Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fwd: EXOTIC FACTORS & FORCES OF > PRIMARY LOUISIANA AESTHETICS is the paper i wrote to introduce (TULANE UNIVERSITY 1967-1969) tonights five>discussion photos< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS=EXOTIC FACTORS REF #1)1of 25 sdsu faculty exhibitions #2)1of many explanation lectures #3) key new orleans exotic design #4)1of 25 years of discussion refs #5) tropical tensile nola structure ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^YUCATAN WAS A VITAL FOCUS = >of my nola organic references< !

to my talented and famed friend<
master of the exotic<

                +NEW YEAR GREETINGS+
to my wonderful friends in and of<
especially of the "ancient regime"
like john and tania messina and<
robin lobdell beeman who<
how important the yucatan was<     
to my design consciousness<

                   (>google : my essays)
is the great french explorer i would<
have loved to have known and<
i am grateful to remember<
                   +ROBERT WAUCHOPE+
famed tulane archaeologist<
               +GERTRUDE (TRUDY) BLUM+
widow of the legendary franz blum<
important tulane archaeologist<

                   +EXOTIC 1960-1970+
yucatan maya essence met egyptian<
in the research of le plongeon but<
also my new orleans oeuvre<

               +"EXPLORERS GIFT SHOP"+
(chartres street, vieux carre<
near degruy/roy houses<)
to express color/light/energy<
                   +(YUCATAN EXOTICS)+
this was for the traylor brothers<
who i built the radiant concept<
               +"TRAYLOR APARTMENT"+
published in "american home"<
followed by the most vital<
                   +"JAZZ WORKSHOP"+         
published in the times picayune<
sunday rotogravure section<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           (>radiant exotic influences in<
my work and teaching<)

   #1)            +RADIANT EXOTIC+
influence is found in my exhibitions<
always prominent and importent<
          (>biotronic energy increasingly<)

    #2)              +COLOR SLIDE+
presentations were vital in offering<
the many factors found in my<
                      +EXOTIC OEUVRE+
(three screen presentations<
on three continents<)

    #3)          +EXOTIC BIOMORPH+    
this, i consider the essence of my<
nola radiant tropic architecture<
the warm southerly winds<

     #4)         +RADIANT TEACHING+  
references at sdsu on the class table<
where i spread out each morning<
synergising the message<

     #5)        +RADIANT PROTOTYPE+
dynamic tensile resilient structure<
for the city park of new orleans<
designed in california for the<
park expansion project<

attention my thnoc friends<
               +FASCINATING HISTORY+
very few scholars are aware that<
actually came to new orleans for<
the cotton centenial fair and<
            +WANTED TO BUILD A MAYA+
(temple replica)<
                +STRUCTURE FOR THAT+
                  +MAGNIFICENT FAIR+
that influenced lafcadio hearn and<
george staigg (my grandfather<
who became a cotton factor)<
city of new orleans<
              +LIGHTS WERE TURNED ON+      

                gene ray, lajolla, california

eugene ray, mfa, architect<
professor emeritus, sdsu<

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