x

            +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
        >was an amazing persona and one<
          >reflective of a fascinating place<
              >that has been vital to my<
                 >research of many years<
           >like paris has given me much<
              >knowledge and pleasure<
                 >eugene ray / degruy<
           >i particularly want to focus on<
                  +KING RENE D'ANJOU+
           >that most artistic and learned<
            >of french leaders who played<
              >a vital role in gruy history<
               +AND PERSONALLY BUILT+
                   +THE GREAT MEDICI+
                         +L I B R A R Y+
               (>into something of great<
                   >and enduring value<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >little known data reference<
               >leonardo da vinci genius<

     #1)           +SPHERE & CROSS+
         >legend has established this vital<
           >synergetic symbolic crown on<
              >brunelleschi's great dome<
                   +LEONARDO'S FIRST+
              (>how appropriate to our<
                >interest and discourse<)

      #2)       +LEONARDO'S LYRE+
         >it is little known that leonardo<
           >was a devoted musician and<
               >an exellent lute player<
                   >horse scull shape<
           >it was a gift to ludovico sforza<
             >by lorenzo the magnificent<
                >(leonardo's milan move)<

     #3)     +"CHATEAU DE LA CAZE"+
              >earliest french castle hotel<
                  (>eugene ray / degruy /
                    >chateau de la caze<)
                 +OUR FAVORITE HOTEL+
        >gorge du tarn (the grand canyon<
         >of france) in the languedoc near<
            >emma calve's cabrieres castle<
                     >google for legend<
                        >of soubeyrane<
                   +IS 500 YEARS OF AGE+
         >leonardo/rene d'anjou/francois I<
           >and count michael de gruyere<
              >might have all visited this<
                  >magnificent chateau<

      #4)           +KING FRANCOIS I+
            >(detail of the clouet portrait)<
               +BETTER THEN HE LOOKS+
                 >(yes, buy his used car)<
          >this amazing persona is vital to<
              >leonardo and gruy history<
                     +"MUSING" STAR+
                >and founded the french<
                      >national library<
                 >eugene ray / degruy /<
                       >king francois I<
              +HIS SAVOY-BRESSE-GRUY+
              +DNA & OCCULT INTEREST+
                        >his sister too<
                   +MAKE HIM SPECIAL+

      #5)         +DEODECAHEDRON+
                    >five hundred years<
                       +BEFORE FULLER+
          >by leonardo da vinci causes our<
           >awareness of leonardo's focus<
               >on sacred geometry data<
               +LIKE SAINT BERNARD HE+
                +WAS DEVOTED TO THE+
                  +MAGIC OF NUMBERS+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Friday, May 24, 2013

COSMIC VISION & CIVILIZATION leonardo da vinci inspiration has been vital to my creative oeuvre ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FRENCH KING FRANCOIS I HIRED leonardo for genius in the arts & architecture/michael de gruyeres was a companion in that contract ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS REVEAL THIS HISTORY #1) florence/milan/genoa/savoy #2) universal spheroid design/92 #3) visionary computer / babylon #4) cosmic manifests @ tulane 69 #5) cosmic manifests /england 96

                  +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
       >has to be the ultimate star of my<
            >life/work and blogs for you<
            >his roots, is where the fork<
             >was invented (a good sign)<

     >yesterday as todays blog was a glow<
          >in the back of my head i saw<
                     +"BRESSE 1913"+
         >engraved in the lajolla sidewalk<
              >(waiting 100 years for me)< !
              +TODAYS BLOG INSPIRED+
                +BY THAT ENCOUNTER+
       ( >catherine bresse (our gg mother)<
           >descendent of philip de bresse <
                     +DUKE OF SAVOY+
         >whose family traded the ancient<
                    +SHROUD OF TURIN+
           (for two family castles in france)
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                    >leonardo da vinci<
             +LOOK FOR MY ROOTSWEB+
                     (profound discovery)
               +ESSAY OF JULY 23, 2008+

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >leonardo da vinci the star of<
                >my life work and vision<
           >the roots of our gruy people<
                    (+LEONARDO VISIT+
                       +APPROX 1490+)
              >just north of turin/savoy<

       #1)            +CIVILIZATION+
         >grew and matured in this region<
               >roots of leonardo da vinci<
            >roots of catherine de bresse<
               >(philip/admiral of region<
                   >later duke of savoy)<
           >the powerful dukes of savoy<
             >w/ headquarters in turin<
               >originally in chambery<
          (>degruy(ere) cousins, ultimate<
              >owners of shroud of turin<)
             >of french king francois I who<
               >gave a home to leonardo<
                    >at the end of his life<

     #2)               +UNISPHERE+
           >google : eugene ray architect<
            >my cooperative living version<
              >for five families of friends<
                            +OR ONE+
              >multi-generational family<
         >union tribume 1992 & developed<
          >w/ my sdsu/ed prototypes class<
                      +RADIANT DESIGN+
              >good health a vital essence<

      #3)          +COSMIC VISION+
        >this ancient (sumerian/et ?) clock<
            >w/ astronomical orientation<
                >is mindful of the one in<
                       >cosmic visions<
               +OF LEONARDO DA VINCI+

      #4)       +COSMIC ICONS 1969+
         >my 1969 mfa thesis exhibition at<
                   +TULANE UNIVERSITY+
         >showed slides of my architecture<
           >plus a selection of cosmic icons<
                       >(their selection)<
                 +WAS GIVEN TO TULANE+
                >the cross was a vision of<
                           (+SHROUD+) ?
                  >intuitive synchronicity<

    #5)         +COSMIC SIGN 1996+
        >graphic from wun chok bong's<
           >fine book "god's machines<
        >this magnificent crop circle was<
          >constructed miraculously in a<
               >short overnight english<
                +TEACHING AT S.D.S.U.+

          (>note : synchronicity has graced<
             >so much of my life's activity<
                >i am always impressed<)

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Thursday, May 23, 2013

ARCHITECTS SOBERING ADVICE> design for TORNADOS by using> RADIANT ARCHITECTURE vision ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BIOMORPHIC STRUCTURES with EARTH SHELTERING BERMS are> the strongest structures able to resist the oklahoma city disaster !^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SEE BIOMORPHIC ARCHITECTURE part of eugene ray architect blog >found on the right side at top< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SEE DAVE FOBES CONTRAPTION (magic studio) as my end note !!!

                     +OKLAHOMA CITY+
           >aerodynamic resilient tensile<
             >biomorphic structures are<
                   +EARTH SHELTERED+
               >the best designs i know<

                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
           >has strength, economy, ecology<
              >orientation of several levels<

              >are the strongest and are<
                >seen in a special section<
                 >on the side of the blog<
              +SHELLS W/ EARTH BERMS+
                    >offer the strongest<
                      >structure i know<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >are a view of warped plane designs<
        >with cellular orientation offering<
            >aerodynamics and resilience<
                   +NATURE AS LESSON+
              >for strength one level less<
                >then biomorphic design<

      #1)       +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
          >seen at the steiner institute in<
            >my last european exhibition<
        >a selection of my radiant designs<
         >not far from my ancestors castle<
                   +KNIGHT'S TEMPLAR+
             >in the swiss alps at gruyere<
             >structure is seen top center<
                >and top left-the rest are<
                        +VERY STRONG+
                >warped plane structures<

       #2)           +LONDON 1994+
        >just after my lecture at the famed<
         >sir dennis crompton of archigram<
           >on my left. mary banham across<
                >widow of the great scholar<
                +"ARCHITECTURE OF THE+
                   +FIRST MACHINE AGE"+_
            >reyner banham's famous book<
                 >offers some idea why he<
              >liked our design prototypes<
                 >(ours was his last lecture)<

                    +HIGH TECHNOLOGY+
         >not just hardware but biotronic<
              >energy volumes and... yes<
               >was central to my lecture<

       #3)           +JACUMBA SOL+
     >was my 1970s design for a new town<
        >to be located in the foothills east<
                +ARCADIAN UNIVERSITY+
                  +SCHOLARS CAMPUS+
          >of san diego using warp plane<
             >earth sheltered structures<
               >(natural disaster resists)<

     #4)          +RESILIENT TENSILE+
       >warp plane roofs roll w/ temblars<
          >but return to original position<
               >like the leaves of tropical<
        >light steel lamella system framed<
                    +TRIANGULATED &+
            >roof over SDSU archaeology<
                 >dig on the s.d. presidio<

       #5)     +CELLULAR STRUCTURE+
         >nature is our best guide as seen<
            >in this large hotel design for<
                        +HONG KONG+
              >eash suite opens to a view<
                 >of magnificent beauty<
             (>chikako terada hart was my<
                >talented assistant in this<
                   >international project<)

              >resist natural disaster with<
              >warp plane shell structure<
               >with earth berm surround<
                         +HIGH WATER+
                  >plus hurricane winds<
           >requires a different prototype<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                  +DOUBLE DOME HOUSE+
                          (>photo # five<)
                      !+SLEEP IN PEACE+!

        >please see Dave FOBES Facebook<
              >reyner banham and i are<
                  >both excited by this< !
                +LASZLO MAJOLY NAGY+
                     >bauhaus radiance<
                  >typical of your talents<
                       +DO A YOU-TUBE+
                   +DEMO PHOTO SERIES+
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<