Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NAPOLEAN HOUSE GIFT LUNCH- new orleans /my favorite venue- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS DOCUMENT HISTORY dozens of original drawings were given to >historic n.o. collection< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MY EARLY WORK DOCUMENTS= young architect's struggles for > CREATIVE - ARTFUL architecture

                  >napoleon house patio<
                       +OCT. 26TH, 2012+

                          +FIVE PHOTOS+
              >it was a beautiful day at our<
                    >old new orleans cafe<

              >scholars were out in radiant<
                    >and animated force<
                   +JOHN H. LAWRENCE+
                     +ALFRED LEMMON+
                      +DANIEL HAMMER+

                        +OLD FRIENDS+
    >present in addition to john lawrence<
          >was my special early classmate<
                       +SUMMER 1952+
               >from tulane architecture<
                     +PATRICK D. STAUB+
                           >radiant wife<
                         +BETTY STAUB+
               >and my own radiant wife<
                      +MARIANNE RAY+
              >taking photos of the gift to<

                   +RUSSELL DESMOND+
               >arcadia bookshop owner<
                 >scholar of the 1st rank<
       >came by to give me a special book<
          >on the famed louisiana pioneer<
                +DUMONT de MONTIGNY+
              ( >part of degruy history of<
                     >deep in the remote<
                  >of plaquemin's parish<)

               +EARL BARRON'S BOOK ON+
                 +HIS N.O. WATERCOLORS+

              (>elsewhere i shall list all the<
                  >books given me in n.o.<)

     #1)        +RADIANT MARIANNE+
            >photo on the morning of the<
                        +VIEUX CARRE+
                 >napoleon house lunch<

     #2)               +EUGENE RAY+
          >enroute to the napoleon house<
            >louisiana law library & courts<
               >in the background milieu<
                            +JOHN RAY+
                  >of my grt grandfather<

      #3)              +GIFT MOMENT+
               >(john h, lawrence and me)<
           >many original drawings in the<
                     +DOUBLE CYLINDERS+
         >crafted  beautifully by dave fobes

      #4)           +SPECIAL FRIENDS+
            >on the napoleon house patio<
                >after the drawing's gift<
                          >(left to right)<
                     +DANIEL HAMMER+
             >professor, tulane university<
               >research specialist/thnoc<
                    +JOHN H. LAWRENCE+
                      +RADIANT FRIEND+
                        +NOLA EXPERT+
              >exhibitions director, thnoc<
                     +PATRICK D. STAUB+
          >architect, retired professor lsu,<
           >alumnus tulane architecture<
                 >my oldest arch. friend<

      #5)            +PAT-ME-BETTY+
         >there are many memories i share<
            >with pat and betty at tulane<
             >JOHN'S FATHER WAS DEAN<  
                >university, (pat and betty<
                   >napoleon house fans)<
          >later in baton rouge pat and i<
             >taught in the architecture<
                        +DEPT OF LSU+

               +THIS WAS A VERY HAPPY+
                  +DAY FOR US AND MY+
                       +HEART IS FULL+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeitus, sdsu<

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Gene!

I would not normally interject into Gene's blog, but I would like to take the opportunity to wish him a marvelous 80th birthday this day. Today, with the assistance of Robert Ray, special collections librarian at SDSU, I scanned thirty five of Gene's beautiful, visionary and poetic collage and photomontage studies. As he is spending this day in New Orleans, I will "curate" with an eye towards the Crescent City and to the work inspired by that place.
                                                                            David Fobes , SDSU Environmental Alum, 1978


Happy Birthday Gene,

your student and friend----------David Fobes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FLASH OF LIGHT in EVENING SKY four structures to remember me> sansouci/seligman/wilty/aubert> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ORIGINAL OEUVRE DRAWINGS > my gift to historic n.o. collection ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE DJED AWAITS YOUR EFFORT many thanks to dave, jim et all ! Inbox

                          +BON VOYAGE+
             >we leave for new orleans just<
              >after dawn in the morning<

                      +FOUR PROJECTS+
        >i leave with you to remember me<
                  +LOUISIANA HARVEST+
            >for the historic n.o. collection<

                      +DAVE HAS BEEN+
                        +WONDERFUL+ !
                >he deserves a good rest<
                      >but knowing him<
                        +VERY UNLIKELY+
                 +THE DJED AWAITS ALL+

                 >thanks for everything<
                        >dave and jim<
                 +AND EVERYONE ELSE+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa. architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

LETTER TO JOHN LAWRENCE @ THE HISTORIC N.O. COLLECTION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dear john, 5 photos remind us of the amazing path life offered us> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS CREOLE VISION > GALVENISED THE >MANIFESTS< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in honor of john w. lawrence and robert w. heck my gift to THNOC

              >(and all our thnoc friends)<
              >on the eve of our journey<
                  +TO OUR NOLA ROOTS+

        >dear john, priscilla, alfred & daniel< 
                         +5 PHOTOS+
      >illuminate the warmth of our vision<
           >as we prepare our journey to<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
            >to be with our creole people<
                         +IN HONOR OF+
               >our professorial mentors<
                   +JOHN W. LAWRENCE+
                      +ROBERT W. HECK+

     #1)           +DOMUS LETTER+
                         >milan, italy<
                     +SEPTEMBER 1981+     
         >from marianne lorenz editor of<
            >the most beautiful design of<
                >magazine in europe to<
                      +THIS VERY DAY+

      #2)              +EXHIBITIONS+
          >toward the end of my teaching<
            >career exhibitions & lectures<
                        +10 COUNTRIES+
                >all over the world gave<
                  >a stage for the vision<

      #3)              +PLANTATION+
                   +CREOLE NOLA ROOTS+
      >the plant kingdom is a magnificent<
          >base for a creative vision in old<
                        +NEW ORLEANS+
           >metaphysical graphics provide<
            >a rich expression opportunity<

      #4)             +VIEUX CARRE+
          >early drawing by degruy & garic<
               >related pioneer surveyer<
                   +FRANCOIS SAUCIER+
          >when he was eighteen years old<
              (>age of nodier when he was<
                  >made head of the paris<
                      +ARSENAL LIBRARY+)
                         +DREUX BREZE+
            >mathurin de dreux de breze<
                 (>descendent of louis vi<)
         (>wife was claude francoise hugo<
            >for fascinating synchronicity<( 
                        >please google<
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                         +DREUX BREZE+

                     +DREUX de BREZE+
         >also a degruy ancestor was a key<
             >pioneer new orleanian laying<
                 >out with francois saucier<
                          +VIEUX CARRE+
             >blocks after clearing a fertile<
                      +TROPICAL JUNGLE+
               >loaded w/ yellow fever and<
                     +GIANT ALLIGATORS+
               >with thousands of fabulous<
                     +CAROLINA PARROTS+
                       +RARE IVORY BILLS+
                 >inspiring and galvenising<

      #5)               +MARDI GRAS+   
               >a descendent of the french<
                        +FEAST OF FOOLS+
             >ignited radiant transcendent<
                >expression in new orleans<

                           +VERNACULAR CREOLE HOUSING+
                 Synchronistically and appropiatlely my last design for
                       Poor people housing in new orleans was this
                         Concept for ninth ward housing that would
                            >Have survived hurricane katrina as it<
                                >Was tilt up concrete construction<

              +IN THE NOLA VIEUX CARRE+
                 >expressed that historical<
                      +RADIANT HERITAGE+
                        >all best regards<
              >gene (degruy/cavaroc) ray<
                        +NOLA CREOLE+
                    >your devoted friend<

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS WAS the ULTIMATE LOUISIANA VIEW ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ seeing a ufo over baton rouge> gave my mature sansouci vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CREOLE JUNGLE ORGANIC VIEW was raised to 65 transcendence> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOMORPHIC DESIGN CONCEPT gave birth to a california vision ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS REVEAL A HISTORY > circle progendered final sphere/ CALIFORNIA RADIANT OEUVRE !

          >these final "midnight musings"<
           >before our louisiana journey<
               >some perspective to the<
               >design oeuvre evolution<

                >caused by a ufo sighting<
      >raised my ultimate design vision in<
         >the sansouci forest/jungle locus<
             >of our ancestor's covington<
         >to a transcendental plateau via<
                +CIRCLE DESIGN FOCUS+

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
        >reveal the conceptual evolution<
          >to its final california maturity<

      #1)        +SANSOUCI STUDIO+
              >(near covington louisiana)<
        >first design for the jungle studio<
            >residence was round and a<
            >cosmic consciousness design<
                  +THIS WAS INVENTIVE+
                     +USING STRESSED+
                          >(box beam)<
                    +STRUCTURE DESIGN+
         >the glazed pavilion i finally built<
               >was more affordable as it<
                      +13,500 DOLLARS+
                  >was built in 2 months<
             (>design made in two weeks<
                  +POST AND BEAM W/+
                        +PREFAB ROOF+
               >of construction drawings<)
                      +GLAZED WALLS+
       >brought the jungle into the house<
            >while providing a strong feel<
                     +NIGHT RADIANCE+
               >for cosmic consciousness<

       #2)            +BIOMORPHIC+
       >design became my most advanced<
          >louisiana mode by mid-decade<
           >with this concept for an office<
              >for landscape architects in<
                       +WEST VIRGINIA+
         >this coincided with an invitation<
             >to teach @ lsu architecture<
              >department by professors<
                      +ROBERT W. HECK+
                     +PATRICK D. STAUB+
           >pat staub will attend the lunch<
               >in new orleans when i gift<
                    >my drawings to the<
               +HISTORIC NEW ORLEANS+
                     +C O L L E C T I O N+

           >(mature radiant design mode)<
       >is seen in these two designs made<
        >in california for an anthropoligy<
          >field headquarters for africa<
       >and an art & architecture building<
        >for southeast louisiana university<
                  +COMPETITION ENTRY+
           >(designed in lajolla california)<

                   +PRIMARY LOUISIANA+
                      +A E S T H E T I C S+
         >was a research paper i wrote at<
                   +TULANE UNIVERSITY+
           >to stress the value i felt by the<
                    +TROPIC SYNDROME+
               >in the new orleans of our<
                   >french creole people<
                   +I N S P I R A T I O N+
               (>this paper progendered<
                   >the bungalow paper<

                  gene ray lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FRENCH RADIANT ESOTERICS & CHARLES NODIER=priory de sion navigator/ARSENAL library head ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SCHOLARSHIP IN 18th. C FRANCE dedication : mary lynn hyde and tom davis DEVOTED SCHOLARS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fw: TRACY R. TWYMAN | Charles Nodier and the Occult Revival >( PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT)< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SECRET SOCIETIES IN FRANCE > rennes le chateau/templars w/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MEROVINGIAN BLOOD KINGS & COVENANT ARC-LECORBUSIER

Charles Nodier
             >is essential to a better earth<
              >it is the difference between<
                >sdsu environ design and<
                  >tradeschool programs<

       >dave fobes found a valuable video<
         >devoted to the mechanics of the<
                         +DJED DEVICE+
           >this should galvenise research<
               >while i am in new orleans<

                  (>gratitude to sherry<
                     >beaton for a kind<
                       >support email<)

       >tom davis our devoted scholar and<
         >patent expert might tell us if the<
                         +DJED PILLAR+
          >or something like it is patented<
         >scholarship is tom's specialty and<
           >i thank him for his research on<
                     +CHARLES NODIER+
            >among many other scholars/<
             >wizards/seers/ & magicians<

               +TONIGHT'S ATTACHMENT+
                          (>nodier at the<
                         >arsenal library<)
                    +IS IN TOM'S HONOR+

       >to mary lynn hyde for a very special<
         >email of her recent pilgrimage to<
                   +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
         >in the footsteps of charles nodier<
             >victor hugo and geomancy<

                >amazingly mary lynn is a<
                  >blood relative of alvin<
                    >bertel of covington<
                >twelve hundred dollars<
          +FOREST PROPERTY FROM-1960+
              >(he was a man of the arts)<

                     +CHARLES NODIER+
                 +THE ARSENAL LIBRARY+
         >tonight's attachment focuses on<
           >the french devotion to secret<

         >the arsenal library is the official<
           >french government locus for<
              >books on esoteric issues<
               +NODIER WAS HEAD OF+
                   +ARSENAL LIBRARY+
        >in the 19th century he and victor<
                       +DEGRUY LINK+
           >hugo, his best friend met w/<
                     +MANY SCHOLARS+
        >researching alchemy/architecture/<
              >and priory-de-sion matters<
Victor Hugo

              +NODIER WAS THE SOURCE+
                +OF HUGO'S INTEREST IN+
                         >(notre dame)<
                    +SACRED GEOMETRY+
          >they are both said to have been<
               >head of the priory-de-sion<
               +NOTE : THERE IS MORE TO+
                         (>secret society<
                +THE PRIORY THEN IS ON+
                    +THE INTERNET WEB+
      >besancon france, burgundy, was the<
        >home of nodier, hugo and adelle<
                 +ROUGEMONT CASTLE+
                        >gruy templars<
                    +NEAR RAY CASTLE+
        >foucher (degruy) where nodier's<
          >father was a freemason mayor<
            >architecture relates to this<
                  +MASONIC HISTORY+

             >please (search)<
               +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                   +CHARLES NODIER+
            >read noted researcher tracy<
              >twyman's nodier research<
                   >link her interest to<
               >(degruy french history)<

               +AMCIENT MEROVINGIAN+
                       >secrets links to<
                  +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
          >emma calve at cabrieres castle<
           >root of the first merovingian<
                   >king and the famed<
                +ARK OF THE COVENANT+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

-----Original Message-----
From: Eugene Ray
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 10:00 PM
To: Eugene Ray
Subject: TRACY R. TWYMAN | Charles Nodier and the Occult Revival

Monday, October 22, 2012

APPLE RADIANT SOLAR RING is designed and ready to be built ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fw: Apple Campus will be Solar-powered - wordlessTech | wordlessTech (see attachment)

                    eugene ray

ARCHITECT'S ORIGINAL GRAPHIC oeuvre saved in high risk zone !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HOW DID YOU SAVE ALL THESE ? david fobes questions eugene ray answer : it wasn't very easy dave- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HURRICANES-MOVES-TERMITES >i have somehow saved most of the original graphics despite all ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GIFT FOR THNOC NEW ORLEANS in honor of profs lawrence/heck

                        +FIVE PHOTOS+
        >four louisiana comissions reveal<
           >concerted effort for a special<

       #1)      +STERN FOUNDATION+
               >offices in the vieux carre<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
          >rooftop office retreat for the<
                        +ART PATRONS+
             >distinguished stern family<

        #2)#3)     +PROFESSIONAL+
            >covington center for doctors<
               >offices examinations and<

        #3)     +AUBERT INSURANCE+
              >company offices covington<
       >my first completed project on the<
       >main street of covington louisiana<
                 +NEW LIFE FOR A VERY+
                    +WORN OLD TOWN+
          >dean john w. lawrence saw this<
          >while driving through covington<
             >and it led to my tulane post<

     #5)        +EXHIBITION PAVILION+
           >design for the st. tamany parish<
                     +ART ASSOCIATION+
              >sansouci forest, covington<
                      +LOUISIANA 1963+

                 +HAVEN FOR THE ARTS+
                      +IN COVINGTON+

          >thanks to miriam barranger and<
              >c. alvin bertell the arts were<
                  +VITAL TO OUR PEOPLE+
               >flash of light/evening sky<
                    +ONE BRIEF MOMENT+
                          +C A M E L O T+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

RADIANT CIRCLES on our EARTH stonehenge/crops/sapelo island ancient circles of our et universe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ UNIVERSAL SPHEROID our GIFT- plantation=an openable sphere ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CREOLE PLANTATION DESIGN= earth/plants/water=apocalypse ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY SYNERGY= >longer/healthier life on earth

               +PLANTATION RADIANCE+
                    >universal spheroid<

                     +RADIANT CIRCLES+
                    +GRACE OUR EARTH+
           >stonehenge/crops/sapelo island<
               >lessons for our sdsu vision<

                 +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+
           >came to me in the dawn as the<
                 >for our people to grow<
                        +R A D I A N C E+
                  >five images reveal our<
                  >creative effort at sdsu<

                   +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
          >birth of the universal spheroid<
            >plantation of healthy growth<

       #1)     +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+
                (>transparent & opaque<
                    >double teflon skins<)
           >openable plantation residence<
                      +65 FT DIAMETER+
            >for our radiant planet earth<
             >the miracle of plant growth<
                     +N U R T U R I N G+
              >man in his radiant garden<
                             +E D E N+
               >oxygen and negative ions<
                       +S E N T I E N C E+
              >living/dining in the garden<
                >sleeping/creativity above<

        #2)#3)     +CROP CIRCLES+
           >on the earth's plantations offer<
             >clues and lessons to eternity<
                          +R A D I A N T+
                >vivid/wise and universal<

         #4)         +STONEHENGE+
                  >plantation monuments<
               >sacred geometry orients<
                   >to heavenly bodies<

          #5)       +SAPERO ISLAND+
              >ancient walled cities off the<
                       +GEORGIA COAST+
              >older then the pyramids of<
                            +E G Y P T+
                  >so old they are in the<
                          +F U T U R E+
             >wake up all wizened friends<
               >a new/old perspective of<
              +AUGUSTUS LE PLONGEON+
                 +JAMES CHURCHWARD+
                       +EDGAR CAYCE+
                 >is urgently needed on<
                      +PLANET EARTH+
                 >including apple's ring<

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<