Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fwd: KNIGHTS TEMPLARS IN FRANCE > -letter response to degruy cousin garic barranger templar interest- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR revealed >CISTERCIAN LEGACY SECRETS< by alan butler & stephen dafoe > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ST BERNARD & TROYES FAMILIES exellent book for degruy interest ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 5 PHOTOS on the TEMPLAR TRAIL #1) rennes le chateau castle ruins #2) bar-sur-aube clairvaux poster #3) vendeuvre sur barse chateau #4) charles degaulle village home #5) lirey holy shroud chapel entry

                                               LOGISTICAL NOTES
                                  I am very grateful for the huge amount of
                                              FACEBOOK GREETINGS
                                                (international architects)
                                      My webtv system has collapsed and
                                           I am OVERWHELMED, thanks ! 

                                                 TONIGHT'S MESSAGE
                                     ( Response to KnightsTemplar interest 
                                          Photos from our 2009 French trip )
                                     +ARCHITECTURE OF THE COSMOS+
                               This message is one of the last before our trip
                                   And before we acquire an apple computer
                                                      LAST NIGHT                                            
                              much of this message was lost while I was typing
                                   Text to the last photo which is entry to the
                                               LERAY SHROUD CHAPEL
                                  (Orient forest @Troyes near Degruy chateau)

                                               +TEMPLAR SUMMERY+
                               For Garic Barranger and others interested in the
                                  Architecture of St. Bernard-Knights Templar

                                         ACCORDING TO BUTLER-DAFOE
                                 St Bernard was a MYSTIC, very interested in  
                                             ALCHEMY & METAPHYSICS
                                      Bernard was a scholar of the CABALA
                                           GEOMANCY , his talent led to
                                                 GOTHIC CATHEDRALS

                                       EGYPT WAS A GREAT RESOURCE
                                          ancient french esoteric knowledge

                               +PRIORY de SION and TROYES FRATERNITY+
                                      ( St Bernard & de Gruy Orient families )
                                          +WERE PROBABLY THE SAME !+

                                                 Google : Eugene Ray / Degruy
                                                                    Priory de Sion
                                                                   Also Geomancy
                                        ( for boudousquie friend ROBIN the Bouillon
                                              Bouligny, Boudousquie families were
                                                  The same and priory de Sion

                                                                           Eugene Ray  

                  +TEMPLAR RESEARCH+
this message was prepared as we<
develop research for our return<
                       +SPRING 2013+
to the templar french milieu<

five photos and a book<
for garic barranger<

              +RESPONSE TO A RECENT+
knights templar<
                  +LETTER OF INTEREST+
garic barranger link to beringer<
lord of arques castle languedoc<
the voisin family and the<
first degruy ancestors of the<
                  +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
chateau in the orient forest<
villeneuve loubet dukes<
of ancient provence<

            (secrets of the cistercian legacy)
                    +EXELLENT BOOK BY+
alan butler & stephen dafoe<
                    (>highly researched<)

to the degruy<
                 +TROYES FRATERNITY+
associated templar families<
                    +(ORIENT FOREST)+
and the holy shroud of turin<

                 +TONIGHTS PHOTOS+
five photos from our last<
journey to french roots<

    #1)        +RENNES LE CHATEAU+
the castle ruins of the voisin family<
knights templars linked to the<
                    +VERLOIN DEGRUY+
in st. charles parish louisiana<
and orient forest france<
degruy/dagobert marriage<
eugene ray / degruy<
voisin family<
marguerite dagobert<

     #2)        +CLAIRVAUX POSTER+
in this bar-sur-aube tourist office<
window advertises a music link<
to st bernard's old abbey<
in the orient forest only a<
few miles from degruy<
                   +MAGNY FOUCHARD+
was a vital center for<
plus many topics of ancient<
                  +ESOTERIC RESEARCH+
st bernard a dedicated mystic<
according to butler/dafoe<

magny fouchard neighbor<
ancient chateau of the vendeuvre<
mesrigny, chavigny and<
also very importantly the<
               +DUKE OF LUXEMBOURG+
while in exile<
                 +FRENCH FREEMASON+
history linked here<
eugene ray / degruy<

      #4)      +CHARLES DEGAULLE+
country chateau now a museum<
was an interesting visitation<
for us near clairvaux abbey<  
                Degaulle adopted the Templar
                  Rene de Anjou, Joan of Arc
                     CROSS OF LORRAINE

                 ( Message lost at this point
                      Please see summery

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