Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, May 24, 2013

COSMIC VISION & CIVILIZATION leonardo da vinci inspiration has been vital to my creative oeuvre ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^FRENCH KING FRANCOIS I HIRED leonardo for genius in the arts & architecture/michael de gruyeres was a companion in that contract ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS REVEAL THIS HISTORY #1) florence/milan/genoa/savoy #2) universal spheroid design/92 #3) visionary computer / babylon #4) cosmic manifests @ tulane 69 #5) cosmic manifests /england 96

                  +LEONARDO DA VINCI+
       >has to be the ultimate star of my<
            >life/work and blogs for you<
            >his roots, is where the fork<
             >was invented (a good sign)<

     >yesterday as todays blog was a glow<
          >in the back of my head i saw<
                     +"BRESSE 1913"+
         >engraved in the lajolla sidewalk<
              >(waiting 100 years for me)< !
              +TODAYS BLOG INSPIRED+
                +BY THAT ENCOUNTER+
       ( >catherine bresse (our gg mother)<
           >descendent of philip de bresse <
                     +DUKE OF SAVOY+
         >whose family traded the ancient<
                    +SHROUD OF TURIN+
           (for two family castles in france)
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                    >leonardo da vinci<
             +LOOK FOR MY ROOTSWEB+
                     (profound discovery)
               +ESSAY OF JULY 23, 2008+

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
            >leonardo da vinci the star of<
                >my life work and vision<
           >the roots of our gruy people<
                    (+LEONARDO VISIT+
                       +APPROX 1490+)
              >just north of turin/savoy<

       #1)            +CIVILIZATION+
         >grew and matured in this region<
               >roots of leonardo da vinci<
            >roots of catherine de bresse<
               >(philip/admiral of region<
                   >later duke of savoy)<
           >the powerful dukes of savoy<
             >w/ headquarters in turin<
               >originally in chambery<
          (>degruy(ere) cousins, ultimate<
              >owners of shroud of turin<)
             >of french king francois I who<
               >gave a home to leonardo<
                    >at the end of his life<

     #2)               +UNISPHERE+
           >google : eugene ray architect<
            >my cooperative living version<
              >for five families of friends<
                            +OR ONE+
              >multi-generational family<
         >union tribume 1992 & developed<
          >w/ my sdsu/ed prototypes class<
                      +RADIANT DESIGN+
              >good health a vital essence<

      #3)          +COSMIC VISION+
        >this ancient (sumerian/et ?) clock<
            >w/ astronomical orientation<
                >is mindful of the one in<
                       >cosmic visions<
               +OF LEONARDO DA VINCI+

      #4)       +COSMIC ICONS 1969+
         >my 1969 mfa thesis exhibition at<
                   +TULANE UNIVERSITY+
         >showed slides of my architecture<
           >plus a selection of cosmic icons<
                       >(their selection)<
                 +WAS GIVEN TO TULANE+
                >the cross was a vision of<
                           (+SHROUD+) ?
                  >intuitive synchronicity<

    #5)         +COSMIC SIGN 1996+
        >graphic from wun chok bong's<
           >fine book "god's machines<
        >this magnificent crop circle was<
          >constructed miraculously in a<
               >short overnight english<
                +TEACHING AT S.D.S.U.+

          (>note : synchronicity has graced<
             >so much of my life's activity<
                >i am always impressed<)

                gene ray, lajolla, california

              >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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