Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's

Eugene Ray SDSU 1970's
Eugene Ray 1970's. photo credit: Tom Davis

Saturday, July 27, 2013


                        +OEUVRE GRAPHICS+
        >of my architecture, metaphysical art and life<
            >coexist in a very large archive put into<
                     +RING BINDER BOOKS+
             >which eventually shall go to archives<
                          +THNOC & SDSU+
                >in New Orleans and San Diego<
                            +DAVE FOBES+
          >has kindly offered to look after my work<
              >after I leave this earth even though<
                   >it shall be retained in these<
                      +OFFICIAL ARCHIVES+
                             +ROBERT RAY+
            >of sdsu archives has been given many<
                  >of my original design drawings<
                        +CALIFORNIA MADE+
                   >for the sdsu library archives<
                         +JOHN LAWRENCE+
                          +DANIEL HAMMER+
           >of thnoc archive have been given many<
                >of my Louisiana drawings already<
                   >for the Historic N.O. Collection<

                        +TONIGHT'S PHOTOS+
             >a look into my archive at the graphics<
                        +RADIANT CONCEPTS+
                 >of an architectural nature in their<               
                      >different types & storage<

  #1).                    +BINDER BOOK+
             >this is a typical book containing the<
                >finished graphics well stored by<
                             +ACID PROOF+
                      >plastic sheet protectors<

   #2).                      +OVERVIEW+
                >of the archive work table with a<
                >variety of architectural graphics<
                       >for our review tonight<

  #3).                       +COLLAGE+
              >using colored paper is a technique<
               >that I invented in this gas station<
                    >conversion to a restaurant< 

   #4).                      +ORIGINAL+
              >graphite on tracing paper drawing<
                       >(see radiant version)<
                >typical of what I gave sdsu and< 
                        >thnoc in gifts already<

  #5).                      +RENDERED+
              >presentation drawing for a condo in<
                            +LOS ANGELES+
               >for van de bovenkamp a set builder<
                   >for the Hollywood film industry<

                           +DEAR FRIENDS+
              >these children of mine I pray shall<
               >be well looked after I have gone<
                  >I am grateful for your interest<
              >has a beautiful archive in Paris and<
                  >Zurich but I was horrified that<
                     >many of his drawings were<
                  +MOVED IN AN OPEN TRUCK+                 
                     +ON A RAINY PARIS DAY+
               >to Jim Bourke and Diane Reed two<
                             +GREAT FRIENDS+
                 >for a beautiful exchange of letters<
                    >about our time in Dornach at<
                        >the Steiner Foundation<
                   +SEE DIANE'S POETIC VIDEO+
                            >www/sdsu archive<
                    +ABOUT MY DESIGN WORK+
                       Eugene Ray, mfa, Architect
                          Professor Emeritus sds

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