Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RADIANT COLOR IN THE JUNGLE> mayan temples were painted red /see tatiana proskouriakoff color renderings while at carnegie inst ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COLOR=LIGHT=ENERGY became my passion in new orleans 1960s ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STEPHENS-CATHERWOOD AND> PROSKOURIAKOFF=MY HEROS@ lsu when teaching architecture & RESEARCHING MAYAN TROPICS !

            >to mary lynn hyde and nikki<
               >barranger for kind words<
                 >ref : our new web/blog<

                   +JUNGLE RADIANCE+
       >my architecture students & friends<
          >at lsu in the mid sixties will not<
            >be surprised at my focus on<
                     +MAYAN TEMPLES+
             >in these midnight musings<
                       +JUNGLE FOCAL+
        >a large illustration on our studio<
            >wall by catherwood was the<
                +GOVERNOR'S PALACE+
                   +UXMALL YUCATAN+
         >where i finally took a busload of<
                    +JUNGLE PILGRIMS+
          >sdsu students in late seventies<
              >(video of slides was made)<
                    +GERTRUDE BLOM+
        >tulane archaeologist franz blom's<
               >widow welcomed us at her<
                          +NA BALOM+
           >jungle museum, mayan shrine<

                  _+TONIGHT's PHOTOS+
        >mayan jungle radiance expressed<
           >in proskouriakoff renderings<

      #1)    +LOST CITIES OF THE MAYA+
                   >by baudez, & picasso<
        >translated from french by palmer<
             >is a fabulous eye opener of<
                     +MAYAN RADIANCE+
           >by the color renderings of the<
                 >talented mayan scholar<
                 >(google her biography)<

        #2)    +JOHN LLOYD STEPHENS+
                           >author and<
                +FREDERICK CATHERWOOD+
                   >great mayan renderer<
        >this catherwood rendering shows<
            >stephens and catherwood at<
               >work in the mayan jungle<
               +"INCIDENTS OF TRAVEL+
                     +IN THE YUCATAN"+
           >their great monumental book<
                      +TWO VOLUMES+
            >that enlightened my life and<
              >teaching over many years<

         #3)#4)  +JUNGLE RADIANCE+
        >tatiana proskouriakoff's drawings<
            >of the red mayan temples at<
                            +T U L U M+
            >where we camped out on the<
                   >under the palm trees<

         #5)   +LOST MAYAN WORLD+
       >catherwood's poignant drawing of<
           >a great mayan stele ruin lost<
               >in the rich jungle milieu<

                  (>magic alchemy of the<)
                    +TROPIC SYNDROME+
                 gene ray , lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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