Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, January 18, 2013

COLONIES IN SPACE CONCEPTS our sdsu prototypes predicted > ARCHITECTURE FOR THE MOON cones/domes & biomorphics are >strongest structures for future private companies colonization ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "OPEN MINDS" magazine article by jason mcclellan predict future TIME WARP DRIVE space travel ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SCI FI synchronicity in san diego draws thousands of ardent fans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ UFO conference near TALIESIN WEST/ feb 26th-march 3rd 2013

        >i remember taking my two oldest<
          >children to the first "comic con"<
                     +1972 SCI FI CONF+
              >held in the el cortez hotel<
                 >(downtown san diego)<
                   >by john lloyd wright<

                       +RAY BRADBURY+
           >lectured out at sdsu and took<
            >much interest in our designs<
             >were the strongest/lightest<
                >and most economical of<
                    >structures i taught<
                  +FORTY YEARS LATER+
      >the sci fi has become sci fact as the<
         >recent "comic con" draws huge"
            >enthusiast crowds from all<
                >over the known world<

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >"open minds" magazine article<
                >reveals "time warp drive"<
                        +SPACE TRAVEL+
                >and private colonization<
                  >of far off space bodies<

   #1)     +"OPEN MINDS" MAGAZINE+
                   >february/march issue<
      >(gift of my brother walker) just out<
            >with tonights special feature<
             >"the approaching reality of<
                 +SPACE COLONIZATION"+
                     >by jason mcclellan<

           >we shall attend the upcoming<
                            +2 0 1 3+
              >sponsered by "open minds"<
                   >february 28-march 3<
                   +NEAR TALIESIN WEST+
          >east of scotsdale arizona at the<
           >fort mcdowell resort & casino<
                  +fountain hills, arizona<

     #2)               +WARP DRIVE+
     >concept diagram by dr. harold white<
      >nasa engineer, predicts space travel<
         >in the works, cutting travel time<
                       +EARTH-MARS IN+
                            +SIX WEEKS+ !
              >via faster then light speeds<

      #3)        +CONTOUR CRAFTING+
        >construction of cones and domes<
           >on foreign space bodies using<
                    +DENSE COMPOSITS+
             >already existing soil source<

      #4)           +COLONIZATION+
        >on mars is planned by elton musk<
         >a billonaire entrepreneur with a<
           >presentation last november in<
              (>royal aeronautical society<)
              (>synchronistically close to my<
                           +ARCH ASSOC+
                >two london presentations<
                    >of cone/dome design<

      #5)        +MARS ONE COLONY+
         >proposed by elton musk of cones<
          >and domes to be built in approx<
                            +12 YEARS+
                 >shall cost an estimated<
                        >billion dollars<

                  +UNIVERSAL SPHEROID+
       >my first california res. prototype of<
            (>especially the 65 ft diameter<
               >multi level spatial design<)
              +SHOULD BE UTILISED FOR+
                       >garden volume<
               +ITS INNER VORTEX SPACE+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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