Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, January 31, 2013

RADIANT ENERGY CROP CIRCLES sacred geometry tubes of light> create the >cosmic revelationsCOSMIC RADIANCE< #1) giant milk hill fractal of 2001 #2) center for cosmic revelations #3) "the gods machines"w.c.bong #4) milk hill= formation diagram #5) triple julia set= giant 15 acre

                 >as a boy of 15 i saw an<
               >"impossible" silver ship<

         >between 1967-1969 i focused on<
            >at tulane university and then<
                      +SDSU FALL 1969+
               >wrote the class devoted to<
               >"synergetic environments"<

                         +CROP CIRCLES+
         >cosmic sacred geometry symbols<
          >found in the world's plantations<

                 +BIOTRONIC RADIANCE+
                     >important notice<
                     +TUBES OF LIGHT+
         >authentic crop circles are made<
            >by a biotronic energy that is<
              >detected in the plant cells<
               >by observers in the fields<
                >made by "tubes of light"<

             >diagrams of wun chok bong<
                         >magnum opus<
                +"THE GODS MACHINES"+
                     (>photos #2 to #5<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >there is an amazing tie w/ gruy<
                    +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
           >st. bernard's sacred geometry<
               >sourced in ancient egypt<
                   >(on to the cosmos)<

      #1)            +MILK HILL 2001+
              >photo/"open minds" mag<
         >gigantic six armed fractal design<
                     +800 FT DIAMETER+
             >the largest, most elaborate<
                  >symbol ever to appear<
                  +FORMED BY A BEAM+
                           >(night sky)<
                    +OF RADIANT LIGHT+

        #2)        +COSMOS CENTER+
         >my design for a center for cosmic<
            >revelations is a giant circle w/<
              >offices in the central tower<
           >web site could be the source of<
              >w/ their cropcircle archive<

       #3)          +JULIA SET 1996+
      >salisbury plain england, this radiant<
                        +600 FT CIRCLE+
       >appeared in less then an hour near<
           >stonehenge sacred ancient site<
                 >(my sdsu retirment gift)<

       #4)           +MILK HILL 2001+
        >six armed radiant energy vortices<
           >mindful of the tropical cyclones<
            >of our native creole louisiana<
                      +FRENCH TROPIC+

       #5)         +TRIPLE JULIA 1996+
      >another transcendent manifestation<
        >that remarkable year, that should<
               >have taken overa week to<
            >appeared in less then an hour<
                +CREATED BY A BEAM OF+
                     +RADIANT ENERGY+

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus. sdsu<

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOLDEN BEES-KING DAGOBERT= art/architecture & scholarship=> ARCADIA blog of andrew gough ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RESEARCH OF HISTORICAL DATA gives rich multivalent dividends ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS from ANDREW'S blog- ARCADIA a MUST READ VISION ! #1) dagobert hexagon bee logo- #2) life tree hexagon= euro coin #3) plantard bear crest gruy link #4) rennes lechateau stone cone #5) hugo/nodier= gruy scholars

                  +ART & ARCHITECTURE+
    >as it relates to degruy family history<
      (father's mother's new orleans fmly)
               +GIVES PROFOUND LINKS+
                 >listing just a few from<
                     +PREVIOUS BLOGS+
    >leonardo da vinci/king rene de anjou<
       >nostradamus/jesus/odilon redon<
         >robert delaunay/king dagobert<
                     +PRIORY de SION+
         >andrew malraux/chas degaulle<
                       +ST BERNARD+
             >victor hugo/charles nodier<
               >king francois I/catherine<
                  >de medici/joan of arc<
                       >etc, etc, etc, etc<

                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
      >castles/chateaux link to studios/labs<
          >jean the alchemist, the plantards<
             >st vincent de paul and vitally<
                   +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
      >the web-blog of talented uk scholar<
                    +ANDREW GOUGH+
       >is the most fabulous internet blog<
          >i have found that relates to so<
              >many of the persona that<
                  >absorb our interest<
                +VITAL IN THE ARTS AND+
                    +ANDREW HAS THAT+
           >remember i have often stated<
            >the best audiences i have had<
                     +WERE IN LONDON+

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         (>arcadia images/andrew gough<
             >please follow our linkage<
                 >and study his blog<)

        >the golden bees & plantard bear<
           >w/ links to cabrieres castle &<
                  +RENNES LE CHATEAU+

     #1)          +DAGOBERT LOGO+
      >modern logo of cercle st. dagobert<
       >society in the stenay forest where<
                 +NORTH EAST FRANCE+
          >king/saint dagobert was killed<
                             +N O T E+
          >degruy marriage to marguerite<
             >dagobert @ degruy chateau<
                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
           >also links to rennes le chateau<
                >and emma calve's castle<
               (>origins of the very first<
                     >merovingian king<)

      #2)             +TREE OF LIFE+
           >euro elm tree hexagon coin w/<
              >ref. to the knight's templar<
                   >link to priory de sion<
               +"SPLITTING OF THE ELM"+
               >google for templar history<
                     >with priory de sion<

       #3)        +PLANTARD CREST+
      >dagobert stenay bears on plantard<
         >modern blazon indicates pierre<
            >plantard's desire to express<
                  +DAGOBERT LINKAGE+
        >plantard castle barbery at nevers<
         >was jean the alchemist/st vincent<
              >de paul laboratory and the<
              >(plantard) family plantation<
                >link w/ new orleans gruys<)

       #4)           +CONICAL HUTS+
      >of the cathars @ rennes le chateau<
        >are vital biotronic energy radiant<
                 +ENERGY RESONATORS+
                   > (search)<
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
            >(the ancients posessed insight)<

         #5)         +VICTOR HUGO+
          >best friend of besancon scholar<
               (near holy shroud ray castle)
                     +CHARLES NODIER+
      >was fascinated by rennes le chateau<
           >merovingian/dagobert history<
        >married into the degruy/foucher<
         >clan by marrying adele foucher<
                     +PLEASE GOOGLE+
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
            +PROFOUND PRIORY de SION+
               +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR LINK+
                         >found with<

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GENIUS AND THE MOBACRACY !!! mack/fuller & harvard university/ jean cocteau/ufo/south of france ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DR JOHN MACK Phd scholar hero in the study of human abductions accused/cleared/ killed in london ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PHI BETA KAPPA & CUM LAUDE > brave search into ALIEN BEINGS & >UNKNOWN DIMENSIONS


                  +SCHOLARS AS HEROS+
        >john mack and buckminster fuller<
        >shared condemnation by harvard<
                   +MACK WAS CLEARED+
              (>simpletons had hard time<
                   >accepting abductions<
                       >by alien beings<)
                  +FULLER WAS EJECTED+
           >out of box genius unaceptable<
               >to backward univ. squares<

                 +ARTIST-POET AS HERO+
           >jean cocteau and ufo research<
                  >in the south of france<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >genius and the mobacracy<
                 >(ref: frank lloyd wright)<

    #1)           +ROCKET SCIENTISTS+
        >german rocket scientists brought<
            >from peenemunde after the<
                >second world war were<
                    +IN THE HUNDREDS+
        >werner von braun (3rd from right<
           >first row) genius brains behind<
                    +V2-HERMES ROCKET+
            >that put the usa on the moon<
         >my bride, met him twice, at china<
           >lake and cape canavarel as her<
             >first husband was a physicist<
                +WHO BECAME FOCUSED+
                     +ON UFO RESEARCH+
         >synchronistically my brother was<
           >part of the michoud/nola team<
               >who built the rocket and i<
                        +MONTE VEDRA+
               >designed  a new town for<
                  >the german scientists<

      #2)       +BUCKMINSTER FULLER+
           >was the greatest genius of our<
               >inspiration in the years of<
                          +VINCI VISION+
                 >design teaching at sdsu<
         >structures was his great design<
             >strength in lt. wt. structure<
           +"NINE CHAINS TO THE MOON"+
            >one of his great books reflects<
                >the scope of his focus and<
                         +UFO-ET INSIGHT+
                 >was an inspiration to him<
                      (>and to me as well<)

        #3)       +DR JOHN MACK Phd+
          >phi beta kappa (like my dear first<
              >wife, marian) gratuated cum<
                  >laudi from harvard univ<
                       >harvard professor<
                     +TELLING THE TRUTH+
            >killed at night in london after<
              >being cleared at harvard of<
                 +UNFOUNDED CHARGES+
         >remember my experience at sdsu<
            >of being called a communist w/<
                       (+CLEARED AND+
              >my focus on affordable and<
                >environment sustainable<

       #4)           +JEAN COCTEAU+
                >FRENCH UFO RESEARCH+
       >french artist/poet visionary genius<
           >said to be secret leader of the<
                       +PRIORY de SION+
         >templar/society de st. sacrement<
              >underground organization<
                   >w/ degruy/st. bernard<
            >linkage to rennes le chateau<
                >and louisiana planchard<
                  >in saint charles parish<
                     >strongly linked w/<
               (>all tied to priory de sion /<
                >rennes le chateau history<)

      #5)             +LOS ANGELES+
            >february 25th, 1942, ufo battle<
        >marianne conway ray, my bride, is<
            >huddled in her closet w/ her<
              >mother as 14 hundreds of<
                  >rounds are fired at a<
              +GIANT DISK-SHAPED UFO<
                +OVER CULVER CITY-L.A.+
              >witnessed by thousands of<
                 >astounded l. a. citizens<
              +"UFOs OVER CALIFORNIA"+
                   (>by preston dennett<
                     >a good reference<)

              +AT CHINA LAKE NEARBY W/+
                       >california desert<
                +THE ROCKET SCIENTISTS+
           >and her physicist husband who<
              >became a ufo researcher w/<
                   >much devotion to the<
        >she was impressed w/ the spirit of<
           >the german scientists and met<
                  +WERNER VON BRAUN+
                          >two special<
                      +O C C A S I O N S+
             >when he played german folk<
                  >tunes on his accordian<
                   +HISTORY FULL CIRCLE+
             >july 1969 we reach the moon<
                 >september 1969 i began<
                     +SDSU ENV. DESIGN+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<


Monday, January 28, 2013

5 PHOTOS FOR YOUR THOUGHT FOCUS on dr. JOHN MACK Phd.> harvard professor killed/london

                   +DR JOHN MACK Phd+
                        >please study on<
                           >the internet<
            >my long message was lost last<
              >night for uncertain reasons<
                         +FIVE PHOTOS+
                >i shall rewrite but in the<
                   >meantime i offer five<
                       >photos to study<

               +link the sad history of the<
                 >life of dr john mack at<
                         +LAST PHOTO+
                    >harvard university<

              >with my life and the life of<
                  +BUCKMINSTER FULLER+

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Sunday, January 27, 2013

MAKING GROCERIES in MARIGNY creole alchemy/ old new orleans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^RARE photos CREOLE ALCHEMY> creole cottage a rare archtype !^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COLLARDS-OKRA & MIRLITON= >cooked slowly provides ancient >nola formula used for centuries ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS reveal SECRET RITUAL #1) french market alchemy rites #2) transfer of the voudou vittles #3) okra-mirliton-collards recipe #4) sentient banana as a witness #5) voudou doctors secret abode

                     +CREOLE PEOPLE+
                +CREOLE ARCHITECTURE+
                    >(organic & unique)<

                  +"MAKING GROCERIES"+
                      >metaphysical cine<
          >in fauburg marigny on a boiling<
                >nola deep summer day as<
                              +1 9 6 5+
             >filmed by my leica 3f camera<
                >sensed via banana plants<
                 >there from the colonies<
                   >original development<

                       +MAGIC RITUALS+
                >especially when involving<
                   >two creole alchemists<

                      +FAUBURG TREME+
           >in new orleans is very famous<
                >because of the tv series<
        >the nola treme was named after a<
          >creole planter by that name who<
           >came from treme swiss village in<
                    +GRUYERES COUNTY+
      >his nola plantation became fauburg<
         >treme located near the fauburg<
                         +M A R I G N Y+
          >mise-en-scene of tonight's cine<
                  +"MAKING GROCERIES"+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                (>alchemical rituals in the<
                       >fauburg marigny<)

     #1)         +FAUBURG MARIGNY+
            >marigny plantation adjacent<
                >to degruy plantation in<
                             +1 8 4 0+
                    >st tammany parish<
            >degruy / marigny family links<
              >via the new orleans history<
                 +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                         +M A R I G N Y+
      >the two creole alchemists seen with<
         >their bags of okra, mirliton and<
            >bought in the french market<

     #2)       +MARIGNY MAGIQUE+
           >in addition to the plantation<
                 >in st. tammany parish<
                        +BON VIVANT+
        >bernard marigny was raised with<
          >his foucher/degruy cousins on<
               >the foucher plantation at<
                  >audubon park/tulane<
                   +FAUBURG MARIGNY+
          >bernard's creole development<
              >(a major jazz milieu today)<
        >was an outgrowth of the marigny<
         >new orleans residence just south<
               >of the old nola vieux carre<

      #3)          +GUMBO Z'HERBES+
                      >(gumbo of herbs)<
         >is the secret formula envisioned<
            >by the two creole alchemists<
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                      >gumbo z'herbes<
                    +MEATLESS GUMBO+
      >because the african creoles couldn't<
        >afford to put meat in their gumbo<
             >but very good, healthy and<
                             +T A S T Y+
               >via vera cruz pepper sauces<

    #4)             +BANANA PLANTS+
                >(natives of st. domingue)<
        >in the fauburg marigny grow like<
           >weeds and are sentient to the<
                       +CREOLE RITUAL+
               >of boiling greens to make<
                      +GUMBO Z'HERBES+

     #5)           +CREOLE COTTAGE+
                  >new orleans archtype<
            >milieu for alchemy and ritual<
                >voudou, visions  and jazz<
        >in a jungle of vegetation on a hot<
         >summer day in fauburg marigny<
                >is where the two creole<
           >will prepare their magic recipe<

                       +O V E R V I E W+
     >"craps" (as in gambling) & "love" two<
         >of the streets in fauberg marigny<
             >give you some idea of the life<
                   >of bon vivant bernard<

                   +ALCHEMY & RITUALS+
       >were and are vital in french culture<
          >reference perfume and cocktails<
                +SAZARAC & RAMOS FIZZ+
                   +CAVAROC FORMULAS+
              >voudou alchemy is strong in<
                 >new orleans to this day<
                         >please google<
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
                      +GREEN MOUNTAIN+
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"GENUS LOCI" ROMANTIC ART > contrast to death via piano wire ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PHILIP COPPENS DIES DEC 30th los angeles/age 41/ rare cancer/ BRIGHT"ANCIENT ALIENS" STAR belgiam author/ much research ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=>RESEARCH AS ART< #1) parlange plantation/la./1750 #2) lajolla tragic bungalows 1894 #3) mail art research packet="A" #4) mail art research packet="B" #5) first biomorphic design=1965

       >to philip coppens, brillient scholar<
         >of ancient "aliens research" and<
              >prolific author, dead in l.a.<
                             +AGE 41+
               >"of a rare form of cancer"<
               (+MUCH MORE COULD BE+
                       (>see website of<
                    >giorgio tsoukalos<)
                 +WRITTEN ABOUT THIS+) !
       >note: giorgio tsoukalos live nearby<
          >and is the producer/starof the>
              >exellent "ancient aliens" tv<

         >to my old friend and photo star of<
                   +SURREALIST COLLAGE+
           >c;arence john laughlin who when<
             >accused of being romantic said<
                     +YES I AM A >ULTA<+
                        +R O M A N T I C+
             >to the stupid cynic who had<
                 >no clue of art or genius<

                        +"GENUS LOCI"+
      >"sense of place" as an art form has<
          >been important to the work of<
                     (+PHOTO COLLAGE+)
            >clarence john laughlin and of<
                   >myself for many years<
                +"THE ENCHANTED ISLE"+
         >a book by peter woodcock about<
          >romantic art in england reveals<
               +GENUS LOCI ART AS VITAL+
                       >shall cover soon<
                  +IN MODERN ENGLAND+
             (>john piper to david hockney<
                 >powell/pressburger films<)

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >research as an art form via<
                    >correspondence art<

      #1)           +PARLANGE 1750+
          >french sugar plantation north of<
            >baton rouge still in the family<
                  >of the original planter<
          +IT IS HERE THAT I MET THE 1990+
                  (>commander redfield<
                      >google my essay<)
              >delery link to degruy family<

       #2)     +RED BUNGALOW 1894+
          >cove beach lajolla, which i have<
                >written about extensivly<
                     (>photo : d.g. wills<)
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                      >red bungalows<
                 +ENFORCING HISTORIC+
                              >is a sad<
                   +NATIONAL DISGRACE+
           >after much review these were<
             >designated national historic<
                 >monuments but human<
                      >evil qualities rule<

        #3)      +MAIL ART PACKET "A"+
            >xerography as an art medium<
              >in behalf of "genus loci" art<

         #4)     +MAIL ART PACKET "B"+
          >these packets expressed how my<
          >france/louisiana roots gave birth<
             >to radiant architecture much<
                  >as this blog does today<

        #5)        +BIOMORPHIC 1965+
        >my first biomorphic design using<
          >ferro-cement as the medium of<
                >natural disaster defying<
              +TO ROBERT BIGELOW I SAY+
                +THIS COULD ALSO BE AN+
                +INFLATABLE STRUCTURE+
                   >exellent for the moon<

              (+FRIEND RAY BRADBURY IS+
                          >clarence too<
                 +SMILING AT THIS IDEA+)
                 gene ray. lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Friday, January 25, 2013

PRECIOUS DAYS on this PLANET posterity shall decide our place ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LIFE HAS MANY DIMENSIONS & for me >louisiana & california<- ZONES to LEARN=GROW=BUILD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GRATITUDE to ROBET GAUGHEN & ANN FLEMING old/new friends ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=CALIFORNIA OEUVRE #1) radiant secrets into the light #2) retrospective exhibition 1980 #3) radiant strength architecture #4) biotronic inflatable structure #5) sdsu classroom/studio 70-80 Inbox x

      >to new friend ann fleming who sent<
        >me a national geographic link re:<
                         +JOAN OF ARC+
         >who crossed the aube river with<
                    +KING RENE D'ANJOU+
              >near the degruy chateau at<
                     +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
             >approx six hundred years ago<

              +IS CLOSE TO CLAIRVAUX+
                      >st bernard abby<
                 +& MAGNY FOUCHARD+

      >tonights photos for robert gaughen<
           >who like dave fobes, tom davis<
              >ralph bowman, mario lara<
                      >nancie greenfield<
             >roger utt, john holland and<
                  >other early seventies<
                       +SDSU ALUMNI+
             >were w/ me in the bell tower<
                         +OLD LIBRARY+
               >studio classroom lab where<
                    +HISTORY WAS MADE+

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >ten early years of my oeuvre<
                 >in california traces vital<
                     >work development<

    #1)           +RADIANT SECRETS+
                         >into the light<
                            +L U C E S+
            >exhibition in the last full year<
                             +1 9 9 5+
             >before my retirement of the<
                >work w/ color, light and<
                          +E N E R G Y+
         >bob wil remember the sdsu class<
                 +SYNERGETIC ENVIRONS+
          >was based on this radiant work<

      #2)          +DOCUMENTA 1980+
        >was an exhibition of the california<
          >oeuvre, the first ten years, which<
           >culminated w/ the "silver ship"<
                           +D O M U S+
         >publcation the next year and the<
                   +PARIS BIENNAL 1985+
                      +A+U TOKYO 1985+
             >are radiant memories for me<

       #3)        +SPHERICAL VOLUME+
       >with biotronic energy, gardens and<
           >extra strong enclosure defying<
                    +STORMS & QUAKES+
            >became our prototypes focus<
                      +ROBERT GAUGHEN+
          >will remember my effort to open<
             >the outer shell w/ the design<
                   +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+

       #4)           +INFLATABLES+
     >in the seventies on we built a series<
        >of inflatables for exhibitions and<
                +SYNERGETIC ENVIRONS+
        >bob gaughen will remember our<
          >camping trip to arcosanti and<
              >taliesin west using a large<
                       +AIR STRUCTURE+
              (>cost fifty dollars housing<
                 >fifty sdsu/ed students<)

       #5)     +RADIANT PROTOTYPES+
       >galore filled our seventies sdsu/ed<
          >studio/classroom where tensile<
             >biomorphic structures with<
            >volumes made design history<
                     +ROBERT GAUGHEN+
            >and many others were part of<
               >that history that this blog<
                >nightly tries to illuminate<

                       +ROBERT BIGELOW+
            >as an example was building his<
              >las vegas based hotel empire<
                   +AND DEEP INTO UFO+
                 +RESEARCH THAT WOULD<
                      >bigelow aerospace<
                +IGNITE HIS SPACE EFFORT+
           >nasa just awarded him a special<
           >eighteen million dollar contract<
                 >to build his space station<

         >last night i watched the interview<
            >w/ robert lazar before he was<
           >(google : bob lazar found dead)<
                    +ARE DOUBLE LOCKED+
          >remember professor john mack<
             >harvard abduction specialist<
                 +RUN OVER IN LONDON+
           >google : john mack murdered<
                 >look for "the man who<
                           +GOT AWAY+

                   gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

Thursday, January 24, 2013

SPACE DESIGN SYNCHRONICITY> BIGELOW AEROSPACE inflatables robert bigelow's project reflects- our sdsu/ed prototypes program ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1969-1996 SDSU/ED inflatables> & UNIQUE tensegrity structures ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^TONIGHT'S PHOTOS=REVEAL an-american star in the SPACE race !^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ #1) internet photo of moon city ? #2) nasa photo of moon anomaly #3) robert bigelow & prototype ! #4) bigelow's public presentation #5) bigelow aerospace/ las vegas

                +SDSU ENVIRON DESIGN+
           >was a pioneer in the design of<
                 >tensegrity & inflatable<
                      >s t r u c t u r e s<
                +AFFORDABLE HOUSING+
                   >was our main focus<

                 +BIGELOW AEROSPACE+
                  >north las vegas nevada<
           >is a name to remember in the<
             >race to develop space bases<
                     _+ROBERT BIGELOW+
               >(hotel industry billionaire)<
        >i have heard about for years as a<
           >famous patron of ufo research<
              >(google for his ufo history)<

                 +MINING ON THE MOON+ ?
          >internet blogs conclude mining<
              >operation evidence is found<
                 >in space satellite photos<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
        >the space race is intense and our<
           >sdsu environ design program<
               >were at the cutting edge<
                  +WEIGHT & STRENGTH+
       >factors relate to design of natural<
          >disaster threatened structures<
              >of housing all over the usa<

       #1)            +MOON BASE+ ?
       >this amazing internet photo offers<
         >possibility of a mining operation<
                    +PROTOTYPE DESIGN+
            >for the back side of the moon<
                  >nasa has competition<
                    +OF ANCIENT RUINS+

       #2)         +MOON ANOMALY+
      >this satellite photo may be a soviet<
         >crashed explorer craft but this<
             >is inconclusive as the crash<
                    >site was miles away<

        #3)         +ROBERT BIGELOW+
         >with assistant and model of moon<
             >inflatable base structures in<
                  >their las vegas studios<
                 +NASA IS NOW HELPING+
                +BIGELOW DEVELOPMENT+

        #4)             +PROTOTYPE+
       >bigelow aerospace model inflatable<
            >space structures during public<
                  >presentation in las vegas<
                 +SOLAR ENERGY PANELS+
                       +FULLY DEPLOYED+

         #5)        +DESIGN HISTORY+
       >inflatable (expandable) space design
         >as explained by bigelow aerospace<
             >goes back to the echo satellite<

                  +SYNCHRONICITY 1959+
            >june of that year i passed the<
                    >louisiana state exam<
              >for my architectural license<

                  +SYNCHRONICITY 1969+
            >nasa places two astronaughts<
               >for the first moon landing<
                 (>i saw this on a tv in the<
                     >athens usa embassy<)
             +AUTUMN 1969 I BEGAN THE+
                  +SDSU-E. D. PROGRAM+
           >on a small operational budget<
               >i bought a heat sealer for<
                    >I N F L A T A B L E S+
           >from the edmonds scientific co.<
               >catalog i found in the first<
                +WHOLE EARTH CATALOG+
                     +1969 FIRST EDITION+

                   gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<