Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

METAPHYSICAL ART DIMENSION blood/soul/soil/seeds and light= ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ RADIANT ARCHITECTURE@ SDSU maya/creole nola resource= ART HARVEST @ >THE SILVER SHIP< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=ALCHEMY MAGIQUE #1) chakmool/plongeon/yucatan #2) french louisiana jungle seeds #3) color/light/energy=alchemy #4) radiant exhibition @ tulane #5) synergetic sdsu art building ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ INSPIRED/GALVENISED@SDSU /twenty-five years of production PROTOTYPES AND SYNERGETICS

        >again to david fobes whose deep<
            >commitment to the world of<
           >has fueled his enormous effort<
               >to record and present my<
                >in the best possible way<
             +VERSION OF MY WEB-BLOG+
                +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
                          +OCT 2, 2012+
             >(sept 23 version is obsolete)<

                  +THANKS MUCH DAVE+
       >the organization and presentation<
            >of my images and words on a<
                   +BLACK BACKGROUND+
         >is of the best possible order and<
              >i am everlastingly grateful<
                 >view his radiant oeuvre<
                             >and as a<
                   +GIFTED INSTRUCTOR+
                          >art & design<
                     +SAN DIEGO STATE+
            >and to his beautiful wife and<
                >wonderful new house in<
                   >addition to this effort<

      >also to sdsu/ed alum james bourke<
                     +BOURKE DESIGNS+
       >for his spirited continual aid to me<
          >on top of the obligations of his<
              >vital design/build company<
                  >and his beautiful bride<

                      +FLASH OF LIGHT+
                    (>deep evening sky<)
                +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
         >began in the tropical alchemy of<
                        +Y U C A T A N+
          >and creole new orleans nights<
           >decades of new orleans work<
              >and a quarter century of<
                >creative oeuvre/work<

                   +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
        >the energy of the tropic cyclones<
             >came off africa across maya<
                 >yucatan to new orleans<
   #1)      +PLONGEON MAGIQUE+
            >french visionary just after the<
                 >extraction of the sacred<
             >from its maya yucatan secret<
                  >ancient earth burial site<

    #2)        +JUNGLE ALCHEMY+
           >seeds of a new orleans annual<
                >summer gathering safari<
                      >yield our radiant<
        (>every summer i would return to<
               >new orleans for refueling<)

       #3)       +RADIANT CONCEPT+
            (>"architecture as situation<
                 >environment as light"<)
                   +DESIGN EDUCATORS+
                    +CONFERENCE 1972+
        >for the first time i presented the<
          >concept of synergetic environs<
          >electromagnetic radiant energy<

       #4)         +TULANE ALCHEMY+
        >teaching in the architecture school<
              >working on my mfa degree<
                 +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
        >gradually resolved in my research<
            >into a potent design direction<
                +"THE JAZZ WORKSHOP"+
                       >nola vieux carre<
              +EXPLORERS & APARTMENT+
               (>before tulane i had built<
                 >two radiant projects for<
                    >the traylor brothers<)

          #5)        +SDSU ALCHEMY+
       >it was at san diego state university<
            >that radiant architecture was<
                >brought to international<
            >between 1985 and 1995 many<
              >spread the radiant concepts<

               +MOST OF YOU HAVE BEEN+
                         >how lucky i am<
                 +COMPANIONS WITH ME+
                       +IN THIS JOURNEY+
                >gene ray, lajolla, california<

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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