Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TRANSCENDENT MANIFESTS=> are the result of RADIANT vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS from babylon to bosnia gives ultimate RADIANT ARCHITECTURE VISION ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TONIGHT'S PHOTOS=MARVELS #1) ufo fantastics over california #2) salisbury plain tubes of light #3) cosmic signs in wheat fields #4) sumerian sky ship fantastics #5) biotronic energy for bosnia


         >to sdsu/ed alum and professor<
            >dave fobes hard at work on<
                 >a mingei museum art<
             >stay tuned to mister fobes<

               +RADIANT ENERGY BEAMS+
                  >change life's dynamic<
           >the fifteen year old boy saw<
           >the "impossible" and by age<
                    +PUBLISHED AND+
             >twenty had designed and<
                  >built two churches<

                     >amazing events<
                        +SPRING 1947+
         >the sighting of a ufo silver ship<
            >over baton rouge provided<
              >my expanded awareness<
               +COL ROBERT EMERSON+
          >who was a board member of<
       >national investigation committee<
          >of aerial phenomina w/ offices<
              >in washington became my<
                    >baton rouge friend<
                  +COLONEL EMERSON+
        >lived and lectured in baton rouge<
           >our sighting became part of<
                         +NICAP HEAD+
                 >donald keyhoe's books<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
                >sighting the"impossible"<
                   >set the stage for life<

   #1)       +UFOs OVER CALIFORNIA+
      >is a good review of amazing events<
         >in the california desert that give<
         >kevin and jasmin brekke's move<
             >to the palm springs desert<
                  >is very synchronistic<
                  >eugene ray architect<
                 +"DESERT INCIDENTS"+
              >(aquarius design center)<

      #2)          +TUBES OF LIGHT+
       >were seen by night observers near<
         >stonehenge in the salisbury area<
             >of england forming amazing<
                        +CROP CIRCLES+

      #3)         +COSMIC SYMBOLS+
         >are seen & photographed in the<
          >wheat fields of many different<
           >countries providing plethora<
               >of radiant ongoing, ufo<

        #4)     +ANCIENT ALIEN UFOs+
     >going back to babylon/sumeria and<
      >egypt coupled w/ impossible stone<
                      (+CHRIS DUNN+)
           >construction techniques offer<
             >us rich ancient perspective<
             +"OUR OCCULTED HISTORY"+
               >by jim marrs a must read<

                   +EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS+
      >being found in grand canyon caves<
            >while fbi agents protect the<
               >archaeological discovery<
                >is worth the book price<

     #5)         +BOSNIA PYRAMID+
       >emitting a beam of radiant energy<
            >is a fabulous reward for wun<
                >chok bong's great book<
                +"THE GOD'S MACHINES"+
                       (another must read
             (>which provided us photos<
                  >two and four tonight<)

            >courtesy tielhard de chardin<
                >ancient jesuit visionary<
               +"AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL+
                  +ONLY THE FANTASTIC+
                         +IS POSSIBLE"+

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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