Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, February 8, 2013

REWARDS FOR YOUR PATIENCE tonight at the core of my vision ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SYNERGY IS THE STRENGTH OF > >>a gumbo of the amazing<<= MULTIPLICITY (opposing singles) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL (reality) only the FANTASTIC is POSSIBLE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS to WARM your HEART #1) sumerian tree of life concept #2) cone/sphere radiant energy #3) bosnian sun pyramid energy #4) mayan c.itza pyramid energy #5) extraterrestrial "tree of life"

       >for our new readers my devotion<
        >to biotronic energy architecture<
             >caused me to have to carry<
               >many books for lectures<
                  >in foreign countries<

                +"THE GOD'S MACHINES"+
        >wun chok bong's "magnum opus"<
            >has eliminated that problem<

                +AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL+
                          >of reality<
                 +ONLY THE FANTASTIC+
                  +T R I U M P H A N T+
      (>my version of tielhard de chardin's<
           >radiant quote that fuels these<
                >nightly quests for truth<)

                      >biotronic energy<

           >i should have mentioned our<
            >excursion to cagnes-sur-mer<
                      (+SAINT BERNARD+
             >was templar/gruy footsteps<

                     >new orleans blood<
               +ENERGY THIS MARI GRAS+
                         (>oh to be in<
                              >n i c e<) !
                  +NOLA-FRANCE WEEK+
       >google : >villeneuve-loubet< castle<
        >see the very locus where the pope<
         >met french king francois 1st and<
                      +CHARLES QUINT+
               >the holy roman emperor<
                     (>note: dave fobes<)
               +FOR THE TREATY OF NICE+
         >while celebrating nice mardi gras<
             (>ladies falling into the sea at<
                      >(google my essay)<

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          >importance of biotronic energy<
           >becomes the highest essence<!

       #1)           +"TREE OF LIFE"+
         >thanks to wun chok bongs great<
                          +PP 280-282+
               >book "the gods machines"<
                       +RADIANT ENERGY+
         >expansive biotronic energy forms<
             >make miracles possible at the<
                 >dawn of earth civilization<
                        >as if they were<
               +LIGHT AS GRUE FEATHERS+

      #2)            +CONE & SPHERE+
         >radiant energy as experienced in<
                      >(mardi gras star)<
            >thanks to the "ancient aliens"<
       >the much maligned zecharia sitchin<
          >it should be noted to cynics was<
                      +COAST TO COAST+
              >given a lifetime achievment<
                   >award before he died<

       #3)             +B O S N I A+
       >conical (pyramid) biotronic energy<
                      >RADIANT BEAM+
           >emitting from the sun pyramid<
               >just as in the "tree of life"<

       #4)             +M E X I C O+
       >conical (pyramid) biotronic energy<
                      +RADIANT BEAM+
        >emitting from the mayan pyramid<
            >and supporting the egyptian<
              +AUGUSTUS le PLONGEON+
           >sumerian, mayan link concept<

       #5)      +BABYLONIAN GODS+
     >as von daniken, bong and others so<
         >emphatically point out were the<
          >presence in ancient civilization<
                >that accounted for the<
                 gene ray, lajolla. california

             >eugene ray, lajolla, california<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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