Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WHILE WE SLEEP=amazing space events happen=CHANGE history ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SILVER SHIP on my BIRTHDAY => UFO>OCTOBER 26th 2012

                    +WHILE WE SLEEP+
        >amazing events in space and on<
        >earth happen that shall change<
                  +HISTORY FOREVER+
      >new viewers, it must be mentioned<
         >that i saw a cylindrical silver ufo<
             >over baton rouge at age 15<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
      >one kilometer long ufo over mexico<
          >on my eightieth birthday is the<
                         +SILVER SHIP+
            >most amazing recent event<
              >to come to my attention<

    #1)                +SILVER SHIP+
          >entering volcano popocatapeti<
              >is available on a video clip<
             (>the attempts to explain this<
                  >are quite entertaining<)

     #2)          +2012 CROP CIRCLE+
           >uk expert colin andrews is the<
              >man who coined the term<
                         +CROP CIRCLE+
                    >google his website<
             >colin shall lecture at the ufo<
                >conference in arizona at<
                     +FORT MCDOWELL+
           >(see "open minds" magazine)<

      #3)            +NASA PHOTOS+
       >are filled with structural anomalies<
         >on mars and the backside of the<
           >recent photos from the moon<
              >reveal a large base named<
                >google for information<

      #4)              +MARS FACE+
         >the government spent a fortune<
             >attempting to discredit the<
              >anomalies on planet mars<
                 +THE PROBLEM IS THAT+
                  +THERE ARE TO MANY+

       #5)              +GEOMETRY+
     >artificial structure in nasa photos is<
         >very hard to explain as natural<
          >(there are no boxes in nature)<

                +THE PHOTOS OF "LUNA"+
                         >not this one<
                     +MUST BE SEEN TO+
                         +BE BELIEVED+

       >the books of former nasa engineer<
                  +MAURICE CHATELAINE+
               >should be carefuly studied<
               +"OUR ANCESTORS CAME+<
                   +FROM OUTER SPACE"+
           (>chatelaine was based at convair<
            >here in san diego and a friend<
                        +RON SCHAEFER+
                          >(math genius)<
               >knew him well and vouches<
                >for his complete integrity<)
                >event known by chatelain<
                     >of giant moon ufo<

                 >for my related ufo piece<
                         >please google<
                +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
                     +DESERT INCIDENTS+
                  gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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