Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fwd: THE ARCHITECT'S VISION MUST- BRIDGE A VAST BODY OF DATA= above all it must be profound & focus on solutions advancing the POTENTIAL of earth's HUMANITY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS TRACE an EVOLUTION #1) castle structure/ genetic type #2) 1980/vital prototype alchemy #3) 1985/3 continent recognition #4) 1990= cone biotronic energy #5) 1995=biomorphic prototypes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BIOTRONIC ENERGY STRUCTURE WAS THE ULTIMATE PROTOTYPE

           "castle" to energy<
        25 YEAR EVOLUTION+
    architects must realize buildings<
     at their best are radiant entities<
      effecting life and environment<

  to mary lynn hyde for photos of< 
       mardi gras and the jungle<
                 +NEW ORLEANS+
          on the degruy barataria<
when my ancestors came to louisiana<
                        +SPRING 1739+
     the jungle had trees so big eight<
        men couldn't put their arms<
             around the huge girth<
           +OF THE RIVER ROAD NOW+

        to ralph bowman for an article<  
           about a Belgium solar heat<
             system using the outer<
                  skin of buildings<

                 +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
          twenty five year evolution of<
                 +"LIVING" BUILDINGS+
          California radiant concepts<

     #1)            +VILLA CONCEPT+
                 the modern plantation<   
        California radiant architecture<
         de centralized villa concept<
                   +ESCONDIDO CALIF+
              (>vinyard plantation unit<
               struct 1 sheathing for<
                ultimate strength<)
            eugene ray architect<
                   pierucci villa<

       #2)           +1980 REVIEW+
             ten years leading up to the<
                        +SILVER SHIP+
          evolving from "castle" design to<
              biotronic energy prototypes<
               Eugene ray architect<

        #3)        +1985 OVERVIEW+
carol olten's kind newspaper article<
was the appreciated review of<
                      +3 CONTINENTS+
          a truly fabulous year of<
              exhibition/lecture &<
          (>carol is now the key leader of<
         lajolla historic preservation<+
                   +LAJOLLA HISTORIC+
            w/ her writing & exhibits<)

        #4)           +1990 REVIEW+
      twenty years in california revealed<
          the ultimate stages of radiant<
               +ENERGY PROTOTYPES+
       the french govt. architecture and<
       energy comm. at the univ. of<
                      +NANCY, FRANCE+
        published my radiant concepts<

       #5)            +1995 REVIEW+
          twenty-five years in california<
           revealed a series of design<
               organic/dynamic/free form<
                       +RADIANT ENERGY<
                the all powerful essence<

            +"PEOPLE WASH" CONCEPTS+
                   +OF VARIOUS SIZES+
            established a transcendent<   
                  potential for human<
                        +WELL BEING+

               +OTHER DISEASES URGES+
                        our critical<
             +CONCERN OF THE NATURE+
                 +OF BUILDING DESIGN+

                gene ray, lajolla, california

            eugene ray, mfa, architect<
             professor emeritus, sdsu<

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