Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, May 25, 2013

LEONARDO DATA & SECRETS of obscure but INSIGHTFUL nature ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 HISTORICAL INTEREST PHOTOS #1) leonardo's sphere and cross #2) leonardo's scull shaped lyre #3) chateau de la caze-500 years #4) king francois I=bresse blood #5) leonardo's deo-decahedron Inbox x

            +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
        >was an amazing persona and one<
          >reflective of a fascinating place<
              >that has been vital to my<
                 >research of many years<
           >like paris has given me much<
              >knowledge and pleasure<
                 >eugene ray / degruy<
           >i particularly want to focus on<
                  +KING RENE D'ANJOU+
           >that most artistic and learned<
            >of french leaders who played<
              >a vital role in gruy history<
               +AND PERSONALLY BUILT+
                   +THE GREAT MEDICI+
                         +L I B R A R Y+
               (>into something of great<
                   >and enduring value<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >little known data reference<
               >leonardo da vinci genius<

     #1)           +SPHERE & CROSS+
         >legend has established this vital<
           >synergetic symbolic crown on<
              >brunelleschi's great dome<
                   +LEONARDO'S FIRST+
              (>how appropriate to our<
                >interest and discourse<)

      #2)       +LEONARDO'S LYRE+
         >it is little known that leonardo<
           >was a devoted musician and<
               >an exellent lute player<
                   >horse scull shape<
           >it was a gift to ludovico sforza<
             >by lorenzo the magnificent<
                >(leonardo's milan move)<

     #3)     +"CHATEAU DE LA CAZE"+
              >earliest french castle hotel<
                  (>eugene ray / degruy /
                    >chateau de la caze<)
                 +OUR FAVORITE HOTEL+
        >gorge du tarn (the grand canyon<
         >of france) in the languedoc near<
            >emma calve's cabrieres castle<
                     >google for legend<
                        >of soubeyrane<
                   +IS 500 YEARS OF AGE+
         >leonardo/rene d'anjou/francois I<
           >and count michael de gruyere<
              >might have all visited this<
                  >magnificent chateau<

      #4)           +KING FRANCOIS I+
            >(detail of the clouet portrait)<
               +BETTER THEN HE LOOKS+
                 >(yes, buy his used car)<
          >this amazing persona is vital to<
              >leonardo and gruy history<
                     +"MUSING" STAR+
                >and founded the french<
                      >national library<
                 >eugene ray / degruy /<
                       >king francois I<
              +HIS SAVOY-BRESSE-GRUY+
              +DNA & OCCULT INTEREST+
                        >his sister too<
                   +MAKE HIM SPECIAL+

      #5)         +DEODECAHEDRON+
                    >five hundred years<
                       +BEFORE FULLER+
          >by leonardo da vinci causes our<
           >awareness of leonardo's focus<
               >on sacred geometry data<
               +LIKE SAINT BERNARD HE+
                +WAS DEVOTED TO THE+
                  +MAGIC OF NUMBERS+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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