Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GENIUS AND THE MOBACRACY !!! mack/fuller & harvard university/ jean cocteau/ufo/south of france ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DR JOHN MACK Phd scholar hero in the study of human abductions accused/cleared/ killed in london ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PHI BETA KAPPA & CUM LAUDE > brave search into ALIEN BEINGS & >UNKNOWN DIMENSIONS

                  +SCHOLARS AS HEROS+
        >john mack and buckminster fuller<
        >shared condemnation by harvard<
                   +MACK WAS CLEARED+
              (>simpletons had hard time<
                   >accepting abductions<
                       >by alien beings<)
                  +FULLER WAS EJECTED+
           >out of box genius unaceptable<
               >to backward univ. squares<

                 +ARTIST-POET AS HERO+
           >jean cocteau and ufo research<
                  >in the south of france<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >genius and the mobacracy<
                 >(ref: frank lloyd wright)<

    #1)           +ROCKET SCIENTISTS+
        >german rocket scientists brought<
            >from peenemunde after the<
                >second world war were<
                    +IN THE HUNDREDS+
        >werner von braun (3rd from right<
           >first row) genius brains behind<
                    +V2-HERMES ROCKET+
            >that put the usa on the moon<
         >my bride, met him twice, at china<
           >lake and cape canavarel as her<
             >first husband was a physicist<
                +WHO BECAME FOCUSED+
                     +ON UFO RESEARCH+
         >synchronistically my brother was<
           >part of the michoud/nola team<
               >who built the rocket and i<
                        +MONTE VEDRA+
               >designed  a new town for<
                  >the german scientists<

      #2)       +BUCKMINSTER FULLER+
           >was the greatest genius of our<
               >inspiration in the years of<
                          +VINCI VISION+
                 >design teaching at sdsu<
         >structures was his great design<
             >strength in lt. wt. structure<
           +"NINE CHAINS TO THE MOON"+
            >one of his great books reflects<
                >the scope of his focus and<
                         +UFO-ET INSIGHT+
                 >was an inspiration to him<
                      (>and to me as well<)

        #3)       +DR JOHN MACK Phd+
          >phi beta kappa (like my dear first<
              >wife, marian) gratuated cum<
                  >laudi from harvard univ<
                       >harvard professor<
                     +TELLING THE TRUTH+
            >killed at night in london after<
              >being cleared at harvard of<
                 +UNFOUNDED CHARGES+
         >remember my experience at sdsu<
            >of being called a communist w/<
                       (+CLEARED AND+
              >my focus on affordable and<
                >environment sustainable<

       #4)           +JEAN COCTEAU+
                >FRENCH UFO RESEARCH+
       >french artist/poet visionary genius<
           >said to be secret leader of the<
                       +PRIORY de SION+
         >templar/society de st. sacrement<
              >underground organization<
                   >w/ degruy/st. bernard<
            >linkage to rennes le chateau<
                >and louisiana planchard<
                  >in saint charles parish<
                     >strongly linked w/<
               (>all tied to priory de sion /<
                >rennes le chateau history<)

      #5)             +LOS ANGELES+
            >february 25th, 1942, ufo battle<
        >marianne conway ray, my bride, is<
            >huddled in her closet w/ her<
              >mother as 14 hundreds of<
                  >rounds are fired at a<
              +GIANT DISK-SHAPED UFO<
                +OVER CULVER CITY-L.A.+
              >witnessed by thousands of<
                 >astounded l. a. citizens<
              +"UFOs OVER CALIFORNIA"+
                   (>by preston dennett<
                     >a good reference<)

              +AT CHINA LAKE NEARBY W/+
                       >california desert<
                +THE ROCKET SCIENTISTS+
           >and her physicist husband who<
              >became a ufo researcher w/<
                   >much devotion to the<
        >she was impressed w/ the spirit of<
           >the german scientists and met<
                  +WERNER VON BRAUN+
                          >two special<
                      +O C C A S I O N S+
             >when he played german folk<
                  >tunes on his accordian<
                   +HISTORY FULL CIRCLE+
             >july 1969 we reach the moon<
                 >september 1969 i began<
                     +SDSU ENV. DESIGN+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<


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