Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

GOLDEN BEES-KING DAGOBERT= art/architecture & scholarship=> ARCADIA blog of andrew gough ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RESEARCH OF HISTORICAL DATA gives rich multivalent dividends ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS from ANDREW'S blog- ARCADIA a MUST READ VISION ! #1) dagobert hexagon bee logo- #2) life tree hexagon= euro coin #3) plantard bear crest gruy link #4) rennes lechateau stone cone #5) hugo/nodier= gruy scholars

                  +ART & ARCHITECTURE+
    >as it relates to degruy family history<
      (father's mother's new orleans fmly)
               +GIVES PROFOUND LINKS+
                 >listing just a few from<
                     +PREVIOUS BLOGS+
    >leonardo da vinci/king rene de anjou<
       >nostradamus/jesus/odilon redon<
         >robert delaunay/king dagobert<
                     +PRIORY de SION+
         >andrew malraux/chas degaulle<
                       +ST BERNARD+
             >victor hugo/charles nodier<
               >king francois I/catherine<
                  >de medici/joan of arc<
                       >etc, etc, etc, etc<

                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
      >castles/chateaux link to studios/labs<
          >jean the alchemist, the plantards<
             >st vincent de paul and vitally<
                   +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
      >the web-blog of talented uk scholar<
                    +ANDREW GOUGH+
       >is the most fabulous internet blog<
          >i have found that relates to so<
              >many of the persona that<
                  >absorb our interest<
                +VITAL IN THE ARTS AND+
                    +ANDREW HAS THAT+
           >remember i have often stated<
            >the best audiences i have had<
                     +WERE IN LONDON+

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         (>arcadia images/andrew gough<
             >please follow our linkage<
                 >and study his blog<)

        >the golden bees & plantard bear<
           >w/ links to cabrieres castle &<
                  +RENNES LE CHATEAU+

     #1)          +DAGOBERT LOGO+
      >modern logo of cercle st. dagobert<
       >society in the stenay forest where<
                 +NORTH EAST FRANCE+
          >king/saint dagobert was killed<
                             +N O T E+
          >degruy marriage to marguerite<
             >dagobert @ degruy chateau<
                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
           >also links to rennes le chateau<
                >and emma calve's castle<
               (>origins of the very first<
                     >merovingian king<)

      #2)             +TREE OF LIFE+
           >euro elm tree hexagon coin w/<
              >ref. to the knight's templar<
                   >link to priory de sion<
               +"SPLITTING OF THE ELM"+
               >google for templar history<
                     >with priory de sion<

       #3)        +PLANTARD CREST+
      >dagobert stenay bears on plantard<
         >modern blazon indicates pierre<
            >plantard's desire to express<
                  +DAGOBERT LINKAGE+
        >plantard castle barbery at nevers<
         >was jean the alchemist/st vincent<
              >de paul laboratory and the<
              >(plantard) family plantation<
                >link w/ new orleans gruys<)

       #4)           +CONICAL HUTS+
      >of the cathars @ rennes le chateau<
        >are vital biotronic energy radiant<
                 +ENERGY RESONATORS+
                   > (search)<
                  +EUGENE RAY / DEGRUY+
            >(the ancients posessed insight)<

         #5)         +VICTOR HUGO+
          >best friend of besancon scholar<
               (near holy shroud ray castle)
                     +CHARLES NODIER+
      >was fascinated by rennes le chateau<
           >merovingian/dagobert history<
        >married into the degruy/foucher<
         >clan by marrying adele foucher<
                     +PLEASE GOOGLE+
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
            +PROFOUND PRIORY de SION+
               +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR LINK+
                         >found with<

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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