Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, February 25, 2013

SUNSET ON THE PACIFIC TALES for my old friends john & tania & my former sdsu asst ralph b. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TRANSCENDENTAL RADIANCE=> invention of "synergetic environ" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NEW ORLEANS TO SAN DIEGO > color=light=energy/=ALCHEMY OF THE GODS= ( VIBRATIONS ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS=SYNERGETIC VISION #1) electric love garden/sdsu- 71 #2)#3) sweet dreams designs- 81 #4) project sweet dreams photo #5) traylor apt/new orleans 1969

      >to nelson brackin architect/legend<
        >of the wright/goff tradition who<
               >sent a facebook greeting<
                       +I AM TOUCHED+
        >to be hearing from such honored<
            >people and suspect that old<
                     +ARCHITECT FRIEND+
             >tom hart, alum of goff studios<
                 >& university of oklahoma<
                 >has been www busy again<
           >that was a goff painting in tom<
                >and chikako's living room<
                    >i showed on the blog<
                >tom's paintings are also<
          >hope you saw dave fobes latest<
           >optical sensation on facebook<
                           +VIOLET EYE+
                 >is my admiring opinion<

                     +N O S T A L G I A+
            >thirties hollywood memory<
                >academy award sunset<
                         +FOR RALPH+
                  >(personal moments)<
                      +BAR FLY TALE #1+
        >yesterday marianne & i watched<
           >the sunset on the blue pacific<
                       >from the bar of<
                +LAJOLA SHORES HOTEL+
                       >while enjoying<
                  ! +H A P P Y  + H O U R+ !
           >(great fish tacos & libation w/<
                >academy award viewing<)
                       +SHIRLEY TEMPLE+
       >(the drink) was ordered nearby for<
          >a customer's son that reminded<
              >us of marianne's childhood<
                    >attending a party at<
              +SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S HOUSE+
                 >of her westwood youth<
                  (>bowman my sdsu asst<
                       >in the seventies<)
                  +MAY PREFER HER LIZ+
                     +TAYLOR MEMOIR+)

                      +BAR FLY TALE #2+
        >more architectural a bar tale is at<
             >the inn in rancho santa fe of<
                         +LILLIEN RICE+
          >design w/ scrumptious burgers<
              >washed down w/ whiskey<
            >because this is the very place<
                  +FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT+
          >it is still a tranquil and beautiful<
             >old california mise-en-scene<
               +FORGIVE THESE HUMAN+
                    +D I G R E S S I O N S+

                   +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
           >the synergetic side of my work<
            >relating to color/light/energy<
                        +I N S P I R E D+
              >by new orleans roots back<
                 >to france/yucatan and a<
                  >childhood ufo sighting<

       #1)     +ELECTRIC LOVE GARDEN+
           >was the first color/light/energy<
                       +SYNERGETIC 1971+
                >i constructed in california<
                   +BIOTRONIC ENERGY+
       >was the profound side and friends<
          >from new orleans john & tania<
               >messina visited who had<
               >my synergetic nola efforts<

      #2)     +PROJECT SWEET DREAMS+
      #3)        >san diego yogurt shop<
                       +WATER SOUND+
         >i was honored that the talented<
                    +MUSEUM CURATOR+
         >larry uruttia invited me to design<
               >this space/time synergetic<
              >(doubling as a yogurt shop)<

     #4)        +STANDARD PHOTOS+
               >don't do the experience<
                     >synergetic justice<
                 +SHALL SHOW THE FIBER+
                      +OPTIC FURNITURE+
                              +S O O N+
            >the ultimate experience here<
                  +WAS WORKING FROM+
                       +DARK TO LIGHT+
              >dave fobes & chris jung were<
                   >great craftsmen of this<
                       >synergetic environ<

     #5)      +NEW ORLEANS 1967-69+
            >the two projects built for the<
              >brothers in the vieux carre<
                         +WERE VITAL+
                     +S Y N E R G E T I C+
                 +E N V I R O N M E N T S+
        >my friend and former lsu student<
          >john messina & wife tania gave<
             >much support to my efforts<
                   +"AMERICAN HOME+
              >published john's beautiful<
                    >photos of my work<
                        +THANKS JOHN+ !

                  gene ray. lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                 >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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  1. I would like to propose a " Meeting of The Minds " this spring . The ideal location for this event would only be fitting at La Jolla Shores , Genes recent stomping grounds . We could have an after noon POTLUCK , BYOB . It would be a chance for everyone to reacquainted with our beloved Professor and friend Eugene Ray CIRCA 1975 .


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