Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FRENCH RADIANT ESOTERICS & CHARLES NODIER=priory de sion navigator/ARSENAL library head ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SCHOLARSHIP IN 18th. C FRANCE dedication : mary lynn hyde and tom davis DEVOTED SCHOLARS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Fw: TRACY R. TWYMAN | Charles Nodier and the Occult Revival >( PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT)< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SECRET SOCIETIES IN FRANCE > rennes le chateau/templars w/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MEROVINGIAN BLOOD KINGS & COVENANT ARC-LECORBUSIER

Charles Nodier
             >is essential to a better earth<
              >it is the difference between<
                >sdsu environ design and<
                  >tradeschool programs<

       >dave fobes found a valuable video<
         >devoted to the mechanics of the<
                         +DJED DEVICE+
           >this should galvenise research<
               >while i am in new orleans<

                  (>gratitude to sherry<
                     >beaton for a kind<
                       >support email<)

       >tom davis our devoted scholar and<
         >patent expert might tell us if the<
                         +DJED PILLAR+
          >or something like it is patented<
         >scholarship is tom's specialty and<
           >i thank him for his research on<
                     +CHARLES NODIER+
            >among many other scholars/<
             >wizards/seers/ & magicians<

               +TONIGHT'S ATTACHMENT+
                          (>nodier at the<
                         >arsenal library<)
                    +IS IN TOM'S HONOR+

       >to mary lynn hyde for a very special<
         >email of her recent pilgrimage to<
                   +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
         >in the footsteps of charles nodier<
             >victor hugo and geomancy<

                >amazingly mary lynn is a<
                  >blood relative of alvin<
                    >bertel of covington<
                >twelve hundred dollars<
          +FOREST PROPERTY FROM-1960+
              >(he was a man of the arts)<

                     +CHARLES NODIER+
                 +THE ARSENAL LIBRARY+
         >tonight's attachment focuses on<
           >the french devotion to secret<

         >the arsenal library is the official<
           >french government locus for<
              >books on esoteric issues<
               +NODIER WAS HEAD OF+
                   +ARSENAL LIBRARY+
        >in the 19th century he and victor<
                       +DEGRUY LINK+
           >hugo, his best friend met w/<
                     +MANY SCHOLARS+
        >researching alchemy/architecture/<
              >and priory-de-sion matters<
Victor Hugo

              +NODIER WAS THE SOURCE+
                +OF HUGO'S INTEREST IN+
                         >(notre dame)<
                    +SACRED GEOMETRY+
          >they are both said to have been<
               >head of the priory-de-sion<
               +NOTE : THERE IS MORE TO+
                         (>secret society<
                +THE PRIORY THEN IS ON+
                    +THE INTERNET WEB+
      >besancon france, burgundy, was the<
        >home of nodier, hugo and adelle<
                 +ROUGEMONT CASTLE+
                        >gruy templars<
                    +NEAR RAY CASTLE+
        >foucher (degruy) where nodier's<
          >father was a freemason mayor<
            >architecture relates to this<
                  +MASONIC HISTORY+

             >please (search)<
               +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                   +CHARLES NODIER+
            >read noted researcher tracy<
              >twyman's nodier research<
                   >link her interest to<
               >(degruy french history)<

               +AMCIENT MEROVINGIAN+
                       >secrets links to<
                  +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
          >emma calve at cabrieres castle<
           >root of the first merovingian<
                   >king and the famed<
                +ARK OF THE COVENANT+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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