Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Monday, April 1, 2013

OUR HUMAN DESTINY-5 STAGES life is what happens/ other plans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ REFLECTIONS ON ARCHITECTURE search for radiant transcendence ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THE OEUVRE OF A PROFESSOR= prototypes to push the envelope ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^5 PHOTOS REVEAL THE HISTORY #1) chapel at age 21= excitement #2) home at age 27=>dedication #3) professor age 32=> maturity #4) biotronics age 35=> destiny #5) transcendent at 45= nirvana Inbox x

                     +HUMAN DESTINY+
         >"life is what happens when we<
                >are making other plans"<
                        +E S S E N C E+
          >john lennon's perceptive quote<
              >certainly applies to my life<

                   +GAUGUIN'S MATRIX+
              >is at the heart of this blog<
     1)                +WHO ARE WE+
     2)         +WHERE ARE WE FROM+
     3)            +WHERE DO WE GO+
                          >to that i add<
     4)             +WHAT DID WE DO+
     5)           +WHAT DID WE LEARN+

       >to you kind friends who have aided<_
        >me in life as an architect/professor<
             >and now as a reviewer of life<
                          +DAVE FOBES+
                           +JIM BOURKE+
                >and several other student<
                    >assistants i have had<
                        >heading the list<
                         +CLOSE FAMILY+
         >dearest marian, marianne, brother<
           >walker. children, derek, bronwen<
              >and lesley always close to me<
                      +EXTENDED FAMILY+
          >many beloved blood & non blood<
            >too numerous to mention here<
                 >but still important to me<
                           +EACH OF YOU+
            >who in various ways have been<
              >special to me in this amazing<
                      >adventure called life<
                    !>+MERCI BEAUCOUP+<!

                    +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
         >five stages tqward the unknown<
            >the search for transcendence<
                   >eugene ray / degruy<
                     +THEN KEY WORDS+
           >like : state of louisiana chapels<
             >orient forest/sansouci forest<
                      +SAINT BERNARD+
              >glass pavilion/lsu teaching<
                          +DJED DEVICE+
                >sdsu teaching/biotronics<
                     >etc, etc, etc, etc, etc<

          #1)       +FIRST STRUCTURE+
                 (>knights templar vision<)
        >at age 21 i designed this chapel for<
          >the state of louisiana when two<
                         +KARLO & DON+
               >kind superiors gave my big<
                      >dream of a chance<

          #2)           +FIRST HOME+
                >french tropic syndrome<
         >at age 27 i built our first home in<
            >the sansouci forest which was<
                >a magnificent place to live<
               +MEMORY OF THE FOREST+
                      (>magny fouchard<)
                 +OF THE ORIENT (FRANCE)

          #3)              +ALCHEMY+
                      >avant garde matrix<
            >at age 32 i was invited to teach<
              >a class i myself had not been<
                         +LSU MIRACLE+
                  >able to finish when our<
                     >first child was born<
              +PROFESSORS HECK & STAUB+
                      >i too had a dream<
                +NOTED MY EARLY EFFORT+

          #4)           +BIOTRONICS+
           >transcendental manifestations<<
        >at age 35 in radiant california light<
              >i had found a special. unique<
                  >architectural perspective<
                 +RADIANT ARCHITECTURE+
           >vision was my chance to design<
               >structures using biotronic<
                  >energy in a major way<

          #5)            +ULTIMATE+
                    >radiant prototypes<
       >i leave a legacy of radiant concepts<
          >which i hope like the great gruy<
                >friend leonardo da vinci<
               +WILL IMPACT THE FUTURE+
                       >biotronic energy<
                 +LIFE ON PLANET EARTH+

                +THE DJED PILLAR DEVICE+
                    _+SHOULD BE VITAL+
          >we are blessed with the arrival of<
              >kevin & jasmin brekke in the<
                    +CALIFORNIA DESERT+
              >the future looks radiant for<
                    +PROJECT AQUARIUS+

                >gene ray, lajolla, california<

                 >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                  >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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