Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, November 24, 2012

EUGENE RAY ARTIST=ARCHITECT =PROFESSOR is how my oeuvre title should read as a COMPLETE survey contains LARGE VARIETY ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CATALOG OF WORK IS NEEDED> to list all of my creative output> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ OEUVRE ENCOMPASES A LARGE AMOUNT OF METAPHYSIC ART ! architecture & metaphysic work are symbiotic in overall catalog> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS ARE=INTRODUCTION ! Inbox

                          +EUGENE RAY+
          (>is probably how the masthead<
             >should read to be accurate<)

                     +RECENT QUESTION+
            >just how many buildings have<
                 >you constructed anyway< ?
                   +IS A QUESTION THAT+
                         >(i don't know)<
                     +MISSES THE POINT+
     >as an artist-architect (and professor)<
       >my oeuvre (complete work) by its<
                          +N A T U R E+
            >that are extremly important<
                 >to the future of earthly<
                     (>and non-earthly<)
                  >there are signs already<
      >especially biotronic, biomorphic, and<
       >tensegrity experimental prototypes<
                     +STORM RESISTANT+
         >that the architectural profession<
             >has no time ($$$) to pursue<
              +AWAY W/O KNOWLEDGE+
                       >(far off places)<
                  +OF THEIR OUTCOME+
         >pedagogical (university) position<
                         (+IN MY EYES+)
            >encouraged my philanthropy<
                 (>i am not very generous<
                      >in normal activities<)

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >reveals important prototypes that<
           >offer much to the progress of<
       (>dirk sutro in his kind article about<
                   +LOS ANGELES TIMES+
         >my work described the fact i had<
           >a construction history besides<
               >the visionary prototypes<)

      #1)          +OEUVRE CATALOG+
      >should contain all visionary designs<
         >many which are more important<
             >then the constructed oeuvre<
                   +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
            >best work is in this category<
                >study this very carefully<
                     (>in my estimation<)
             +EQUAL TO THE MONA LISA+

       #2)            +DOUBLE DOME+
      >prototype is extremly important as<
         >proof design=aerodynamic and<
                      +RAISED 10 FEET+
          >above the (storm water) grade<
            +& "SANDY" STORM THREATS+
          (>domes have superior strength<
               >plus the biotronic vitality<)

        #3)       +DOCUMENTA 1980+
    >retospective review of my design work<
      >after 10 years in california did show<
           >the essence of creative output<
        >synergetic environ, furniture and<
        >design communication inventions<
                   +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
        >are evident and increasingly vital<
          >the images here were selected<
               >with much detailed care<

       #4)           +RADIANT VILLA+
                >plantation prototype for<
                      +LONGER LIFE 1982+
      >is one of my favorite all-time design<
         >concepts for a modern prototype<
                +FOR 3 GENERATIONS OF+
                     +THE SAME FAMILY+
           (>organic, close to the land, life<
                  >style is badly needed<)

      #5)      +HEALING SYNERGETICS+
      >describes the solar heated and wind<
       >energised prototype designed for<
                     +SELF SUFFICIENT+
          >active, healthy, daily activity to<
            >support a vinyard plantation<

                     +GENETIC MEMORY+
         >of my ancestors plantation life is<
              >no doubt a factor here but<
                       >vision for living<
              +IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT+
            (>shall cover the metaphysical<
                         +C O L L A G E+
                  >graphics in the future<)

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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