Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LETTER TO JOHN LAWRENCE @ THE HISTORIC N.O. COLLECTION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ dear john, 5 photos remind us of the amazing path life offered us> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS CREOLE VISION > GALVENISED THE >MANIFESTS< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in honor of john w. lawrence and robert w. heck my gift to THNOC

              >(and all our thnoc friends)<
              >on the eve of our journey<
                  +TO OUR NOLA ROOTS+

        >dear john, priscilla, alfred & daniel< 
                         +5 PHOTOS+
      >illuminate the warmth of our vision<
           >as we prepare our journey to<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
            >to be with our creole people<
                         +IN HONOR OF+
               >our professorial mentors<
                   +JOHN W. LAWRENCE+
                      +ROBERT W. HECK+

     #1)           +DOMUS LETTER+
                         >milan, italy<
                     +SEPTEMBER 1981+     
         >from marianne lorenz editor of<
            >the most beautiful design of<
                >magazine in europe to<
                      +THIS VERY DAY+

      #2)              +EXHIBITIONS+
          >toward the end of my teaching<
            >career exhibitions & lectures<
                        +10 COUNTRIES+
                >all over the world gave<
                  >a stage for the vision<

      #3)              +PLANTATION+
                   +CREOLE NOLA ROOTS+
      >the plant kingdom is a magnificent<
          >base for a creative vision in old<
                        +NEW ORLEANS+
           >metaphysical graphics provide<
            >a rich expression opportunity<

      #4)             +VIEUX CARRE+
          >early drawing by degruy & garic<
               >related pioneer surveyer<
                   +FRANCOIS SAUCIER+
          >when he was eighteen years old<
              (>age of nodier when he was<
                  >made head of the paris<
                      +ARSENAL LIBRARY+)
                         +DREUX BREZE+
            >mathurin de dreux de breze<
                 (>descendent of louis vi<)
         (>wife was claude francoise hugo<
            >for fascinating synchronicity<( 
                        >please google<
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                         +DREUX BREZE+

                     +DREUX de BREZE+
         >also a degruy ancestor was a key<
             >pioneer new orleanian laying<
                 >out with francois saucier<
                          +VIEUX CARRE+
             >blocks after clearing a fertile<
                      +TROPICAL JUNGLE+
               >loaded w/ yellow fever and<
                     +GIANT ALLIGATORS+
               >with thousands of fabulous<
                     +CAROLINA PARROTS+
                       +RARE IVORY BILLS+
                 >inspiring and galvenising<

      #5)               +MARDI GRAS+   
               >a descendent of the french<
                        +FEAST OF FOOLS+
             >ignited radiant transcendent<
                >expression in new orleans<

                           +VERNACULAR CREOLE HOUSING+
                 Synchronistically and appropiatlely my last design for
                       Poor people housing in new orleans was this
                         Concept for ninth ward housing that would
                            >Have survived hurricane katrina as it<
                                >Was tilt up concrete construction<

              +IN THE NOLA VIEUX CARRE+
                 >expressed that historical<
                      +RADIANT HERITAGE+
                        >all best regards<
              >gene (degruy/cavaroc) ray<
                        +NOLA CREOLE+
                    >your devoted friend<

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