Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

READING SILVER SHIP POETRY= was our lunchtime nourishment> during construction>1979-1980< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CHRIS JUNG WAS HOUSE POET> dave/mario/jack/dennis also>>> CREATED SPIRITUAL AMBIENCE> photos record by jack houston > captures our daily commitment> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ D.G. WILLS BOOKSHOP IMAGE= 1980 photo collage w/ my work >>RADIANT ARCHITECTURE<
                >cone hats/sharp wisdom<

                  +SILVER SHIP POETRY+
                  +READINGS 1979-1980+

           >although i had japanese haiku<
            >poetry books galore to read<
                      +"MAGI POEMS"+
               >from, it was our in-house<
                 >poet/fellow esotericist<
                   +CHRISTOPHER JUNG+
        >who nourished us daily with many<
                +PERSONAL EXPRESSIONS+
                  (>we were so fortunate<
                      >for a radiant aura<)

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >by jack houston capture those<
              >magical spiritual moments<

      #1)         +CHRIS JUNG READS+
                         >(vital essence)<
                  +DAVE FOBES EMPATHY+
        >these two have been friends since<
           >eighth grade in redlands calif<
                    +NOTICE LAMELLAS+
             >(corr. alumn roof structure)<

      #2)          +MARIO LARA 1980+
                      +C R A F T S M A N+
         >lunchtime silver ship photo with<
           >detail of the giant 40 ft truss<
                    +TWO 3 by 12 INCH+
              >which mario greatly aided<
                 >the difficult assembly<

      #3)           +JACK HOUSTON+
                   >youngest apprentice<
       >positive spirit in difficult moments<
           >kept all in upbeat mode with<
                  >passiflora good cheer<
                >(alums use in facebook)<
             +AS A LOGO FOR MY WORK+)

     #4)               +CHRIS JUNG+
        >poet/builder has restored wright<
             >gill, eames and gill houses in<
                  >los angeles... (take note<
                     >howard spellman)
                     +ESOTERIC VISION+
        >theme of much of my text is close<
         >to chris's heart and we note he<
                       +PALOS VERDES+
           >was married in lloyd wright's<
             >famed radiant glass chapel<

         >ray (a title i treasure for opening<
            >design research opportunity)<
         >by d. g. wills made in his original<
                >bookshop at the time of<
       (>collage made for my eighth grade<
          >class fiftieth year reunion at the<
          >st. anthony school/baton rouge<)

                     +POST SILVER SHIP+
     >i am proud that all of our craftsmen<
          >have become star professionals<
           (>none w/ previous experience<
               >(const) before silver ship<)

       >inherited his father's genius with<
         >and already had the knowledge<
           >to electro wire the silver ship<
              +BUT I WORKED CLOSELY+
                  +AS RADIANCE VITAL+
           >look for the night photo very<
              >similar to sansouci forest<
                       +KURT VERSEN+
               >(spots on key paintings)<

                         +CHRIS & JACK+
        >have their own construction firms<
         >in los angeles...chris is noted for<
            >famed "chemosphere house"<
                      +VITAL (GOOGLE)+
            >(lautner) revamp for taschen<

                       +DAVE & MARIO+
        >are leading design arts university<
          >professors...both have exellent<
            >creative & exhibition records<
                      +BRILLIENT COLOR
          >i am happy to note has become<
            >dave's focus and installation<
                >has been mario's focus<
          >dave is also a master furniture<
          >designer/craftsman and mario<
               >exellent with prototypes<

            +NEW ORLEANS & NEW YORK+
                  >all storm zones in fact<
                      +URGENTLY NEED+
         >instead of standard construction<
            >which are going to fail again<
                +RESILIENT PROTOTYPES+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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