Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, November 19, 2012

AESTHETICS IN ANCIENT EGYPT> radiant/powerful/incredible=!!!> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ EXTRATERRESTRIAL INFLUENCE> developed full blown "overnight" w/ sumerian resource similarly !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS TRACE EGYPT BEAUTY art/architecture in OWN league> >TRANSCENDENT MANIFESTS

       >to sdsu/ed alum howard spellman<
         >for devoted references to auto<
            >design of exceptional order<
                     +ETTORE BUGATTI+
         >the great french auto designer<
                          +A R T I S T+
              >had the eye of a magician<

                 +EGYPTIAN AESTHETICS+
      >are a special study of mine and the<
      >book i recommend to examine this<
                  (+TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+)
      >is "egypt" in the knopf guide series<
             >first published in france by<
        (>whose store in paris is fabulous<
           >even if you don't read french<)

      >in my conclusion was in a league all<
         >by itself in its time and tonight's<
              >photos coupled w/ the work<
                >of chris dunn & w.c. bong<

              +WILL SUPPORT THIS VIEW+

        >yes, to a certain extent,"beauty is<
             >in the eye of the beholder"<
              +in my studied estimation<
                 +RADIANT & POWERFUL+
          >and the ancient egyptian artists<
             >knew the secrets to produce<
                          +SEVEN ARTS+
              >it in many different modes<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >aesthetic energy radiance<
                >ancient egypt seven arts<

     #1)             +POLYCHROME+
     >architectural surfacing in vast urban<
       >spaces was superior to any culture<
         >even the maya, persian and any<
                  +MODERN COUNTRIES+
         >including modern brazilia locus<
                     +IMPRESSIVE BUT+
              >of my last foreign lecture<

      >of architectural elements by a society
          >that had no machines is alone a<
                  +PERFECT COMPOUND+
                     +CURVE SURFACES+
            >strong clue to extraterrestrial<
                  +technological interface<
                   +CHRISTOPHER DUNN+
         >the english master machinist has<
            >presented an ironclad case for<
                >this in his profound book<
                 +"LOST TECHNOLOGIES+
                    +OF ANCIENT EGYPT"+

       #3)         +FEMININE BEAUTY+
      >of the highest perfection is found in<
           >thousands of works of ancient<
                 >egyptian art with queen<
                    >leading in radiance<

        #4)        +MAGIC SYMBOLS+
        >in their pictographic writing reveal<
           >a civilization deeply cognizant of<
                +SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS+
                    +AESTHETIC ENERGY+
         >artists were as magicians able to<
            >provide profound dimensions<
                          +BY WAY OF+
             >transcendent manifestations<

        #5)            +ALCHEMISTS+
      >in ancient egypt worked miracles in<
         >many scientific technologies such<
           >as embalming the many royal<
                         +M U M M I E S+
              >egyptians percieve as one<
           >sacred architecture designers<
          >the stuff of scientific magicians<
                  +AS GIFTED AS SEERS+
               >radiant aesthetic energy<
                +THEIR ULTIMATE MEDIA+
                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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