Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Thursday, April 11, 2013

EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT SAFARI radiant architecture educational blog is taking a sabbatical trip> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SEARCH FOR the SACRED SEEDS art, architecture, metaphysics & alchemy/paris/prague/budapest ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ TEMPLAR DOME GEOMANCY IN france, new orleans & california ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1000 YEARS OF FAMILY HISTORY degruy=cavaroc=ray in FRANCE &> CREOLE new orleans jungles

               +EUGENE RAY ARCHITECT+
               >professor emeritus, sdsu<
           >we shall shall take a sabbatical<
               >from our nightly effort of<
                >who are we/where from<
                      >where do we go<
                +WHAT + DID + WE + DO+
                      >what did we learn<

         >to dave fobes whose great talent<
             >has aided me so radiantly in<
               >the nightly effort to send<
                   >this blog out to you<
                 >sdsu downtown gallery<
                   >broadway, san diego<
              +ABOUT HIS COSMIC WORK+
                   +PLEASE SEE & HEAR+
         >i recently devoted a blog to this<
          >showing of dave's magnificent<
                      +P A I N T I N G S+
           >please see his radiant website<

                 _+TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
       >for mary lynn hyde, john lawrence<
                  +robin lobdell beeman<
         >neal pendleton, garic barranger<
                    +WALKER JOHN RAY+
              >and many other friends of<
                 >old creole new orleans<

                    +FRENCH HERITAGE+
          >in the alchemical matrix of my<
             >knights templar geomancy<
                       +R A D I A N C E+
                   >france/new orleans<

       #1)        +DOME SUGAR MILL+
           (>my collage on latrobe sketch<
              >owned by historic n.o. coll<)
                       +DEGRUY FAMILY+
        >verloin degruy templar/freemason<
                 >dome sugar mill built at<
                       +NEW ORLEANS+
           >at the end of the 18th century<
                  >eugene ray / degruy<
                     >dome sugar mill<

        #2)        +SILVER SHIP 1980+
               >construction photograph<
                    +USC LECTURE 1996+
       >our home and studio for a quarter<
         >century in lajolla california was a<
                +25 FT DIAMETER DOME+
                     +TOPPED TOWER+
                        >spread in half<
                +40 FT BY A GIANT TRUSS+
            >google : eugene ray architect<
                                    >silver ship<

        #3)       +CAVAROC HOUSE+
       >designed by james dakin architect<
             >for the first louisiana state<
                 >capitol in baton rouge<
               +POWERFUL INFLUENCE+
                         >in my early<
                    +CHILDHOOD LIFE+
             >the artistic heritage of our<
               >grandmother cavaroc's<
            >french creole family history<
                >was vital in our life and<
                      >creative oeuvre<
                  >eugene ray architect<
                       >cavaroc family<

        #4)    + JUNGLE METAPHYSICS+
               >top half of my 11 by 17 inch<
                 +METAPHYSICAL COLLAGE+
           >degruy french templar heritage<
                 >on the barataria jungles<
                    >south of new orleans<

         #5)     +TROPIQUE MAGIQUE+
           >bottom half of my 11 by 17 inch<
                 +METAPHYSICAL COLLAGE+

                     +CREOLE HERITAGE+
            >in new orleans was a radiant<
                 >influence in my life and<
                       >creative oeuvre<
                   >eugene ray architect<
                    >jungle metaphysics<

               +ESSENCE OF OUR VISION+
                 gene ray, lajolla, california

               >eugene ray, mfa, architect<
                >professor emeritus, sdsu<

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