Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, November 2, 2012

FABULOUS NEW ORLEANS LINK- templar/freemason hall found in new orleans/>LINK TO FRANCE< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT N.O. MANIFESTATIONS jazz/graves/templars & degruys= profound gumbo of nourishment ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^AMAZING SYNCHRONISTIC links kind friends & relatives efforts to make our pilgrimage very special ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"R ETOILE POLA RE No 1 F&AM"- vital link to jean baptiste degruy, louis philippe & french templars ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

               +RADIANT NEW ORLEANS+
                 +NOURISHING GUMBO+
                  >(alchemy of the soul)<

         >to georgia chadwick head of the<
            >louisiana law library who was<
              >so kind to as to drive me to<
                 >see several vital places<
     a)           +TOMB OF JOHN RAY+
                    >(great grandfather)<
     b)          +BOUDOUSQUIE TOMB+
                     >(lobdell ancestors)<
     c)   +"R ETOILE POLA RE No 1 F&AM"+
                 >(templar/freemason hall)<

           +THE "ETOILE" (CIRCLE) WAS A+
                +FABULOUS DISCOVERY+
       >the freemason hall in new orleans<
         >organised about the time french<
                  +FRENCH REVOLUTION+
             >king louis philippe (head of<
                >french templar/masons)<
                    >seventeen nineties<
         >(he also visited thomas jefferson<
           >building the montecello dome)<

        >to neal & lorraine pendelton who<
                      +DEGRUY COUSIN+
            >kindly hosted marianne and i<
              >to lunch and the wonderful<
                        +"C A B A R E T"+

        >to tommy & chris macintosh who<
            >drove us to hear phil degruy<
                      +GUITAR GENIUS+
             >cousin & nola star musician<
           >(plus driving us to and from<
                 >nola moisant airport)< !

                  +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
           >gumbo alchemy/new orleans<
                +RADIANT IN THE LIGHT+

        #1)            +C A B A R E T+
              >( canteen w.w. 2 museum )<
     >i couldn't help thinking of david and<
      >clark fobes both talented musicians<
           >(clark plays for s.f. symphony)<

         #2)      +JOHN RAY TOMB+
                >our great grandfather<
               +FRIEND OF ABE LINCOLN+
                 >(voted against slavery)<
     >john ray, state legislator/lawyer had<
         >a life that reads like fiction with<
             >daniel boone/james bowie<
                      +"THE ALAMO"+
                 >davie crockett etc all<
                    >playing star roles<

         #3)         +BOUDOUSQUIE+
                  >french pioneer family<
        >tomb links friend robin lobdell to<
          >the family of new orleans early<
             >king's printer and friend of<
                         +J. B. DEGRUY+
         >who bought boudousquie land<
           >to build the dome sugar mill<

         #4)         +"THE ETOILE"+
                       >(radiant circle)<
               +NOLA FREEMASON HALL+
                   >(star find of the trip)<
        >daniel hammer/georgia chadwick<
          >we thank for this fabulous find<
                +NOLA FREEMASON LINK+
                         (>saint bernard<
                 +TO FRENCH TEMPLARS+
              >degruy ancestors in france<
                       +ORIENT FOREST+
               >lous philippe in versallles<

      #5)             +PHIL DEGRUY+
                >musician extraordinary<
               +PHILIP VERLOIN DEGRUY+
              >new orleans nightclub star<
                  +"CHICKIE WAH WAH"+
              >(mondays on canal street)<
       >amazing encounter here w/ phil's<
          >friend anne fleming who had<
              >read many of my e-mails<
                     (>magny fouchard<
                        >orient forest)<
          >i will confess this made me very
             >happy that my early emails<
               >were read in new orleans<
                 >by non-degruy people<

             >fills my ancient heart to all<
                  +THESE GOOD PEOPLE+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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