Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NAPOLEAN HOUSE GIFT LUNCH- new orleans /my favorite venue- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS DOCUMENT HISTORY dozens of original drawings were given to >historic n.o. collection< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MY EARLY WORK DOCUMENTS= young architect's struggles for > CREATIVE - ARTFUL architecture

                  >napoleon house patio<
                       +OCT. 26TH, 2012+

                          +FIVE PHOTOS+
              >it was a beautiful day at our<
                    >old new orleans cafe<

              >scholars were out in radiant<
                    >and animated force<
                   +JOHN H. LAWRENCE+
                     +ALFRED LEMMON+
                      +DANIEL HAMMER+

                        +OLD FRIENDS+
    >present in addition to john lawrence<
          >was my special early classmate<
                       +SUMMER 1952+
               >from tulane architecture<
                     +PATRICK D. STAUB+
                           >radiant wife<
                         +BETTY STAUB+
               >and my own radiant wife<
                      +MARIANNE RAY+
              >taking photos of the gift to<

                   +RUSSELL DESMOND+
               >arcadia bookshop owner<
                 >scholar of the 1st rank<
       >came by to give me a special book<
          >on the famed louisiana pioneer<
                +DUMONT de MONTIGNY+
              ( >part of degruy history of<
                     >deep in the remote<
                  >of plaquemin's parish<)

               +EARL BARRON'S BOOK ON+
                 +HIS N.O. WATERCOLORS+

              (>elsewhere i shall list all the<
                  >books given me in n.o.<)

     #1)        +RADIANT MARIANNE+
            >photo on the morning of the<
                        +VIEUX CARRE+
                 >napoleon house lunch<

     #2)               +EUGENE RAY+
          >enroute to the napoleon house<
            >louisiana law library & courts<
               >in the background milieu<
                            +JOHN RAY+
                  >of my grt grandfather<

      #3)              +GIFT MOMENT+
               >(john h, lawrence and me)<
           >many original drawings in the<
                     +DOUBLE CYLINDERS+
         >crafted  beautifully by dave fobes

      #4)           +SPECIAL FRIENDS+
            >on the napoleon house patio<
                >after the drawing's gift<
                          >(left to right)<
                     +DANIEL HAMMER+
             >professor, tulane university<
               >research specialist/thnoc<
                    +JOHN H. LAWRENCE+
                      +RADIANT FRIEND+
                        +NOLA EXPERT+
              >exhibitions director, thnoc<
                     +PATRICK D. STAUB+
          >architect, retired professor lsu,<
           >alumnus tulane architecture<
                 >my oldest arch. friend<

      #5)            +PAT-ME-BETTY+
         >there are many memories i share<
            >with pat and betty at tulane<
             >JOHN'S FATHER WAS DEAN<  
                >university, (pat and betty<
                   >napoleon house fans)<
          >later in baton rouge pat and i<
             >taught in the architecture<
                        +DEPT OF LSU+

               +THIS WAS A VERY HAPPY+
                  +DAY FOR US AND MY+
                       +HEART IS FULL+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeitus, sdsu<

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