Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, January 25, 2013

PRECIOUS DAYS on this PLANET posterity shall decide our place ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LIFE HAS MANY DIMENSIONS & for me >louisiana & california<- ZONES to LEARN=GROW=BUILD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GRATITUDE to ROBET GAUGHEN & ANN FLEMING old/new friends ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=CALIFORNIA OEUVRE #1) radiant secrets into the light #2) retrospective exhibition 1980 #3) radiant strength architecture #4) biotronic inflatable structure #5) sdsu classroom/studio 70-80 Inbox x

      >to new friend ann fleming who sent<
        >me a national geographic link re:<
                         +JOAN OF ARC+
         >who crossed the aube river with<
                    +KING RENE D'ANJOU+
              >near the degruy chateau at<
                     +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
             >approx six hundred years ago<

              +IS CLOSE TO CLAIRVAUX+
                      >st bernard abby<
                 +& MAGNY FOUCHARD+

      >tonights photos for robert gaughen<
           >who like dave fobes, tom davis<
              >ralph bowman, mario lara<
                      >nancie greenfield<
             >roger utt, john holland and<
                  >other early seventies<
                       +SDSU ALUMNI+
             >were w/ me in the bell tower<
                         +OLD LIBRARY+
               >studio classroom lab where<
                    +HISTORY WAS MADE+

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >ten early years of my oeuvre<
                 >in california traces vital<
                     >work development<

    #1)           +RADIANT SECRETS+
                         >into the light<
                            +L U C E S+
            >exhibition in the last full year<
                             +1 9 9 5+
             >before my retirement of the<
                >work w/ color, light and<
                          +E N E R G Y+
         >bob wil remember the sdsu class<
                 +SYNERGETIC ENVIRONS+
          >was based on this radiant work<

      #2)          +DOCUMENTA 1980+
        >was an exhibition of the california<
          >oeuvre, the first ten years, which<
           >culminated w/ the "silver ship"<
                           +D O M U S+
         >publcation the next year and the<
                   +PARIS BIENNAL 1985+
                      +A+U TOKYO 1985+
             >are radiant memories for me<

       #3)        +SPHERICAL VOLUME+
       >with biotronic energy, gardens and<
           >extra strong enclosure defying<
                    +STORMS & QUAKES+
            >became our prototypes focus<
                      +ROBERT GAUGHEN+
          >will remember my effort to open<
             >the outer shell w/ the design<
                   +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+

       #4)           +INFLATABLES+
     >in the seventies on we built a series<
        >of inflatables for exhibitions and<
                +SYNERGETIC ENVIRONS+
        >bob gaughen will remember our<
          >camping trip to arcosanti and<
              >taliesin west using a large<
                       +AIR STRUCTURE+
              (>cost fifty dollars housing<
                 >fifty sdsu/ed students<)

       #5)     +RADIANT PROTOTYPES+
       >galore filled our seventies sdsu/ed<
          >studio/classroom where tensile<
             >biomorphic structures with<
            >volumes made design history<
                     +ROBERT GAUGHEN+
            >and many others were part of<
               >that history that this blog<
                >nightly tries to illuminate<

                       +ROBERT BIGELOW+
            >as an example was building his<
              >las vegas based hotel empire<
                   +AND DEEP INTO UFO+
                 +RESEARCH THAT WOULD<
                      >bigelow aerospace<
                +IGNITE HIS SPACE EFFORT+
           >nasa just awarded him a special<
           >eighteen million dollar contract<
                 >to build his space station<

         >last night i watched the interview<
            >w/ robert lazar before he was<
           >(google : bob lazar found dead)<
                    +ARE DOUBLE LOCKED+
          >remember professor john mack<
             >harvard abduction specialist<
                 +RUN OVER IN LONDON+
           >google : john mack murdered<
                 >look for "the man who<
                           +GOT AWAY+

                   gene ray, lajolla, california

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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