Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, January 21, 2013

DREAMS=SURREALISM=REALITY breton/noailles/laberge/monville ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FRENCH LATIN VISION of THINGS le desert de retz of f. de monville le petit versailles of valcour aime ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS >DREAMS WINDOW< #1) paris and a surrealist breton #2) dreams of stanford's laberge #3) france draws us for final visit #4) architecture for philosophers #5) marianne ray lady of dreams

         >andre breton master surrealist<
           >shall be a patron of our three<
                >days in paris come may<

                    +A P P O L I N A I R E+
       >who invented the word surrealism<
                    (+MONACO WAS HIS+
                         +CITY OF BIRTH+)
          >shall shall be the inspiration for<
               >our research in the sixth<
              >where he lived high above<
                   >boulevard st germain<

           (>google his amazing spheres<)
          >shall be the visionary architects<
           >that will occupy our attention<
                 >in paris the city of light<

                       +"SECRET PARIS"+
         >shall be our primary guide book<
            >in the search for sacred seeds<
               >hidden away in nooks and<
                  >transcendent crannies<

                   +CROWN OF THORNS+
          >of jesus revealed occasionally at<
               >notre dame cathedral is a<
                    >good place to start<
                      +THRIVED IN PARIS+
                  >it is the city of dreams<
                  >in addition to radiance<

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                 (>dreams become reality<
                   >in radiant paris france<)
                    >eugene ray / degruy<

     #1)                   +"PARIS+
                             >and the<
          >is a good reference to discover<
           >paris surrealist mise-en-scene<
              >like the arcades where the<
                  >seers are to be found<
          >francaise of henri langois would<
            >also be an excellent venue for<
                >reality morphed dreams<

     #2)           +DOCTOR DREAMS+
             >google dr. stephen laberge<
       >stanford scientist stephen laberge<
           >has revealed the vital concept<
                      +LUCID DREAMING+
           >or dreaming while half awake<
            >paris surrealists would have<
                 >adored this experience<
                  +DREAMS HAVE TO BE+
                            >my belief<
                   +PROFOUND VISION+

      #3)              +AIR FRANCE+
         >is my favorite airline medium to<
           >fly to paris or nice seeking the<
                     +TEMPLAR VISION+
            >esoteric comprehension that<
             >america's founding fathers<
                  >valued so very highly<
                    +"ANCIENT ALIENS+
           >and the founding fathers" is a<
             >tv program not to be missed

      #4)           +DESERT de RETZ+
                 >google for information<
       >is the french surrealist assemblage<
                        +18th CENTURY+
           >of 10 dream-like buildings on a<
                       +JUNGLE ESTATE+
            >of francois racine de monville<
                >located just outside paris<
                     +ANDRE MALRAUX+
           >the french minister of culture<
             >under charles degaulle had<
               >these saved in the sixties<

      #5)               +MARIANNE+
        >is the name of the feminine symbol<
             >of france and also my radiant<
               >bride of the last eight years<
          >as i told our doctor last week is<
           >the transcendent alchemy that<
             >illuminates our radiant bond<
                 >causing each day to be a<
                     +VERY SPECIAL GIFT+

                           >our vital<
               +FAITHFUL COMPANION+
            >the cross of lorraine was the<
                   +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
             >double red cross type logo<
               +CHARLES DEGAULLE AND+
                +JOAN OF ARC AS THEIR+
                    +RADIANT SYMBOL+
         >can be found as a fifty foot high<
          >monument in the small village<
            >the modest degaulle home<
                     >st bernard's abbey<
               +TWELVE MILES FROM THE+
                        >degruy chateau<
                    +MAGNY FOUCHARD+ !

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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