Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, May 31, 2013


                          +A BURST OF LIGHT-1994+
                               >before all went black<                      
                              +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
     >Edward Bourke had been a great student assistant<
         >and his younger brother Jim took over helping<
             >me w/ the same talent in that last epoch<
         #1)                 +MARIAN & I =1994+      
          >Jim Bourke took this photo of Marian and I in<
              >Switzerland at the Rudolf Steiner School<
                   >where i had gone for a conference<
            >was a prestigious place to lecture and we<
                >also installed a representative group<
                     >of my Radiant Design graphics<

        #2)           +SDSU=ED=STUDIO 1994+
          >this was the "nerve center" of our last days<
              >and the source of our final exhibition<
                  >for the Bucky Fuller fFoundation<
                ( >many exhibition furniture parts<
                    >i had designed for our large<
                       +ECCENTRIC PLACES+
                  >exhibition of the late eighties<)

        #3)            +TENSILE STRUCTURE+
                 >won our trophy at San Luis Obispo<
                        +RESILIENCE IMPORTANT+
           >bamboo framed tensile fabric panels with<
             >Synergetic lighting in a student design<
                  >was a typical "hands on" solution<

         #4)             +DAILY NOTEBOOK+
        >someday, after i leave this earth, a complete<   
           >review of my daily design thinking can be<  
                >found in the pages of essay books<
                      +ALL STRUCTURES AND+
                       +LECTURES ARE HERE+   

         #5)             +LAST EXHIBITIONS+ 
          >still were energized by the inventions that<
           >i had made a quarter of a century before< 
                     +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
            >is alive well and growing as technology<
               >makes possible all we can imagine<
                            +REMOTE VIEWING+
                           +GENETIC MEMORY+
        >are proven phenomena and have occupied< 
             >my thinking and writing for some time<
                        +SHELL STRUCTURES+
            >and domes are intelligent concepts for<         
                      +DISASTER RESISTANCE+
                +SDSU=ED PREDICTED THIS+
                    +SOCIETY IS BACKWARD+
                    gene ray, lajolla, california

                   >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                    >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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