Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

HOMAGE & GRATITUDE are vital= five people who i want to thank > and reasons of their importance ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ELISE RAY=MARIAN OLSEN RAY= GEORGIO de CHIRICO=BERNARD de CLAIRVAUX=RANDOLPH RAY- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ these deceased are in addition to those of you who are quite alive= MARIANNE=DAVE=JIM & MANY others who have aided my path !

                  +JANUARY 15th, 2013+
                  >san diego, california<
        >yesterday marianne and i were in<
                       +BALBOA PARK+
          >enjoying the s.d, museum of art<
                  +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+
          >books in the shop are revealing<
           >for the inner often overlooked<
           >orientation and drive for two<
               >of our greatest architects<

              +WHO WOULD THEY THANK+
                  +IF THEY COULD TODAY+
                >louis sullivan for wright<
                    >pere coutourier for<
                         >le corbusier< ?

         >five people who i don't want to<
            >overlook who have aided me<
                >greatly in this life's path<
          >this is in addition to those who<
              >are alive and help me daily<
                         +DAVE FOBES+
               >fabulous help to me daily<
                          +JIM BOURKE+
                     >wonderful support<
                +MARIANNE CONWAY RAY+
                     >beloved wife always<
             +AND MANY OTHERS OF YOU+
                  +WHO I DEEPLY THANK+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                      >five heroes of life<

    #1)                 +ELISE L. RAY+
                  >new orleans, louisiana<
        >my father's sister who gave me a<
           >frank lloyd wright book on my<
                       +16TH BIRTHDAY+
            >and thougtfully/ generously<
               >aided me throughout life<
                +TOOL WAS A LATER GIFT+
                    +A WONDERFUL AID+

     #2)          +MARIAN OLSEN RAY+
               >new orleans la. to lajolla ca<
                    >(photo/safari to italy)<
         >beloved first wife who shared life<
           >devotedly during difficult times<
            (>starting architectural practice<
               >and teaching w/ income of<
                   >a very modest nature<)
               +MARIAN WAS A BRILLIENT+
                     >+PHI BETA KAPPA+< !
           >quiet/modest great mother to<
                >three wonderful children<

      #3)       +GEORGIO de CHIRICO+
        >this seminal book introduced the<
           >concept of metaphysical art to<
                      +INNER SOURCE+
              >me and i realised that was<
                  >what i was doing with<
                     +PHOTO COLLAGE+
          >synergising life and work with<
            >strong personal orientation<

       #4)     +BERNARD de CLAIRVAUX+
        >amazing saint bernard architect of<
                   +GOTHIC CATHEDRALS+
           >over two hundred monasteries<
               >developed the rules of the<
                        >(priory de sion)<
                     +KNIGHTS TEMPLAR+
           >and was the spiritual leader of<
                      +VERLOIN deGRUY+
               >magny fouchard chateau<
                >extended allied families<
                +HOLY SHROUD OF JESUS+
                     >their precious relic<

     #5)         +RANDOLPH J. RAY JR+
        >ranny our deceased brother who<
            >is the intellectual hero of my<
                >life on this planet earth<
            +RANNY WAS A DYNAMO OF+
                 +MASTERFUL ARTISTRY+
               >what a wonderful blog he<
                  >would have created w/<
                       >fabulous insights<
              +WHAT CRASHED NEAR OUR+
                        (>dunbar letter to<
                          >pres jefferson<)
                   +BATON ROUGE HOME+
              >this happened on april fifth<
               >and no one can determine<
                        +WHAT OR WHY+ !

                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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