Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, January 3, 2013

EXPANSIVE DOUBLE STUDIES=> improve original project design ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TWO VERSIONS=AFRICA CAMP= anthropology research/tanzania ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TWO VERSIONS STEINAM VILLA- >radiant california architecture< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MONOCOQUE FERROCEM. VILLA shell structure to resist disasters ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=>DESIGN PROGRESS based on >expanded concepts

        >for jane goodall of tanzania who<
                    +GRAND MARSHAL+
                       +ROSE PARADE+
            >has devoted her life to work<
               >at gombe, oldavai gorge<

                    +DOUBLE VERSIONS+
       >two projects that provide double<
         >development concept progress<
        A)           +AFRICA CAMP+
       >anthropological research education<
            >oldavai gorge, tanzania africa<
             >univ. of california. berkeley<

        B)           +STEINAM VILLA+
     >california radiant architecture study<
                    +GARDEN W/ VIEW+
                      +AND LAP POOL+
          >of two versions of one project<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >double studies expand scope<
            >of original design concepts<

#1)         +ORIGINAL CONCEPT+
       >prefabricated aluminum camp for<
                  +OLDAVAI, TANZANIA+
           >anthropology dept at the univ.
                 >of california, berkeley<

      #2)       +EXPANDED CONCEPT+
          >provides additional lab. facility<
           >to the corrugated aluminum<
              >walled prefab compound<

      #3)         +ORIGINAL CONCEPT+
           >steinam radiant california villa<
              >w/ dynamic garden & view<
                  >outdoor development<

      #4)       +EXPANDED CONCEPT+
          >w/ more dynamic garden design<
              >using existing site boulders<
                 >& auto decentralization<

       #5)       +MONOCOQUE SHELL+
        >for california radiant architecture<
          >villa provides strong resistance<
                 >to earthquake disasters<

                +STEEL REINFORCMENT+
               >provide resilient disaster<
                     +R E S I S T A N C E+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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