Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, October 20, 2012

RADIANT JUNGLE METAPHYSICS new orleans city of our dreams > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BEAUTIFUL-POETIC=>DANGER< hurricanes/termites/mosquitoes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GUMBO YA YA WAS OUR BIBLE > (my mother's favorite ref. book as my father shined his packard) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DARBY MAP REVEALS HISTORY> degruy plantations/ the temple/ lake (de) lery/ bayou bienvenue ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NOLA TO CALIFORNIA HARVEST dave fobes heroic effort for art ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THNOC GRAPHICS GIFT LUNCH !

                    +RADIANT ROOTS+
        >excitement builds as we look to<
                      +NEW ORLEANS+
        >(southwest airlines on thursday)<
         >to dave fobes for hours of hard<
            >work daily to craft this blog<
                >into something special<
                         +R A D I A N T+
           (>i am so touched to see this<
               >happen while i am alive<)

        >dave has crafted a beautiful pair<
           >of sonotubes to transport my<
        >to gift at a napoleon house lunch<
             >for several of my friends at<
                >and other good friends<

           >to nikki barranger for news of<
                     +"ACCIDENTAL CITY"+
             >a new book ref. new orleans<

                   +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
           >jungle fertility progenders a<
                   >harvest in california<

       #1)            +NEW ORLEANS+
             (>darby map purchased from<
                   >the library of congess<)

                  +NOLA JUNGLE ROOTS+
      a)  >temple : lower left, locus of pirate<
               >lafitte camp in the barataria<
                        +RADIANT JUNGLE+
             (>indian mound temple ref. back<
                >to degruy/orient forest fr.<)
              >degruy indian mound jungle<
                >plantation locus northeast<
                     >(bayou intersection)<

      b)  >bouligny canal : above on m. rive r<
                >locus of main degruy sugar<
                     +DOME SUGAR MILL+
            (>original bouligny/boudouskie<
                    >18 c indigo plantations>)

      c) >earlier degruy and related family<
             >st. charles parish plantations<
          >(see labranche) /river,upper left<

      d)  >lake lery : named after the mary<
                >plantation original owner<
                >(see on mid-right of plan)<

      e) >chouachas concession : on river at<
              >extreme lower position with<
                >degruy louis xv land grant<

       f)  >bienvenue bayou (upper middle)<
              >locus of packenham british at<
                 >the battle of new orleans<
                 >plantation is near, on river<

       #2)                +PALANQUE+
                    >catherwood drawing<
           >the yucatan jungle takes over the<
                          +MAYAN RUINS+
                  >across the gulf of mexico<
                     >directly south of the<

        #3)              +HURRICANES+
               >galvenise the creole harvest<
                 >after leaving the yucatan<

         #4)              +SDSU 1972+
            >creole harvest in the new vision<
                 +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
                 >spheres/cones prototypes<
                      >california biotronics<

         #5)               +PICTORS+
            >san diego california restaurant<
               >a star of the creole harvest<

                      +JUNGLE FERTILITY+
                       +GENETIC MEMORY+
                  >synergise into a radiant<
                        >(thanks to many)<
                    +"SYMPHONY CREOLA"+

                   gene ray, lajolla, california

                  >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                   >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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