Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, February 1, 2013

FRENCH RIVIERA MEMORIES=> ANCIENT CASTLES near the SEA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ GENETIC MEMORY ARCHTYPES> hyeres to villefranche=following THOMAS JEFFERSON in 18 CENT savoy/degruy= templar settings ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ARCADIA MISE-EN-SCENE lights >my holiday gift essays for you< ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 VINTAGE SURVEY 20s photos- #1) hyres village of the noailles #2) castles of metaphysical joy ! #3) villeneuve loubet memories #4) cagnes-sur-mer/magnifique #5) villefranche=cocteau/bresse Inbox x

                       +HOLIDAY NOTE+
          >today marianne and i leave very<
          >early to be w/ our grandchildren<
        (>one is a freshman in engineering<
                        +LOS ANGELES+
            >at ucla, the other is in grade<
                >school here in san diego<)
                   +WE RETURN SUNDAY+
                       >(nola superbowl)<
                >you shall hear from me<
                         +M O N D A Y+
                  >until then enjoy these<
                         +SAFARI LINKS+

                  >francois I=m. gruyeres<
               +JEFFERSON'S 18C AGENDA<
              >genetic memory archtypes<
                      +STIR OUR BLOOD+
                >like luis i. kahn architect<

                      +MY GIFT TO YOU+
                         >photos from<
           +"THE FRENCH RIVIERA" (1920s)+
             >by pierres devoloy and borel<
                     (>the medici society<)

                  +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
              >arcadia in france as in the<
                       +GOOGLE REFS+
                  >radiance of provence<

       #1)                +HYERES+
          >was the earliest resort for anglo<
                    +GRAND TOUR=18C+
            >visitors to the south of france<
           >the great patrons of the arts<
            >built a modern villa here w<
                   +ABSTRACT GARDEN+
              >marianne and i visited here<
                 >google my email report<

        #2)            +ST HONORAT+
           >castle of the cistercian monks of<
                +ST. BERNARD CLAIRVAUX+
                >therfore much visited by<
                  >savoy/degruy people<

        #3)       +VILLENEUVE LOUBET+
              >villeneuve/degruy heritage<
                >google : eugene ray/gruy<
                       >villeneuve loubet<
          >savoy prince francois I 16 c. castle<
            (templar/merovingian footsteps)
           >when he was count of provence<
                +HERE HE LATER MET THE+
                     +POPE & THE HOLY+
                         >famed treaty<
                    +ROMAN EMPEROR+

         #4)         +CAGNES SUR MER+
             >castle near villeneuve loubet<
              >where marianne & i made<
                        +MAY DAY 2010_
             >our special study three years<
                >ago this (may) spring an<
                    >amazing experience< !

                     +TEMPLAR HISTORY+
                      +ARTISTS STUDIOS+
               >are strong in these castles<
                   >eugene ray / degruy<
                   >antibes/st paul/vence<

           #5)       +VILLEFRANCHE+
        >villefranche-sur-mer is a vital part<
            >of savoy/degruy/bresse family<
                     +TEMPLAR HISTORY+
           >the castle on the sea was built<
             >by the count of bresse who<
                >became count of savoy<
             >john ray's wife/new orleans<
                   >eugene ray / degruy<
      >this region fascinates me and i have<
         >visited it many times and written<
           >many essays about its history<
                      +JEAN COCTEAU+
         >rebuilt the interior of the chapel<
               >on the sea in villefranche<
                      +PRIORY de SION+
          >(he was secretly grand master)<
            >symbols cover the walls here<
                        >esoteric seer<
                   +VISIONARY GENIUS+
                   >see his magical films<
                   >eugene ray / degruy<
                         >jean cocteau<
                       >admiral bresse<
                +SAINT JEAN CAP FERRAT+
                     >next to villefranche<
                  >former fishing village<
            +OF MY DAYS ON THIS EARTH+
                 +MY FINAL GIFT TO YOU+
              >stay at the family run hotel<
                        +BRISE MARINE+
                >google for photographs<
                     +TRANSCENDENTAL+ !

                 gene ray, lajolla, california

                >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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