Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BATON ROUGE SPACE OBJECT ! > dunbar report to jefferson 1800 ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ANCIENT ALIENS IN AMERICAS=>egyptian/nubian/extraterrestrial ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WASHINGTON ESOTERIC DESIGN jefferson/franklin/washington & lafayette templar/masonic vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RA EGYPTIAN SOLAR EYE symbol on >great seal< of united states ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ UFO & G CAPITAL DOME MURAL founding father=>philosophics

                     +ANCIENT ALIENS+
      >in the americas & founding fathers<
        >templar/masonic/esoteric vision<
              >is a very enlightning study<
       >in some ways the ancient alien's tv<
                         +(LAST NIGHT)+
           >program was very good (better<
            >then i expected) but a lot was<
                 >duty in france periods<
            >i have written much about>
              >lafayette templar/mason<
                 >washington influence<
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                     >thomas jefferson<

             >i have written much about<
                  >my transcendent ufo<
                     >b.r. sighting but<
                 >american "philosophical"
                      >society president<
               +IN 1800 WAS NEW TO ME+
                  >google for this report<
         >this sighting was very similar to<
            >marianne & my sighting over<
              >(i have written about this<
                    >google my message<

                 +CAPITAL DOME MURAL+
          >as i watched this segment i was<
           >amazed at the ufo dome mural<
                     +CAPITAL ROTUNDA+
             >image but astounded about<
               >the templar freemason "g"<
           >amazingly i had never noticed<
           >the "g" in my own ra sun disk<
                        +TULANE ICON+
              >until just yesterday, take a<
              >look in the recent posting<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >all from the current issue of<
                   +ANCIENT AMERICAN+
             >archaeology of the americas<
                    +BEFORE COLUMBUS+
             >volume 16, issue number 97<
              (>article by prof. robert list<
                >on "poverty point"ruins<)

      #1)     +ANCIENT EGYPT OBJECT+
                 >"lady elche of the west"
                        >by f. j. & w. may<
                       (>seperate article<)
         >six inch diameter egypt cuniform<
            >object found in the mountains<
                       +SIX FEET DOWN+
                >of utah in the mid 20th C.<

      #2)        +ANCIENT CITY RUINS+
        >"poverty point" la. (original name<
             >unknown), is near rayville la<
                       +1500-1200 BCE+
          >with links to the mexican olmec<
                      (+LARGE AFRICAN+
                       >NUBIAN HEADS+)
            >at la venta where sdsu design<
                 >students went with me<
                     >in the late 1970s<

      #3)         +EGYPTIAN SNAKE+
     >first dynasty game titled MEHEN may<
      >progender "poverty point" city plan<
            >aztec=maya=egyptian and<
               >even chinese links are<
                   >at "poverty point"<
                  >is smiling at all this<
                    +PEARL RIVER-GIZA+
         +the egyptian copper mining site<
             >on the louisiana pearl river<
               >is described in this article<

     #4)         +COMETS OR UFOS+?
          >symbols found carved on stone<
               >remind one of the dunbar<
              >report to thomas jefferson<

     #5)          +DUNBAR MOUND+
          +"poverty point" louisiana plan<
             >reminds of dave's painting<
                    +DUNBAR SCHOLAR+
        (>synchronistically this dunbar may<
         >be the same as jefferson's dunbar<)
           +LATITUDE 30 IS THE LOCUS OF+
                   +BOTH THE NILE AND+
           >thanks to this exellent article<
                   >by dr. robert n. list<
                >jackson state university<

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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